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Comment Re:Multiple answers (Score 1) 266

Heres mine, in bash/sh. use by creating an rsync include/exclude file named as fqdn.rsync, then run rsync_backup.sh fqdn.rsync. GPLV2


PROG="$( basename $0 )"

run_backup() {

        DATE="$( date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S )"

        rm -rf -- "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/tmp/"

        mkdir -p -- "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/tmp/" &&

        rsync -avhSPW --stats -e ssh --delete --delete-excluded -b \
                --compress-level=9 \
                --link-dest="$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/cur/" \
                --exclude-from="$EXCLUDE_FILE" "$HOST:/" "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/tmp/" 2>&1 | tee "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/$DATE.log" &&

        echo "Commiting new backup..." &&

        mv -v -- "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/tmp/" "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/$DATE/" &&

        echo "Setting backup as current..." &&

        ln -sfnv -- "$DATE" "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/cur" &&

        return 0

        echo "Error encountered!"

        mv -v "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/$DATE.log" "$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/$DATE.err"
        return 1


if [ "$1" = "-chkupd" ]; then
        chkupd.sh $0
        exit $?

while [ -n "$1" ]; do

        echo "Reading config file '$FILE'"

        echo "$FILE" | grep '[.]rsync$' > /dev/null 2>&1

        if [ $? = 0 ]; then

                HOST="$( basename "$FILE" )"

                if [ "${FILE:1:1}" != "/" ]; then
                        FILE="$( pwd )/$FILE"

                BACKUP_DIR="$( dirname $FILE)"

                echo "Backing up from host '$HOST' to '$BACKUP_DIR/$HOST/' ($FILE)"

                chkhost.sh "$HOST" 22

                if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
                        run_backup $HOST $FILE $BACKUP_DIR





Submission + - Jack Thompson Enrolls in Virtual Seminary (miaminewtimes.com)

eldavojohn writes: So you've been disbarred. And you've slowly been going crazy. You've done so much, where do you go next? Do you call it quits? Admit defeat? Not if you're Jack Thompson! No sir, you join the online Reformed Theological Seminary! Jack Thompson hath spoken, 'Some people probably thought I should have kept my view of the world within the religious cloister and not out in the public sphere. But I had a responsibility to try to be god's voice in the world.' From RTS' website: 'Reformed Theological Seminary serves the church by preparing its leaders through a program of graduate theological education based upon the authority of the inerrant Word of God and committed to the historic Reformed Faith.' Perhaps Jack Thompson has finally understood that he should be preaching — albeit to a very small set of people that voluntarily want to hear his opinion.

Submission + - Dutch Government Feared Release of Film Fitna (digestreport.com)

healeyb writes: According to a January 17th release in the ongoing release of US diplomatic cables, it is revealed that the Dutch government had serious concerns about the March 2008 political film by Geert Wilders called Fitna. The short film, only seventeen minutes in length, focused on excerpts of the Qur'an with visual cutaways showcasing violence attributed to extremist groups, arguing that language of the holy text has been an encouragement to violence. The relevant cable, created in early February of...

Comment Re:Partial Reinforcement (Score 1) 268

Any psych-turned-CS person will tell you that the hardest behaviors to break are partial reinforcement.

Behaviors that don't pay off all the time, but sometimes do.

Anyone who has saved hours of time by pulling out an obscure manual from the bottom of a pile, or recovered data with the help of a rare connector type from the junk closet, is getting partially reinforced.

And therefore, will continue to collect.

...and maybe that is because it is a valid behaviour?

Comment Re:Four Horsemen burger of San Antonio, TX (Score 3, Informative) 267

Considering that Pepper spray is considered a chemical weapon and is banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention (which India signed & ratified). I'd assume that this would fall under the same ban.


Comment Re:Epic Fail? (Score 4, Insightful) 90

If that is the case then we have already failed. Any number of bacteria could have survived on the rovers could now be contaminating the surface. With no known competition they could be flourishing. I see little that can be done to figure out what is now native bacteria (if any) and what was brought via the rovers.

Wow! Too bad the NASA/ESA scientists weren't as smart as you, because if they were they would have put policies in place to mitigate the risks of contamination.

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