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Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 520

WTF?!? Russia is small!?!? It's the largest country in the world by far!

Sure, if you're looking at it from the childish perspective that acres of dirt (and snow) make up "a country." That's not what matters. Population, economic power, international trade, energy self-sufficiency, the ability to defend borders, and so on ... those are the things that make up a country, and contribute to how you measure whether or not one is large or small. Previously, the Russians made themselves (temporarily, in a short-lived illusion) "larger" by being willing to slaughter (or allow to die) untold millions of people and take over other countries as they built the creaky Soviet empire. They are now a "small" country in the scheme of things, which is why Putin is once again pushing into other territories.

Comment Re:The Brietbart take, whee. (Score 1) 506

Sure, because Slashdot doesn't see my porn history. Neither does Bing, as long as the porn doesn't use Bing's ads. Different parts of the net will track different things, this is a fact of life and you can mitigate your exposure and risk by running tools to block as much as you can and finding acceptable alternatives to those sites you want to avoid.

But the ISP can track *EVERYTHING*, which puts them on an absolutely higher level. If you think the two kinds of information gathering are exactly the same risk, you're a moron.

Comment Re:Is it roleplay, or an actual lifestyle? (Score 1) 636

Because if it's a lifestyle, that means they're likely to treat *non* consenting adults in a way that falls in accordance with the activities they engage in behind closed doors. That's the difference between roleplay and lifestyle here, roleplay stays in its own space, a lifestyle does not.

Comment Re:How much do they get paid? (Score 1) 88

I can actually see a couple good reasons why Downloads isn't a share option. For a lot of less knowledgeable users, that's where the trojans and malware go, and people just don't sort through it which means they might be exposing themselves more than they expect to when they share it. I suspect the decision not to allow that is user oriented, and if you really want to share it, you still can with a manual shared folder.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 88

It's always weird when I see people talking about $SOFTWARE like it must be terrible for everyone because they're one of those weird cases that has crashes and errors all the time, but nobody else seems to have the same kind of issue. Windows 10, for me at least, with maybe a handful of exceptions has worked far better than any previous iteration of the platform across two cheap tablets, two Surface Pros, a laptop and my desktop PC. It works just as well for most other machines I've seen too, so I have no idea where people like this must be coming from.

Comment Re:Amazing ... (Score 1) 88

you can not even properly grab the edge of the window with a mouse to resize it.

Dragging a window from one screen to the other or releasing it to close to the edge ...

Yes you can.

then it will go full screen automatically ...

Windows 10 has different zones you can drag windows to in order to "snap" them into full screens, halves of a screen, or quarters of a screen. You can see an outline of where your window will land when you drag the menu bar around. If you don't want to snap it when you resize, just resize from the bottom or size it then move it in. Or, disable windows snapping. This is you not knowing how to use your tools.

the search function in the explorer is not working properly ... since windows 7 I think.

Searching in Explorer works, if you let it index your machine. I agree that it could use better search tools and sorting, however. The UI is clunky, but it works.

I close my Dell Laptop, unplug it from the docking station.

Next morning I plug it in again.

All windows are now on the screen of the laptop and not where they have been before: a nice set of chat and mail tools on the laptop screen and all the programming tools on the "external/main" screen.

That's on you, because as soon as you unplugged the laptop from the docking station you told Windows "Hey, I don't have a second monitor anymore." and it shuffled everything to the laptop's display so you can use them as soon as you open the machine.

Helllllllllo? That worked 1987 on a Mac just fine!!

And it is impossible to have a window overlap screens, the sizes get distorted ... and trust me, the resolution of the laptop is just fine, bullshit like this never happened on a Mac.

So the 10M people have no clue how a computer should work but are masochist enough to beta test ...

A Mac in 1987 wasn't a laptop with multiple displays, and you can overlap screens just fine if your screens are the same size, aligned to the proper positions, and have the same DPI. I use a triple-head display and it works just fine, though I hate overlapping windows across displays because what kind of monster would do that?

Comment Is it roleplay, or an actual lifestyle? (Score 1) 636

If it's roleplay, and the participants are able to acknowledge this and function in society while adhering to standard social norms, that's one thing. But to my knowledge, many of the Gorean types are the ones that don't see it as roleplay and see it as a genuine lifestyle. These are people for whom the idea of regressive male/female relations are a fact of life.

If it's roleplay, that's a completely different discussion and it isn't something people should really get worked up over. But one of the big differentiators that I've heard between Goreans and the typical BDSM scene is that the Goreans live it and don't play it.

And you know what, if it means being called an SJW to say that kind of lifestyle and view of other people is fucking horseshit, I'll take that label gladly.

Comment 13 times less? (Score 1) 165

What are we supposed to infer from this?

engineers in India's tech hub cost 13 times less than their Silicon Valley counterparts

So, the engineers in Silicon Valley cost less than somewhere else, but the ones in India are thirteen times MORE less expensive than the ones in SV? Or are we supposed to gather that the SV engineers cost something that we should all consider a good baseline, but that the Indian engineers cost roughly 8% of that amount?

Lazy writers, being lazy.

Comment Re:Yeah, real "terrifying" (Score 1) 195

Kitchen knife use case #1: Kill insufficiently Muslim heathens working for the oppressive British Government! (this use case was seen just the other day)

Kitchen knife use case #2: Make a sandwich. (this use case also seen just the other day)

Maybe you don't have the problem. But, for example, a city here in our state has been known to have a problem with "protesters" deciding that they're going to fix the problems with the culture in their local neighborhood by smashing the few remaining businesses in that neighborhood and burning the houses of the few little old ladies who haven't already decided they'd be safer living elsewhere as a homeless street person than in the middle of place like that.

The cops are too scared to even attempt to mitigate all of that violence and destruction unless they have function physical protection while trying to push a mob of looting arsonists away from the stores they're trying to destory. A tool that helps them to do that is a good thing. If somebody has a problem with the fact that a politician with the wrong idea about things might use such a tool to chase away people who aren't being violent and destructive, then they need to vote for different politicians. In the meantime, recognize the fact that there actually ARE violent, destructive herds of "protesters" who actually do get together to destroy and smash and steal things, and that it's absurd to tell a police officer to risk being, say, burned alive or having her head caved in to try to repel looters. A tool is a tool. There are always going to be outlandish or absurd use cases. If there is NO good use case (say... police batons with spikes on them?) then of course the tool is worth ridiculing. Giving cops a tool to protect themselves while preserving others' lives and property is a good thing. Misusing it is a bad thing, but that's true of cop cars and every other tool they've always had.

Comment Re:Take whoever came up with this (Score 0) 152

Well, you're just wrong. I've personally watched inventory shrinkage drop into the measurement noise with the introduction of technology-based tools that catch the people who steal - because other employees understand there are consequences.

Yes, it's a shame that throughout all of human history and in every level of society and income, some people like to steal stuff. Someone who is trying to make a living running a business and who has to make payroll every week and keep customers happy won't usually have a lot of luck changing human nature. Now, I know that you've personally solved these human nature problems in your own area, and no longer feel any need to lock your doors or in any way look after your personal safety, because you've fixed everybody that you might encounter or who might want your stuff.

Yes, people stealing things IS a problem. And taking measures to stop it from happening to you isn't irrational. Yes, more parents should raise kids that have some sort of moral compass and which are educated and motivated enough to go out and create things so that they can trade the fruit of their labors for the stuff they want, instead of stealing it. Your notion that it's wrong-headed to use convenient tools to help deal with the fact that there are lots of people out there who DO find it easier (or even, in some cases, more entertaining) to steal stuff than buy it - never mind, I realize that you're trolling. Silly me.

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