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Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 850

Trump is Bush with more bankruptcies, less military service, and no discernible interest in anything about the job other than power.

The most concerning similarity between the two is "don't know what the fuck they're doing". Cheney was hugely instrumental in getting congress to vote for the war in Iraq taking unprecedented actions for a VP and now we have another rep candidate who seems to be repeating the last thing an "advisor" told him. Do we really want breitbart pulling strings?

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 850

It is Clinton who is the warmonger...

Source? Few caveats, no breitbart etc, no "voted for iraq" since that's not a trump differentiator. I'm not too deep in the weeds but I know that Clinton logged more miles as secretary of state than anyone else (meaning she probably also talked to more world leaders) and trump doesn't know the implications of using nuclear weapons and said we should bomb Iran if they "disrespect" us.

My worry isn't that trump will start a war, its that roger ailes or any other of the opportunists in his cabinet will (ala Dick Cheney circumventing Bush to start Iraq) since a trump presidency will basically be a power vacuum

Comment Re:Kindergarten ? (Score 1) 228

we have people in far away cities, who don't have any real interest in the education of any student, making all sorts of Rules and Regulations

I don't buy that at all. I think the people taking and the people tasked with coming up with those regulations largely do want whats best for students. But due to a variety of factors (almost all political) too many compromises must be made along the way so every "education overhaul" falls back on whats easiest to quantify which is regurgitating facts on tests. Thus classrooms in the US look almost the same today as they did 100 years ago. Give those people in far away cities enough time, data, and infinite "political capital" and they'll probably come up with a general system that works much better for most all students.

Comment Re:But climate change is a myth!!! YODA GREASE (Score 1) 205

In 1989, some friends of mine drove a 1989 Yugo in the 1 Lap of America rally, 9000 miles in 10 days of circumnavigating the USA.

No they didn't

Maybe your year is wrong but I didn't see a yugo in 88 or 90 either. Anyway, your post and the article are classic goal-post moving. When we had 70mi/charge electric cars we need 200 mi/charge. Now we need 500 mi/charge even so Americans drive an average of 30mi/day. And next year when the 500mi/charge car comes out you won't be satisfied without your 9000mi in 10 day car.

Nevermind that since 1990, Li batteries have doubled in power density and dropped in price by a factor of 6 every 10 years. Obviously that trend can't last forever but Li batteries are good enough for cars...TODAY!

Comment Re:But climate change is a myth!!! YODA GREASE (Score 1) 205

Serious question, Why Africa? India and China both have higher populations than all of Africa as well as centralized governments and (I'm guessing) a higher overall per capita consumption rate which makes them lower hanging fruit. Not to mention the US where the per capita resource consumption more than makes up the difference in population. Population growth rates may be falling in all 3 countries but population is still rising.

I think the real solution is to transition away from an economic model that relies on younger generations supporting older ones. How? Robots of course!

Comment Re:But climate change is a myth!!! YODA GREASE (Score 1) 205

I'm not sure that anybody actually still denies humankind has at least had an impact anymore,

Yeah instead they don't talk about it and set up shadow organizations to figure out new and convoluted ways to take data out of context to keep supplying fox and friends with sound bites to win the coal miner and oil rig worker vote.

Comment Re:Techies ARE improving the world (Score 1) 537

We have gone 70 years without a major war. Why?

Because there is more money to be lost now than ever before. Sure we might get short term heavy manufacturing boost but can you imagine the cost of rebuilding New York City today compared to Dresden 70 years ago? A lot of influential (rich) people all over the world really don't want that to happen.

Comment Re:Where is the funding for the trip? (Score 1) 289

Yeah, lets get all our rocket scientists to put their knowledge of fluid dynamics and high temperature chemistry to use curing cancer! It should only take them 15-30 years to build up the knowledge that all the doctors already working on cures already have. Random notes: NIH's budget is $32B/year. The National cancer institue's budget is $5B/year. NASA's is $18B/year. And to poke the nest, the military's budget is $580B/year. The US food infrastructure results in about 1/3 of all of our edible food being thrown away. The other half of Musk's major businesses are making clean energy mainstream.

All of your "real issues" are already coming first. Like you said we have 7 billion people. There are plenty to spare for working on rockets.

Comment Re:Time? (Score 1) 88

I see what you did there!

In case your post was a rare instance of internet sincerity, how about the old school thermometer analogy? The amount of markings on the tube represent precision (direct relationship here). The stability of the fluid (thick tube with a lot of sloshing vs thin tube with minimal sloshing) represents the accuracy. Or measuring the height of a hyper dog vs a calm dog. If you use the same tape measure you'll have the same precision but the accuracy will be very different.

In summary accuracy: the difference between the measurement and the actual value. Precision: the available significant digits of the measuring tool.

Comment Re:Fuzzy math in my opinion (Score 1) 400

There will, for a time, be refuge in jobs like repairing the various robots. Google cars won't repair themselves after all.

Who needs repairs? We're already in a replacement society for most consumer goods and as soon as robots building robots is fully automated it will be cheaper to replace them too than to waste time repairing! We might just skip over the whole robot repairman economy.

Comment Re:Surprised I'm still alive! (Score 1) 527

What with the push by the FDA not to eat bacon and eggs in favor of vegetable oils and the creation of millions of diabetics by overloading their systems with sugar it is surprising any of us still live. We were made to eat meat, that is the bottom line.

Can you condense that into a single tweet? As someone tasked with maintaining a hugely complex and adaptable system (the human body) for upwards of 80 years I don't have time to process any extra information. In the future please reduce your dietary mandate for the entire human race into 140 characters or less....but not in the counterproductive way that the sugar industry coerced the FDA into doing.

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