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Comment Re:Perspective (Score 3, Insightful) 361

Geologic time scales? Pisshhh. If you weren't such a poser you'd go straight to universal time scales, where the earth averages out to a cloud of dust. So whats the big deal if a supervillian builds a planet vaporizing death ray? The atoms were there before, they'll be there after.

Comment Help! Where should I go? (Score 1) 125

Back in the day a story like this would spawn a few threads detailing various minutia of some bizzare chemical reaction or how the atmospheric density results in a superfluid on the surface (and all the cool stuff that superfluids do). There is a little of that here but this story is now a rare bird on /. - news for flamewars, stuff that incites.

If anyone is still out there that remembers the nerdy old days, is there any forum left on the internet to discuss this sort of stuff? Or have trolling and flamewars swallowed the entire internet?

Comment Re:US Post Office always secure. (Score 1) 454

Yeah, perpetuating mail voter fraud is so easy I just have to go around to a million mailboxes, stealing the ballots and replacing them with fakes (specific to that person because thats how mail ballots work, you don't just get a blank sheet of paper) so no one notices and then mail my stolen ballots in such a way as to not arouse suspicion, such as putting the million stolen real ballots back in the mailbox I stole them from in a timely manner with no mistakes or leaks from my hordes of voter fraud henchmen.

Comment Re:US Post Office always secure. (Score 1) 454

This. EVERYBODY knows that to tamper in an election all you have to do is find a million people that will sell their vote for $100 or so...oh and hide a $100M paper trail...oh and the big one, keep a million people quiet who's loyalty is for sale. But if my tin pot candidate loses its gonna be rigged I tell ya! But not if tin pot candidate wins of course...then it wasn't going to be rigged. Keep them armchair conspiracies coming.

Sidenote: I can't find the "news for nerds, stuff that matters" anymore on the site. For transparency /. should put something like "flamebait for flamers, stuff that incites" in it's place.

Comment Re:They earn that in 16 minutes (Score 2) 116

This is always my first thought whenever I hear "biggest fine ever". A common reaction is jail time for those involved but I think a better deterrent would just be to make the fine something like 50x the profits generated. That way we don't have to pay for an expensive trial (and it will be much more expensive than the fine if an executive is involved) or whatever jail time. Instead, regulatory agencies will finally have sufficient funding to enforce existing rules, victims get a nice payout and those responsible will immediately be fired and toxic in their line of work so they'll never be able to do it again.

Comment Re:50,000 * 30 (Score 4, Insightful) 377

Why not? The mainstream media refuses to do so, but sure as hell runs every 11 year old "pussy" recording it can dig up.

Note: there is a difference between a presidential candidate saying he probably sexually assaulted a bunch of people and internal whining about the boss's kid. Yeah I know its all about relative expectations. So long as trump doesn't shit in his hand and throw it at a camera its a win for him....on second thought maybe thats a win too cause he's sticking it to the media.

Comment Re:Upstaged by Trump (Score 1, Insightful) 377

The clinton scandals in this case being a clash of personalities in a large organization and a strategy to respond to an opponent's attack. Shocker. Lets have 9 congressional hearings and a blank check to investigate the spoiledness of Chelsea Clinton and how it relates to the well known establishment plot to steal our precious bodily fluids!

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