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Comment Re:Yes.... (Score 2) 193

Yes but. I used to declare variables overly large as a kludge to help out when error-trapping was consuming too much time and I knew that the compiler wasn't good with overflows. So I'd do input error checking up to the point where it started to take too much time, then declare a variable larger than reasonable input would be, and then attempt to trap and reject input at a length between reasonable input values and the declared variable size. Declaring a variable just larger than the input buffer was one specific way to address attempts to force overflows through buffer overruns. Yes it was a horrible kludge and can't survive any sort of dedicated attack, but it served to deter casual probes looking for exploitable boundary condition errors.

Of course the better answer is to not use an OS and compiler that sucks so bad that the basic io buffers and basic overflows are exploitable, but sometimes you gotta use what you have.

Comment Re:Maybe, I should sue KDE? (Score 1) 79

Yes, we should be forced to support code and use-cases we were concerned with 10 years ago for the rest of our lives.

No, not the rest of your lives — merely until you get to implementing an upgrade process, that would reliably transfer/translate the earlier version's settings into the new. That's how real software is written and maintained — including decent Open Source projects.

Comment Maybe, I should sue KDE? (Score 1, Troll) 79

A FreeBSD-user since early 90-ies, I can only chuckle at the problems in the Microsoft world... But this:

"Worley built a Windows 7 machine for his grandfather, who has Alzheimer's Disease, [customized] to look like Windows XP, an operating system his grandfather still remembered well..." writes Digital Trends. "But thanks to Microsoft's persistent Windows 10 upgrade program, Worley's grandfather unknowingly initiated the Win 10 upgrade by clicking the 'X' to close an upgrade window."

got me thinking about the KDE-project, which blew away the existing KDE3-users, when introducing KDE4. Leaving us without an ugprade-path and forced to redo all of the customizations.

No, we weren't tricked into upgrading the way some MS-users were. But that's a rather thin defense for any software-maker, which simply discontinues older versions — forcing users to upgrade or remain open to security and other bugs.

Comment Only took 55 years or so... (Score 1) 336

The Soviets have been fomenting internal strife in the US since, at least, 1961. But that was Ok, because their propaganda was helping the Leftist causes.

Now that the Russians — in the mistaken belief, that Trump will be nicer to them than the alternative (of "Reset" fame) — chose to root for him, it is, suddenly, something, a government needs to fight. First Amendment be damned.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the REAL hate... (Score 1) 1043

Oh, wow, you are still moving? I may need a new broomstick...

Given that Ukraine was freed in 1944

My grandfather was working the long-range bombers, which bombed Berlin in 1941. His brother finished officers-school in 1943 and commanded an artillery battery with sufficient distinction to get join the "Red Banner" order. In Ukraine.

And given your general attitude your grandfather was probably a Hiwi so he was doing what he was told by Germans.

There there. Straight from Putin TV — whoever wishes for independent Ukraine, must have been a German collaborator. Sorry to disappoint, but they weren't taking Jews into Hilfswilliger. You probably have heard of it — it was quiet a controversy for a while.

Well, except when they have brown skin or arab sounding names

More of the KGB-sponsored talking points — whoever is for strong America, must be a racist.

then they'll get beaten up by the likes of you

Baseless and totally false accusations — slander, actually.

Immigrants stay immigrants in Germany, but if they integrate themselves into the society, they are perfectly accepted

Separate but equal, right? Thank you for confirming my point — and accepting my accusation. Like I said, a German has no right to lecture Americans on the treatment of immigrants.

don't confuse my strong dislike of you personally and nationalists generally

Its been less than 100 years since a German led my great-grandmother to Babiy Yar. Today, his asshole descendant is telling me of the evils of "nationalism"? Wow... Had you been trolling, this would've been a good one, but you are on defensive and thus obviously sincere. Sincerely stupid...

respected by the German colleagues (also except the Ukrainian)

He-he... You are doing the lecturing wrong too...

my attitude to immigrants

I neither know nor care for your attitude towards immigrants. The entire nation of Germany has a long way to go, before it has the moral standing to lecture Americans on the subject of interracial relations and nationalism.

Comment Re:Lock implementation sounds like a simple flag (Score 1) 53

Rather than shutting down the whole OS, it should be enough to prevent the rendering of or accepting input for most views while the device is locked. I would have assumed it already worked this way and there was some simple 'AccessibleWhileLocked'-type flag on view controllers. Thus whitelisted screens (lock screen, apple pay, camera, etc) would be available on locked devices, but everything else (home screen included) could be walled off until the device was successfully unlocked.

Not that I'm surprised; to paraphrase H.L. Mencken, nobody ever went broke underestimating the security of critical software.

Comment Fire up SJWs, make my day (Score 2, Insightful) 232

...from a PR standpoint [...] something to fire SJWs up

If Donald Trump's electoral victory has taught us anything, it is that gleefully sticking it to the SJWs is a good PR-move.

I, for one, simply enjoy them watching them froth about human traits. They've been trying to shame us all into suppressing them for too long.

Comment Just another way to vandalize stuff (Score 4, Insightful) 228

This is just another way to vandalize stuff. I owned a far cheaper version of this 30 years ago. Its called a baseball bat. Before that, I had a tack-hammer. My ancestors had a version too, but they called it a "brick". Even earlier versions were called "rocks".

If we're lucky, cities will start passing ordinances to make mere possession of these a crime, since there is no legal purpose for these.

Comment Censorship on the march (Score 2) 76

when is brittain planning to copy this one?

Well, Twitter is already doing it, in America too — an early bird, so to speak. But, hey, they are a private company, so we have no need to worry, right?

Well, the new generation of citizens is being accustomed to censoring selves and others in colleges — including professors — so, in 10-20 years, you'll have it world-wide, US and other elements of the British empire included.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the REAL hate... (Score 1) 1043

A dumbass Ukrainian immigrant tells a German what to do.

If you, from a nation beaten to a pulp not too long ago by an alliance including Americans (and Ukrainians), feel comfortable not only to participate in American political discourse, but call participants names and offer other "advice", why should an odd Ukrainian hold back from treating you likewise on occasion?

My grandpa was telling yours what to do in 1943, why should not I continue?

Why couldn't a Ukrainian be pointing out your stupidity and susceptibility to propaganda? Or indeed, proneness to strange perversions? (German porn is rather famous among connoisseurs!)

Seriously, this comment of yours is so typical of German society, it is funny in a way... See, in America immigrants become Americans within years. Oh, some people preserve their heritage — Ukrainian, Irish, German even — but we are American. In Pittsburgh you can buy "pierogis" on the street, but the city is as American as baseball... In Germany — and you are the latest confirmation — an immigrant remains an outsider for life. Some times even his German-born children aren't considered "fully" German.

And I'm not just talking about laws on naturalization — which are much harsher in Germany too — but acceptance by society. So, maybe, it is you, who should not be doing too much talking on matters of other countries — be it Ukraine or the United States.

Comment Re:Labor Participation Rate, the Unmentionable... (Score 4, Insightful) 505

The US baby boom occurred between 1946 and 1964.

Add 18-25 years, and a baby boom becomes a 'employee boom'.

Add 60-65 years, and a baby boom becomes a 'retiree boom'.

The workforce participation graph is just a chart of the lifecycle of 'baby boomers'. It really has fuck all to do with who's siting in the oval office.

Furthermore, it's a good sign for the economy that labor participation is falling. It means that 'boomers' are choosing to retire and leave jobs for younger workers to fill, as demonstrated by the falling U3 unemployment rate. The downside is that those retirees are putting more burden on the Social Security and Medicare programs, but we've known that would happen for the past fifty years.

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