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Comment Re:Who are the main characters based on (Score 1) 74

Does it matter that the characters are based on real people from the 80's? My main criteria is that the characters are compelling in some way and their environment is consistent.

FWIW, if you only watched the first 5 episodes maybe give it a second look. They've reworked the show from "Don Draper in tech" to plucky start up vs well funded former colleague.

Comment Re:Better idea... (Score 3, Informative) 155

Just circulate the outside air.

That would be called an economizer in HVAC speak. Pretty much every new commercial building has one and they are often retrofitted as part of maintenance and repair to existing buildings. Also those who choose to give up A/C control are paid for it. Such programs are widespread across the country. Good thing that Nest is finally using it's google $Billions and existing user base to implement it though.

Comment Thats it? (Score 1, Interesting) 175

With a user base in the millions (hundreds of millions?), there has probably been many billions of human activity hours spent on pokemon go. The fact that it requires movement and so far there is only one known death attributed to it means overall its probably responsible for a huge reduction in fatalities!

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 1) 445

Science is the opposite of relying on what authority figures say is true.

Bingo! And guess which side all the authority figures speaking "truth" are on? It is indeed the opposite of the side with all the scientists presenting and analyzing data.

The single biggest problem we have today is that vested interests (oil companies, Russia, etc) are undermining efforts to dramatically improve our world for the better...even if climate change was a hoax. Immediate benefits include: de-funding isis and several other authoritarian regimes, eliminating several of the most hazardous occupations, avoiding massive ecological disasters (oil spills), and decentralizing power...both literally and figuratively! Why the fuck are we still subsidizing oil?!

Comment Re:All the data means all the data (Score 2) 303

Bunch of relatives and reporters linked to Obama eh? How about head of fox news, probably the single most influential news network in the US, getting ousted and immediately "advising" trump? Or the freaking active CEO of breitbart working directly for trump? Don't worry, this bickering won't convince anyone to change ideologies. Everyone with more than a passing interest is firmly dug in no matter what "shocking new development" you may think you have.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 130

Thermal tester eh? Based on that last comment I was sure you were a demographic pigeon-holer forced into early retirement. Basement dweller you say? I wish! My basement has a drumset, wet bar, and a nintendo wii! Unfortunately I'm too busy with my day job*, that of an evangelical lobbyist with a primary focus on shifting federal policy to fewer rockets and more creationisim in school text books. As such I don't even need any real world experience because nobody fucks with the Jesus, fool! http://thebiglebowski.wikia.co... Now join me or fall into eternal damnation!!!!

*a funnier thing being, I actually supported a thermal-vac test for a SIBRS payload back in the day so you and I are two spacecraft thermal testers in a pod!

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 130

There's this concept called engineering. Its very different from armchair engineering and political ranting, the core of this site. When applied correctly, engineering can solve many problems posed by a hypercritical, speculative and un-invested audience (/.), often in unique and unexpected ways.


Comment Re:Failed model (Score 1) 367

Yeah cause that's all in a days work for an Avis employee. Somehow they've found out a way to efficiently dispose of 1000's of hookers/day and replace complete interiors after every use. Or maybe they just have a security deposit or something.

In other news, I often find that most "future plan won't work because X" musings usually assume a complete downfall of society happens between now and then.

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