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Comment Re:most people already prefer listening to acceler (Score 1) 296

Don't forget the dramatic montage sickness that infects otherwise decent shows. I'm convinced many montages with pop music are more about tossing fresh musical talent onto the wall to see what sticks more than anything.

Then you've got the signature Abrams Montage which pointlessly amps up drama in shows like LOST and Fringe or movies like his Trek reboots.

Comment Re:Must hackers be such dicks about this? (Score 1) 270

So he went on record months before to approach the airline. Next, he tweets blatantly scary "what if" kinda things FROM A PLANE. Snoops snag the message, then snag him, snag his encrypted laptop, ask for keys, to which he says "warrant, or GTFO".

Maybe getting captured was part of his plan? Maybe he's gunning to get legal precedent set on the issue of crypto, passwords, the legal process, and self-incrimination. Bonus points for possibly exposing just how people are monitored online and if the feds can power through common disk crypto.

My guess is he did nothing wrong while on the airline, and even if he is legally compelled (via warrant or legal test case verdict), there will be no evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever.

Maybe the feds will finally show some of their cards?

Comment Re: Big deal ... not! (Score 1) 113

There is no Spy vs Spy character hiding behind trash cans at your subway station watching your every move. This stuff is automated Big Data with a dash of expert system and AI wizardry sprinkled on top

We can agree to disagree about whether this stuff is a valid concern for the average individual. But when things like laws, public policy, and commercial interests (insurance rates, hiring practices, etc.) are heavily influenced by what the Eye of Sauron sees, everyone should be concerned about what is collected.

Comment Re:Oh good.... (Score 1) 166

Reboots are old hat. Now we're *reviving* 1- to 2-decade old series.

First, we hear Twin Peaks will get a new season in 2016. Then that recent Friends movie. Now X-Files. With any luck, we'll get new seasons of Millennium, Dark Angel, and Space: Above and Beyond.

It could work, right?

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