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Comment Re: Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 2) 171

Two major issues. One- indent only code is nearly impossible to find bugs in. I've seen teams of programmers look for weeks for the source of an issue, it ended up being 1 line that used a tab instead of spaces. Indentation fails because of such issues.

Secondly, you can't copy paste cleanly from the web with an indentation based language.

Either of those is a disqualified by itself. Both together make it such a brain dead choice nobody should even look at a language that uses it

Comment Re:like what? (Score 1) 537

ALso add in people who choose to switch from public transport to cars. I know many people who take public transit because they don't want to drive in traffic. If a car was self driving, they'd choose it over a crowded, smelly, loud bus in a second.

Oh, and elderly who can no longer safely drive.

Self driving cars won't reduce traffic or the need for parking. It will be somewhere in the no change to 20 percent worse.

Comment Re:like what? (Score 1) 537

No they wouldn't. You're assuming that with autonomous vehicles we wouldn't still all own our own autonomous cars. I see no reason to believe that would be the case. I'm not going to sit around waiting for 10 minutes for a car to be available and drive to my house every time I want to drive- I'm just going to own my own car. If anything it will increase the need for parking space, as minors not capable of driving may be given cars to drive them.

Comment Re:Google is still #1 (Score 4, Insightful) 118

No, it isn't. Believe it or not, people shared code before GitHub. They generally hosted it themselves, or used other popular sites like sourceforge. Claiming that one company has more due merely due to GitHub contributors is ridiculously incomplete to the point of uselessness.

GitHub is popular, but there's dozens of other places to host your code. Most developers don't use it.

Comment Re: AI's a Lie (Score 1) 218

Congratulations you just described what AI is. Its a bunch of algorithms strung together with heuristics to implement someone's best idea of how to do something. Believing it to be anything else means you spend too much time reading sci-fi books and not enough time actually studying AI. All anything based on processors and software can ever be is just that. The question is how well can that drive a car? The answer is it isn't quite there but we're getting a lot closer. I don't really expect it in the next 10 years, but we will get there.

Comment Re:AI's a Lie (Score 1) 218

We don't need to, because the program doesn't need to make the decision in the same way, it just needs to come to a correct outcome. Basically it needs to be able to process the images/radar info/other input and come to a decision as to whether its about to hit anything and if so what to do about it. That is something that we're becoming capable of doing (and improved image recognition will push this along). But the path taken to get there can be completely divergent from how humans think.

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