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Comment Re:Oh please! Just stop (Score 1) 29

Ah yes, hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

It is, isn't it? Shame it's got nothing to do with what's going on here.

Yet you still misread.

Tut tut. You're already on record as being solely responsible for that shit as your communications skills are so poor. But of course, you're not big on personal responsibility, so easier to sling shit than admit you're a weak ass troll.

Comment Re:Oh please! Just stop (Score 1) 29

though I still don't understand why you elevate me

You keep leaning on this particular trope, even when it has no basis in reality. If it helps, I think cabin boy is close, but no cigar. You and I both know your outfit is more...motley.

You got another batch of speeders today, huh?

You're right, you are a lazy fuck. But I'm sure you can turn it around eventually.

Comment Re:Journal mechanics are confusing (Score 1) 125

How much longer are you going to scratch that itchy infection?

Umm, you're the one brought it up in this thread. Before that, I hadn't mentioned Nader, to you or anyone else online or even IRL for months. Who's the whiny little bitch now?

That comment is one for the archives.

Indeed. That's the most blatant trolling you've done in a while, which is saying something.

Comment Re:Oh please! Just stop (Score 1) 29

Gives you a good excuse

Your subconscious really doesn't like you. I wonder why?

I am also intrigued that you follow me around like a lost puppy.

ROFL! Only because you've already forgotten that I told you why. My god, the world sure must be daunting to you as you discover it anew every 15 minutes!

Better hope I don't pick you up.

You're far too lazy to ever come correct on any of your threats, so it's always amusing when you're trying to be tough.

Comment Re:Journal mechanics are confusing (Score 1) 125

and it turns out you're no better at the game when you gave us Obama, Clinton, and Trump

I see your reading comprehension and memory are throwing you under the bus again. Perhaps if you paid attention you wouldn't make these kind of mistakes?

Hell, you're still out there blaming Bush for Obama's wars

Again, you're thinking of someone else. Maybe third time's the charm...

and Nader for Bush

Yes! He manages to eke one out! BTW, it's easy to blame Nader for Bush. It's all there in the numbers. This is math, not politics, but distinction is not one of your strengths.

If you want to claim that you are better any anybody, you need to show some evidence.

Never done that. You act that way all the time though, so maybe that's what you were thinking of. (I'll give you a hint: I don't refer to myself in my posts anywhere near as much as you do yourself in yours. Hope that helps!)

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