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Comment Re:I know it's crazy but... (Score 2) 161

But poor people definitely get the same public education.

Not even remotely true. Income inequality resulting in public educational inequality is one of the biggest problems in the US today.

But I think your point was that Internet access should be a basic utility (more like electricity or water, which as long as you don't live in Flint, are much less variable than education) which I totally agree with.

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 1) 166

"Different people from different viewpoints are almost invariably GOOD for an organization" is fundamentally hard to test.

It shouldn't be too hard, right? Especially now that companies are releasing diversity numbers. Get some diversity numbers for companies, figure out a way to measure their success, and slice the data different ways to see if you can find any correlation. Control for confounding factors. There are certainly difficulties, but this is basic data-science stuff, it's not fundamentally hard.

Comment Re:Does it still look like poop? (Score 1) 204

I don't mind the look. Minimal is good. I use Windows 8.1 with some registry tweaks and I far prefer that look to the overly glossy Windows 7 which has so much gloss it's like it's trying to pick up users on a street corner. I prefer OSX even more, gets rid of the pointless borders altogether. The start menu in Windows 10 sucks though, as well as the phone-line apps store and metro UI, but for desktop look I like it.

Everything else in Windows 10 sucks though.

Maybe that's part of the problem - the user is given no choice. Choice is a good thing but Microsoft feels like choice is an enemy and constantly seeks to thwart user choice. We should have a choice of a flat minimalist look or a high gloss aero look, and all sorts of tweaks in between. Why should anyone's desktop be forced to look like their neighbor's? (I'm still surprised at the few windows 10 users at work who never even bother to change from the default background image)

Comment Re:All this Glitz but it's still posessed... (Score 1) 204

Many of Microsoft's updates have ADDED security holes. Ie, updates to Outlook that would automatically allow executing programs attached to mail - who would ever trust the security credentials of a company that did that? Most Windows updates are not related to security. Get the security updates, sure, thats great, but you do not need all the crap they push out as updates, not even things listed as "important". Remember how their Get Windows 10 updates caused more problems for users than the average malware. Even those running Windows 10 have had mandatory upgrades that have bricked their computers.

Your ideas make sense when dealing with a respectable and trustworthy manufacturer. They don't make sense when talking about Microsoft.

Comment Re:How? (Score 2) 284

If they can get the bulk 'anonymized' data, there's a high chance they'll be able to identify the individuals. Anonymized data is such a joke that it rarely hides the identity. For example, if you have cell phone GPS data, the name of the owner and the phone number can be hidden, but if it starts and ends at the same place every day, then you can figure out who it is.

In browsing habits, you might look for people who surf to the congressional mail server web page. You might search URL query strings for embedded names. There's a lot of potential there, and the anonymized data might even include their address, which happens sometimes when the vendor doesn't actually care about hiding identity.

Comment Re:Amazing! (Score 1) 72

Fighting for territory is seen in many animal species though. It's not a "human only" trait. Homosapien 'victory' could be just as easily explained by better survivability (due to our ability to survive on the poorer diet that existed after the end of the ice age) expanding and pushing out some, while assimilating and mating with others.

There is also strong evidence that Neanderthals and Humans were on friendly terms. Another factor that might be worth considering: in the historical period, even when armies do fight and conquer each other, it's surprisingly rare to see complete slaughter of the losing side.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 358

I'm not sure how much effort scientists are willing to put into finding out at this point.

Seriously? I hope you die in a fire then. Scientists are always trying to get better data. See Feynman's point about the Millikan electron charge error.

If you look at reconstructions, you'll see there's still a huge uncertainty, and the good reconstructions will at least attempt to calculate the error bars. Shaun Marcott (author of a study you may recognize) says, "We cannot say whether this [modern temperature] change is unique across the entire Holocene because of the resolution (i.e., the sampling of temperature per unit time) of the entire dataset is about 120 years"

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