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Comment Re:More regulations stifling businesses. (Score 1) 213

Every concert and sporting event I've attended in the last decade has required ID at the door if you have a ticket printed from an online purchase (some even required that you also had the same valid credit card that you used so they could compare the numbers in addition to your DL/Photo ID). It seems to me that they already implemented that part of a solution, now they just need to figure out the rest.

Comment Re:No Innovation in China (Score 1) 410

No, they very much do not want to be the next America. For a nation who views things in trends, and as all outside nations as tributaries to Beijing, America is about their polar opposite in many respects. China in all of its history has never had to deal with a nation on the scale and scope of the USA politically, financially, or militarily and this has led to some difficulties as they see themselves as the rising power to meet the great power that already is.

Comment Fun times and quirky coincidences (Score 1) 788

Interesting things to note about this incident:

The suspect in custody is an actor, and has an IMDB page.

The traffic camera(s) that covers the street and intersection where this incident happened were removed/moved one day before the incident.

Almost every article covering this story appeared online hours before the event ever took place. The Washington Post reported that the incident happened around 3pm on December 4th. How is it then that everyone from Anandtech to Above Top Secret on to Democratic Underground and The Gateway Pundit had their article times listed in Google as being posted up to 20 hrs before The Washington Post article on the same day this event took place?

A 4chan user from the UK made a post claiming an incident such as this was going to be reported as happening in a post dated November 30th.

Comment Re:It's probably because you suck at it (Score 1) 497

Sounds like they need smacked upside of the head, er, I mean shown a better way and getting them hooked into using it.

Unfortunately from what I've observed of the younger IT staff at my regular employer, you'll probably have to come up with some trophy-based ego boosting reward as a means to get them to do so.

Comment Re:Dear Internet of Things (Score 1) 110

Dear Group of Sensors,

The only benefits so far you've proven yourselves useful for, is causing widespread internet outages, trivial access into supposedly secure networks, businesses, and homes for criminals, and padding the bank accounts of shady third party advertising companies who harvest user data.


The Entire World

Comment Re:Ethernet won against more "deterministic" desig (Score 1) 110

Blame that nonsense on the old science and technology propaganda from the 1950's/60's/70's and even into the 80's. They promised everything from flying cars to controlling absolutely everything in your home at the touch of a button. These ideas have ingrained themselves into the proceeding generations, and the result is utterly useless shit like Phillips Hue, Nest, and this nonsense.

Comment Re:MPAA, RIAA and Big Pharma (Score 1) 355

Because so many of those wealthy and powerful saw fit to openly mock and ridicule him even before he decided to make a run for POTUS (Example: When he was invited to the White House Correspondents Dinner and then everyone had a good laugh as Obama openly made jokes at Trump's expense).

History is filled with tales of the "wealthy elites" taking their revenge on their peers who insulted them.

Comment Case in point where this would have been great... (Score 5, Interesting) 552

Went to a Rob Zombie show rather recently. He was not happy with the sea of phones and asked several times for people to put them away before finally just saying, "You know guys, you all ask why it seems rock seems like it is dead. It's because of stuff like this. I'm a rocker, not a tv guy. I don't know what to do when all I see staring me in the face is a bunch of cameras. I can't do anything with that." Thankfully people finally got the damned hint and he went on with the show instead of leaving (and yes, it was fscking great - he even went through an entire White Zombie album on top of his solo stuff).

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 534

I would say it has a strong correlation (and that does not imply causation, of course), but being on good terms with one of the writers for Forbes has given me two bits of insight A) Millenials don't read Forbes as much as their elder siblings or parents (and Milennials are a large target market) B) outright blocking people who use adblockers without even offering them an alternative method of viewing by paying for the content with no ads at all (say, 5-10 cents per article depending on how recent the article is) is not doing them any favors, either. Like many others that I know, most people see the message that they can't access the content because of the anti-adblocker policy, they just go, "oh well", and find an alternative source of information, many people never returning.

I can imagine this would be more damaging to Wired than Forbes as a whole, since so much of the stuff offered by them can be sourced elsewhere, such as Scientific American, Engadget, etc. whom are all a very short search away and don't block people using adblockers from accessing their content.

Comment Re:Sound Issues (Score 1) 376

It's the Realtek chipset + drivers. My wife has this same issue, as do other people I know. Even with it being supposedly disabled in UEFI/BIOS, something is still going on, and I can't tell if it's a manufacturing defect (or they cheaped out and the parts aren't properly pathed, soldered, and shielded) and there is some sort of current leakage causing this or it is Windows deciding to ignore what UEFI/BIOS is telling it regarding the chipset and still polling it when it is disabled (causing an audio response that is the buzzing on the audiopath because of signal interference with other devices assigned to the same internal IRQ, usually USB hubs and Bluetooth). This bug has been around for awhile (I had it on a previous machine running Windows 7 64-bit that had Realtek audio, and on one of those old P4 XP machines that were a dime a dozen from Dell).

Comment This author is the truest example of... (Score 1) 729

PEBKAC that I have ever witnessed inside my entire 30 year existence in the computing world. On top of it, they are backhandedly trying to imply that everyone should waste money on those shit-tier consoles shoveled out by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo that are years out of date when you pick them up from the shelf. Just no.

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