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Comment Re:Charitable crime-fighting (Score 1) 311

Ah, and how lucrative is it to misrepresent [] information?

Yes, sure. According to the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Agriculture is incredibly efficient... Verified by that most objective of sources known as "Politifact".

or do you realize now, that you've been informed of the misapprehensions of your own source


Comment Some perversions are more equal than others (Score 0) 596

If you run a personal blog talking about that stuff, then fair game

Is it? Suppose, he was into homo rather than heterosexual subjugation... Do you suppose, they would've banished him just as well — even if he were open about it?

should not be anyone's business but his.

Of course...

Comment Re:Not only pro but also college sports are on cab (Score 1) 143

My wife and I were in this predicament of needing ESPN, etc, until we decided since we really only like college football, and the only team we particularly care about is the Mountaineers (her alma mater). We ditched cable sports entirely, get season tickets every year and just drive to Morgantown for the home games. Sure, we rent a hotel room and pay for gas and food, but it's been worth it no matter if they win or lose. Homecoming game alone makes it all worth the costs and travel time involved just for the social experience.

Comment Re:Alternative Choices (Score 1) 255

That's until they get the bright idea that the DRM module being kept on the user's end at all is no longer acceptable, and now you're stuck waiting for whatever proprietary DRM nonsense they've cooked up to load and process inside of your browser. To add insult to injury, I can just imagine some fuckups will implement a UI that will sit there and grind your machine until you enter in your credentials and payment info, with a nice fat chance of it crashing with some random error.

Comment Charitable crime-fighting (Score 1) 311

"$450 billion ($1,800 per resident) per year from 1987–1990."

Yeah, and the next sentence explains that figure as: "These losses included $18 billion in medical and mental health care spending, $87 billion in other tangible costs, and $345 billion in pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life."

Different ways to count it can result in vastly different numbers — depending on what one wishes to demonstrate, ha-ha... The point remains, though, the cost of crime, however you count it, is still below the "commie socialist programs" that serviscope_minor attempted to justify.

And, the "war on poverty" isn't solely about reducing crime

Of course, it is not! Moreover, I argue, that it is not about reducing crime at all. It is about genuine compassion for some and the ability to spread the wealth around for others. That "spreading" of the wealth of captive taxpayers is pure unadulterated tyranny, of course, and the folks advocating it usually have a vast conflict of interest.

The overhead of charities ranges from 15% to as much as 70% — with government's operations being on the greater side of it. It is an incredibly lucrative and powerful position to be in control of spending even $1 billion, even if a mere $150 million of it are yours to dispense on the "overhead". With $800 billion per year you can find words, sponsor poems, finance movies and other artworks, and even find a smooth talking nincompoop, who will sincerely protect your trough, while denouncing opponents as greedy and egoistic bastards...

Comment Re: Presumption of innocence (Score 1) 497

Thank you for the compliment, however foul-mouthed, but... With that freedom to endanger oneself, comes the responsibility to pay for one's own healthcare and/or disability. Pay for it, or beg other people's charity — with Pauper's Oath, etc. — but not vote to force others to pay for one's follies.

I sure hope, you are just as prepared to agree with this...

Comment Libertarianism 101 (Score 1) 311

Among those laws was the 1979 Department of Education Organization Act that established that entity.

Yep. As I said: a mission creep. Government looking, what else it can do...

The rules are simple. If (what seems like) a problem:

  • does not endanger the nation's very survival;
  • can be solved by private entities — commercial or charitable;

then the government must not touch it.

For the government to violate this principle is tyranny — taxpayer's money is confiscated to pay for things, he would not have paid for voluntarily.

And, like all other tyrannies, it is also inefficient. Your own example of public education is an ongoing disaster: per-pupil costs of public schools have quadrupled since the 1960-ies (inflation-adjusted), but 70% of the 8th-graders still can not be said to be "proficient" in reading.

Space-exploration is fascinating — leave it to Musk, Bezos, and Branson. They spend their own monies on it...

Comment Scale it... (Score 1) 266

Who really cares if I can get a loop to run in 800ns instead of 1500ns

Indeed. A human being can not even perceive a difference between 1 millisecond and 1 microsecond.

But, repeated a million times, the former turns into 15 minutes, whereas the latter is still merely a second. Food for thought...

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