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Comment Re:Where is the Federal Criminal Probe on the CIA? (Score 4, Insightful) 236

Where was this "concern" when Hillary ran her unpatched and protected private email server that was "less secure than Gmail"?

Interminable congressional investigations and literal yards of MSM reporting on even the fluffiest of details? What, were you asleep or something?

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

and how the ACLU would likely represent them

Two things:

1. Why are we now dealing with hypotheticals?

2. Your memes are all wrong. It's sell the cake, not bake the cake.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

Wake me up when they take on a Second Amendment case.

Why bother when the NRA is already doing God's work? Seems like a waste of resources.

Even if we accept a limit of scope to the First Amendment, they seem to be a bit choosy. Religious liberty, for instance, always seems to get short shrift from them...unless there are Mohammedans involved.

This vague sentence means nothing without context.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

Well, then senpai, school me. What makes a "nonpartisan, non-profit organization [6][7] whose stated mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States." so gosh danged radical? All I can see is an charity org that loves the constitution more than you do, and you're treating them like fifth columnists. Laugh all you want, but at least I don't have a perspective problem.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

For 8 years any opposition to anything Obama wanted was categorically dismissed as racist by liberals.

I see your problem: The ACLU isn't liberal. But of course, in your addled mind, anyone who's not in lockstep with the conservative agenda down to the finest degree gets excommunicated, no excuses.

Which then leads you to make silly pronouncements of things that didn't happen, or blasting the liberal agendas of judges appointed by GOP presidents. And then I get to make fun of you as you thrash about in your little barrel, while you try to take the high road and fail.

We've been at this, what, fifteen years now? When you gonna learn?

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

No go back and pretend that the unwashed left didn't call people who didn't support Obama racist.

LOL, so you're either moving the goalposts or you suck at english, white man. Pick one.

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