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Electronic Frontier Foundation

Submission + - The EFF's 2010 Pioneer Awards (eff.org)

ChipMonk writes: The EFF have announced their 2010 Pioneer Awards: transparency activist Stephen Aftergood; public domain scholar James Boyle; legal blogger Pamela Jones and the website Groklaw; and e-voting researcher Hari Krishna Prasad Vemuru, who was recently released on bail after being imprisoned for his security work in India. "These winners have all worked tirelessly to give critical insight and context to the tough questions that arise in our evolving digital world," said EFF Executive Director Shari Steele. "We need strong advocates, educators, and researchers like these to protect our digital rights, and we're proud to honor these four Pioneer Award winners for their important contributions." The award ceremony will be hosted by Cory Doctorow.

Submission + - Judge Quashes Hurt Locker P2P Subpoena (arstechnica.com)

ChipMonk writes: Ars Technica reports that "a federal judge in South Dakota this week quashed a US Copyright Group subpoena targeting an ISP in his state. Why? Jurisdiction, and a fax machine... Midcontinent presented numerous reasons why the subpoena should not apply, including the fact that 'money was not attached to the subpoena to reimburse Midcontinent for their costs of producing information.' US Magistrate Judge John Simko didn't even address the issue of payment, however, because jurisdictional and service issues were enough to quash the subpoena."

Submission + - Plagiarizing a Takedown Notice (osnews.com)

ChipMonk writes: Over at hobbyist site OS News, editor-in-chief Thom Holwerda published a highly skeptical opinion of the announcement of Commodore USA's own Amiga line. Within hours, Commodore USA sent a takedown notice to OS News, demanding a retraction of the piece, and accusing OS News of libel and defamation. Ironically, the takedown notice was mostly copied, with minor edits, from Chilling Effects, a site dedicated to publicizing attempts at squelching free speech. The formatting, line breaks, obtuse references to "OCGA", and even the highlighted search terms were left largely intact.

Submission + - Woot to AP: You owe us $17.50 (consumerist.com)

ChipMonk writes: The Associated Press have draconian terms for using their content, but they have no problem swiping content from others:

You see, when we showed off our good news on Wednesday afternoon, we expected we'd get a little bit of attention. But when we found your little newsy thing you do, we couldn't help but notice something important. And that something is this: you printed our web content in your article! The web content that came from our blog! Why, isn't that the very thing you've previously told nu-media bloggers they're not supposed to do? So, The AP, here we are. Just to be fair about this, we've used your very own pricing scheme to calculate how much you owe us. By looking through the link above, and comparing your post with our original letter, we've figured you owe us roughly $17.50 for the content you borrowed from our blog post, which, by the way, we worked very very hard to create.... All you'll need to do is show us your email receipt from today's two pack of Sennheiser MX400 In-Ear Headphones, and we'll call it even.


Submission + - Slackware 11.0 Released

ChipMonk writes: The most cutting-edge release of Slackware Linux ever has been loosed on the world. From Patrick Volkerding's announcement: "Among the many program updates and distribution enhancements, you'll find two of the most advanced desktop environments available today: Xfce, a fast and lightweight but visually appealing and easy to use desktop environment, and KDE 3.5.4, the latest version of the award-winning K Desktop Environment." This release also includes an SMP kernel (using version, a first for Slackware.

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