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Comment Re:Especially good time for two routers (Score 1) 254

I did consider that but I have fileservers on my home network so I dont really want to add an AP with an older encryption scheme. NSA may or may not be peering thru' my firewall device but I'd rather not have any neighbourhood loon with AirCrack getting free internet and/or file access as well

Comment Re:Just turn it off (Score 1) 254

Far older! Original Apple Airport cards are rebranded Lucent WaveLan / Orinoco Gold Card - basically a PCMCIA card, you could use the Lucent PCMCIA version in certain macs depending on the amount of available internal space (it was longer - My friend's old iMac had a Dell 1150 card in the airport slot and worked fine)

Comment Its already happened (Score 1) 254

I have an iBook - I always liked the look of the thing when it came out and around 2005 when it was no longer the current model, I bought a grey&white 366mhz, 10gb HDD iBook and the matching curve-shaped bag via eBay

Its had intermittent periods of use as and when I needed an extra machine, and although now 14 years old, with RAM upgraded to 392mb, an aftermarket battery giving 7 hours on a charge and OSX 10.3.9 installed, it still works. HOWEVER - it has an original Apple Airport card (probably worth more than the laptop & bag put together...) and these dont work with WPA2 or with any 802.11n router - they just wont connect.

So its just become a curiosity on the shelf - a machine with only one USB port is hopelessly compromised by using an external Wifi adapter.

Comment no SSDs (Score 1) 371

Too expensive! Got a pair of Laptop 2.5 SATA HDDs in big plastic cases fitted inside my Dell desktop. Minimal performance loss compared to a 3.5 inch drive but so much quieter. Removed the optical drive completely and use an external USB2 drive as and when needed

Comment Hello I'm british (Score 2) 95

We get tornadoes, just not often. Perhaps a few dozen a year - in my life I've only seen one once (I was driving at night and it crossed the road from one side to the other 100 yards in front of me - scared the crap out of me).

As a result they are much discussed over cups of tea when they occur. The national obsession with cats has made this the news story of the year

Comment Re:Android (Score 2) 303

especially so if you buy one of the many chinese phones sold as carrier-own handsets in Europe (most made by ZTE) - pretty good average spec, much faster than an N900, better screens, fairly minimal Android installs

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