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Comment Re:Why does this matter? (Score 1, Troll) 225

And the OTHER real issue is that we have as close to proof that makes no difference that Russia, a country who's leader is trying his best to restore the glory days of the cold war, is actively screwing with our general election.

Sure the DNC should be impartial but to suggest we ignore Russia's attempt to influence our democratic process (however flawed it may be) is asinine, especially given they seem to have chosen a side. There two big problems here and both should be addressed!

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 4, Insightful) 223

And people wonder why we don't believe Global Warming.

I don't wonder. I see it as one of the human brain's greatest weaknesses. More and more research shows that once people pick a side, they are highly likely to dig in and contrary evidence actually reinforces their incorrect position. Perhaps this served some evolutionary purpose (you only need to learn fire is hot once) but in today's world where humans have the capability to drastically alter the environment we need to listen to the fucking facts.

Lead is bad for the brain even if the lead industry spends 50 years and $millions trying to prove otherwise. Smoking causes cancer even if the cigarette industry spends 50 years and $millions trying to prove otherwise. The average global temperature is rising due to human emissions of a known greenhouse gas into the atmosphere at a rate that does indeed match most models even if the fossil fuel industry spends 50 years and $millions trying to prove otherwise. Not exactly sure what industry is against vaccinations (maybe religion) but apparently you might not even need a shadowy group to cause trouble (see recent measles outbreaks).

For an especially hilarious example, see the John Oliver clip where newt ginrich repeatedly basically says "my feelings are more important than your facts for making policy". If humanity as a whole can evolve past that bullshit maybe we have a shot at colonizing space...or at least finding out if the physics of the universe allow it. If not, then I guess we don't deserve to and we'll get wiped out and the earth will try again in a few hundred million years.

Anyway, hopefully the deniers are right cause if not, we're fucked.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 1) 223

No the problem is both deniers and "alarmists" can both pick temperature extremes in a given year but the global average continues stair stepping upwards likely resulting in ~4B people trying to migrate in the next century or so. But hey, the venn diagram of AGW deniers and friends of immigrants has a huge overlap right?

Comment Re:Grain of salt (Score 1) 142

Until I see real evidence, a random pilot claiming "I couldn't do X because of a drone" isn't going to convince me to tighten regulations.

there have been 15 instances of drones interfering with firefighter operations this year, including several leading to grounded aircraft

Yeah, best wait until a few disasters happen before taking action or something. And because most drones are cheap and light...and not likely capable of flying near a forest fire....the ones that are big and heavy probably aren't a problem either?

Also, your common sense solution is to add another layer of complexity instead of attempting to mitigate the source or the issue?

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 758

The thing about Bernie is that he could actually win the election: his polling numbers are much higher than Hillary's when you poll everyone, not just Dem voters.

If only Hillary hadn't ended up with ~25% more votes than Bernie (and trump btw). And as we all know, primary voters tend toward the more extreme ends of the party...

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 758

Guess you don't realize that casino's aren't a license to print money, but in many cases operate on a thin profit margin. And the more casino's there are, the more that margin thins out.

So your argument is that by focusing so much on casinos, trump is a bad investor? Agreed. My favorite stat is if he'd just put all his dad's money in an S&P500 index fund he'd be worth more about 2x what most of the generous outside estimates put his wealth at.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 758

Like the relaxing of home loan standards that began under the Clinton administration, at their encouragement to help underdeveloped communities, that led in part to the banking crisis? Like the current economy that after how many years under Obama still needs massive stimulus and near zero interest rates to barely limp along?

Sooo.... its a good thing republican administrations saw the collapse coming and made such smart decisions and have great policy ideas to prevent and fix recessions? I'm not endorsing Hillary but lets not pretend the last couple republican administrations knew what they were doing.

Comment Re:thats (Score 2) 203

>But have you bothered to look up how many businesses Trump owns and/or runs? The answer is over 500. That's a whole lot of successes for relatively few failures. Even conservatively, 95% of his businesses were/are successful.

Interesting statistic. I'd like to see some further analysis done on it though (yeah I'm not going to be the one to do it). "trump" is a branding enterprise. I'd say that list has a very loose definition of "runs". You really think one person can run 500 businesses effectively? That's just enough time to tell each of them "gimme lower cost and MOAR profit" once a quarter. I'm qualified for that!

My guess is for 99% of it, trump probably walked into (or phoned into...yeah just realized he loves to literally phone it in) a room where *somehotel approached him about a marketing license and he gave a quick speil about "winner" and "luxury" and "best brain". His team took the initiative to draw up a contract listing trump as an executive and added the proverbial notch onto his belt and forgot about the whole thing until he needed stump speech material. The people actually running it are doing well enough that this plan has worked pretty well although I'd be surprised if he is worth 1/4 of what he claims, which is still a lot but also tells me all I need to know about him.

Comment Re:Moronic argument (Score 1) 1139

Because an extremely large percentage of people were not purchasing food for their kids, they were drinking and smoking the money away.

And you know this because of the 3 people fox news found that would go on camera to say they bought lobster? Or is 1.9% an "extremely large percentage" in your book?

"The U.S. Department of Labor reported that 1.9% total UI payments for 2001 was attributable to fraud or abuse within the UI program"

By all means, find a more recent source to prove your point. I won't find it for you but I'll be happy to change my outlook if it checks out.

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