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Comment Re:Internet Addition = Pornography Addition (Score -1, Offtopic) 278

Well, since it's put THAT way, all we need is someone to find a way to substitute most of the online available porn images with some District 9 references: Human-Prawn Inter-species Prostitution. Or, in the case of Wickers (the main character), make it anal, with references to Nigerian scams. (Butt, in the end would it be ISP, or Interspecies bestiality?) This would probably severely blunt the internet prawnorgraphic imagery distribution.

To the well-endowned Prawns, once could say, "All your prawn things be LONG to USSS." Butt, once enough porn sites have been taken down, anti-porn geeks the world over could say to the porn sites "PRAWNED!"

Comment A far more effective way to deal with this: (Score -1, Troll) 278

To save to client money and from excessive treatment costs:

-- Create an addiction sign up site
-- Commit the addict to an "outed tracking" list to which they agree to remain monitored for 90 to 180 days
-- Daily update a list of the hours and general category of site (not the URLs, content or such-- could be a liability for ID theft, etc...)
-- Charge the client .... $0.00 (Surely, there are some Open Source geeks/fans/fanatics with exceptional programming skills who can direct their energies into this kind of project)
-- In advance, client agrees that early termination results in their name and status remaining indefinitely listed.

$15,000+ is a HELL of a steep price. For that price, the biopharmas might see a market for distribution/charging of Surfing Aversion Drug...

PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: "-1, Flamebait"? 3

Hmmmm..... Anyone care to tell me what is not truthful in that posting of mine?

User Journal

Journal Journal: "Worst ask slashdot question ever"???? 1

My comments:

Even possibly worse is that by super-descriptively naming the computers means that anyone with crash log or trojan/mapping software can map out a firm's or an agency's approximate or exact seating and office arrangement. This could be an extreme security hazard, and could in advance open the company to employee-initiated lawsuits against the company.

Comment Re:Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves Here (Score -1, Offtopic) 705

Before i went to see it, i'd read that on IMDB, it was around 8/10. Now, it's higher:

!8.9! out of 10.

And, at Crunchgear, it's got some high remarks, too.

I saw it at Metreon in SF, and when i got in, the line had about 200 people ahead of me. 5 minutes after i got into line, some 50 more were behind me, and this was 25 to 30 minutes before starting. After i seated, the auditorium was about 70% full. It has seats for maybe 600, IIRC, (based on the size of the imax one i'd seen Trek in at the same complex). By the time we were 5 minutes from start, it was pretty chock-full. (Yeh, and we had some 12 to 15 minutes of promotionals and trailers...)

After a few anatomic (funny yet gross, gross, yet funny) scenes and some limb damage, a couple walked out. Even tho it was dark, the people to either side of me exchanged glances with me. We smiled, like "Welll.... guess it's not for EVERYbody..."

But, i have to say, whenever i eat prawns, I'll probably ALWAYS think of this excellent film.

Comment Re:MvP This area of Texas sounds like the digital (Score -1, Flamebait) 231

Wild West, somehow immune to federal regulation. But, i have to say (yes, we here know my stance toward msoft) that in this case, this kind of judge is MY kind of judge for dealing with a lawyer who persisted in improper conduct in the judge's court. I not to long ago ranted off a tirade of vitriolic (expletive-laden) language (didn't help my cause one bit, but i get emotional when ms does certain things and gets away with it), but while i cannot claim this judge's fine on the lawyer is not exactly "vindication" (after all, $40M is NOTHING to ms), it sends a signal that ms' chicanery/tricky-dickery won't ALWAYS be tolerated.

(no subscriber bonus; terrible karma; limited to 2 posts per day until i escape the /. karma hells; reincarnation in /. is voter-dependent, regardless of uniqueness/clarity/honesty of posts by submitter)


Journal Journal: Wagon Train To/From the Stars...


But, my comments:

Cleverly circular, and Circularly Clever (as in funny, not as in derisive).


Journal Journal: Bug fixed in Opera crashing in slashdot 1

Either it's been fixed, or just better covered up, but for now, no crashing due to rapid "Ctrl + A" when in the slashdot user submission entry box since i updated Opera to 10.00 Beta 3, build 1699.

Will try the other machine and update here...

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Journal Journal: EFFED UP DEUX 3

So, in:

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Journal Journal: REALLY EFFED UP...


I wrote a comment about fuel or parking spaces being used to offset or make up the loss of gas-tax revenues as electric cars take fuel more from electrical grids, following a comment that was (in my mind) a logical starting of an alternate point about cities raising revenues (related to cars, and...), and it was marked "off topic"

User Journal

Journal Journal: Funny as hell... 31 fans and 0 friends (of course) ... 1

And ZEEEERO foes? This is funny, because IIRC, in less than 1 month i somehow accumulated 31 fans (I'll leave nameless (or, does /. allow logged-in users to see my friends/fans/foes? I don't recall), as some probably are real, many probably stalkers, and the system listed them as fans when they may have self-ascribed as foes)... But, in any case, only two, possibly three replied to me directly AS a quasi-fan more than one time.

User Journal

Journal Journal: See, this is weird... "Terrible Karma"

And the systems still says:

"Moderation x
You have moderator access and 5 points (expire on 2009-08-15). Welcome to those of you just joining: please read the moderator guidelines for instructions.
You can't post & moderate the same discussion.
Concentrate on promoting more than demoting.
Browse at -1 to keep an eye out for abuses.
Mail the admin URLs showing abuse (the cid link please!)."

PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: hehehe.. "TERRIBLE KARMA" now...

"Call It A Night, Cowboy!
Slashdot only allows a user with your karma to post 2 times per day (more or less, depending on moderation). You've already shared your thoughts with us that many times. Take a breather, and come back and see us in 24 hours or so. If you think this is unfair, please email with your username "davidsyes". Let us know how many comments you think you've posted in the last 24 hours."

Anyway, my comment on blizzard...

Comment Re:Tax Exempt? (Score -1, Offtopic) 490

You know, maybe that is the quiet point of the report, to tell the public and businesses to leverage pressure on the government and cause more transparency. On the other hand, maybe it'll backfire.

I know from personal experience in late 2004 that US-passport carrying persons entering Japan with that passport being stamped can visit, legally, up to 90 days, but CANNOT work to earn income. Those who play/played the immigration/visa-limit merry-go-round could simply leave the country and return (with proper stampings) 24-36 hours later and restart the clock. If they had illegal gigs/income sources, such persons could indefinitely reside in Japan, so long as the neighbors did not finally get fed up and as the police to inquire.

However, many citizens/passport-presenting persons NOT presenting a US passport could/can enter for up to 3 MONTHS, AND the could/can subsidize their stay by working. Such passports-holding people could be from Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and a few South East Asia countries. I think Mexico and Brazil were permitted, too.

But, i think the Japanese limitations on the US stemmed from a spat between the US and Japan, maybe before the 80s. IIRC, the US or someone in the US was complaining about too many Japanese filling up US colleges and workplaces and soaking up information that would enable more intense Japanese competition against the US. But, also, probably more plausible is that the US probably has far more visitors to Japan (especially certified/authorized language instructors/teaching assistants, as well as the illegal types) than many of the other countries combined. Too many US passport holders, combined with the often begrudged presence of US military personnel, led to a severe restriction that US passport presenters could not work (in Japan) and subsidize their visit to Japan. This makes it possible to allow in a wider diversity of cultural contribution (artists, chefs, photographers, and so on) that otherwise might be impeded if too many jobs-takers from the US were allowed.

(Plus, cynically, i (and some i've talked with) have a feeling that an event in a month of August many decades ago may or may not be part of the mix.)

Comment Re:ROTF, LMMFAO, TRFME (Score -1, Flamebait) 374

WHO IS the stupid son-of-a-bitch or daughter-of-a-bastard who dares mark "offtopic" someone's response to their original comment? F*tard. Interjecting yourself between two people addressing each other and not the general topic. Fortunately, i'm not omnipotent, and i am not above the law, and there's such a think as karma, and other than these words, i don't feel a need to incur real-world bad karma over your dumb, cruel ass. Stop moderating a comment between two people trying to clarify WHY a point was made, you frack.

Slash's moderation system is fracked in the head, and will remain so until moderators themselves are FORCED to justify their mods and have them reviewed by other exposed mods. That way, digital sodomizers can be outed, and then, THEN, subscribers/comment posters will nearly-truly know who their bully-fuck tormentors are.

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