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More mod points

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  • I haven't had moderator points in several months (at least) now. When I did get points I used the vast majority to up-moderate and almost never used them in journal entry discussions. Yet it appears someone doesn't love me enough to give me points anymore...
    • I haven't had mod points since the 2004 election. In one of the multitude of political threads I modded a bunch of anti-GWB posts as funny, because, frankly, they were! No mod points since.
    • I've only had mod points once in the last 12 years. I think I post too much.

      • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

        Unlikely. I got mod points even when I held the record for most posts on Slashdot. Well, unless they've changed that part of the determination algorithm in the past couple of years.

        We don't know since slashcode ISN'T open source in any meaningful way.

        • Out of interest, what's your post count? (damn you slashdot for taking away the ability to answer that question for myself).
          • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

            A couple of years ago, it was over 10,000. This is before I took my hiatus. Since returning (and before they hid post counts) I was down at 9000 and something.

            IIRC, I was the first or second person to hit 10k posts.

  • I also refuse to metamod. Fuck you, slashdot!
    • I also refuse to metamod. Fuck you, slashdot!
      and slashdot refuses that - friend with benefit request denied!
  • In almost 9 months now, that I know of, but for 3 of those months I was hospitalised, and not visiting here. I am still an infrequent visitor to Slashdot. Before that I was getting moderator points on average a little more than once a week.

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