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Comment Re:No and no (Score 1) 486

If you knew you were going to be transcoding, you should have went with an Intel CPU. AMDs offerings suck at it, and have sucked at it forever. They just suck at multi-threaded tasks in general, almost like they are missing something in their instruction set or in the CPU design itself that cripples the performance in a way not unlike the Intel P4 Netburst architecture.That being said, your CPU would beat the equivalent Intel CPU in quite a few single thread tasks, which even lower bin AMD CPUs tend to excel at.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 397

I can already do that, and have been able to do that since the 1980's (although back then I spent much more time with a soldering iron to achieve this effect), which leads back to my original point. I can get wanting to make it an easier process via software, but it will never trump being able to block a rewrite/flash via a local hardware method and may unintentionally just open a few extra doors that you weren't expecting to be open (as is the case in any software based solution).

If it offers pairing with a read-only keyfob to verify encryption keys and file integrity of the ROMs at boot as a layer on top of the physical one, then it would indeed prove useful in the case of a workstation.

Then again, this software might be very useful for microsystems such as servers built using Raspberry Pis or roll-your-own routers that don't always inherently offer hardware jumpers to protect the flashable BIOS and other ROM areas.

One thing I have noticed though, is that some hardware makers have been moving towards implementing EFI/BIOS that the end-user has no control over whatsoever outside of changing some limited set of internal settings. It has signed updates pushed to it by them, and some of them have been following the examples of mobile chipset developers by including fuses that they blow to prevent tampering, meaning you are stuck with whatever version they put on the machine before blowing those fuses.

Comment Yahoo! gone, and good riddance. (Score 1) 401

It should have happened over a decade ago. This company was a case study in stagnation and mismanagement. They had no real vision for ages, and it showed in everything from their product (non-offerings) to their janky back-end systems that could barely cope with basic email functionality.

Honestly, if I were in the market to buy, it would be to take the entire thing apart for scrap value to the highest bidder piecemeal.

Comment Re: most vulnerabilities != most vulnerable (Score 1) 147

The only patches I get are to GAPPs themselves (sometimes, currently several refuse to update, my guess is because they require at least Marshmallow or Nougat now) and Webview. I've had no other security patches period from either Google nor the vendor, and this device is on 5.0.1 running kernel build 3.10.49. Google Play hasn't even updated on my device since prior to the Stagefright and Heartbleed releases, let alone much of the underlying Android system.

Comment Re:When will it end (Score 1) 265

It doesn't do this automatically, but I am wondering if you could use app metadata and some clever Powershell scripting to accomplish this on Win 8.1 and Win10 much in the way one would tag and sort downloads of various files/archives/pictures, etc into appropriate folders

TBH this sort of thing should be submitted as a feature request not just for Windows, but pretty much every OS.

Comment Re:what "we" asked them? (Score 1) 412

The problem is, is that we have no real hard definitions or lines drawn concerning that data or how it is collected per se. Sure, you have the 4th, but the 4th has been found to only narrowly cover certain instances of online and wireless communication out of a SCOTUS fear of a broad ruling by them curtailing actual legal situations where that data may be obtained.

Basically, we're still in the same boat we were in when this all started, and it's all shades of gray until either the current or future SCOTUS makes a firm ruling on if this data is the same as our letters and effects, or maybe that it is like a note passed through the hands of several classmates before reaching the intended recipient and may be intercepted by the teacher or read by one of the passers: we have no right to any expectation to privacy for or integrity of said data once it leaves our possession.

Comment Re:More regulations stifling businesses. (Score 1) 221

Every concert and sporting event I've attended in the last decade has required ID at the door if you have a ticket printed from an online purchase (some even required that you also had the same valid credit card that you used so they could compare the numbers in addition to your DL/Photo ID). It seems to me that they already implemented that part of a solution, now they just need to figure out the rest.

Comment Re:No Innovation in China (Score 1) 416

No, they very much do not want to be the next America. For a nation who views things in trends, and as all outside nations as tributaries to Beijing, America is about their polar opposite in many respects. China in all of its history has never had to deal with a nation on the scale and scope of the USA politically, financially, or militarily and this has led to some difficulties as they see themselves as the rising power to meet the great power that already is.

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