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Comment Thanks but no (Score -1) 130

"You can't simply write a post and have it appear across the network which can make it difficult to get your voice heard."
So you're saying that this new system will enable people to vomit their meaningless content even further and wider? Reddit is already generally a toxic echo-chamber of superficial snowflakes CERTAIN that their opinion is the most important one. This will make it even worse.

Comment Think for a second (Score 3, Insightful) 319

The last 50-60 years of education have been committed to presenting 'alternative facts' - white people aren't the most important, the US and Europe aren't the most important and successful, minorities were meaningful to history, Columbus was a fucking asshole, women are important, homosexuals aren't sexual deviants, there is no absolute morality, babies are just chunks of tissue, etc.

I'm not disputing the accuracy of any of those, but one has to recognize that, as opposed to conventional wisdom at the time, all of those things were being consciously presented as alternative viewpoints to the established narratives.

So let's not pretend that we haven't been dogmatically acculturated to the presentation and acceptance of alternative truths for most of our lives.

Comment Setting aside the business shenanigans or not.... (Score 1) 74

...who would want a phone with NO bezel?

How do you hold the damned thing?

Seriously, if I'm showing him something on my phone, I have to treat elderly parents like toddlers with sticky fingers, holding it out of their reach because if they try to grab it I GUARANTEE they'll touch the screen and either cancel the video or somehow order me a new pair of shoes from Argentina. I don't know how.

Comment Ridiculous Extrapolation (Score 5, Interesting) 374

This is a ridiculous extrapolation; doing the same to health care costs means that health care and education will each be several hundred percent of our GDP in 18 years.

The cost of education is driven by the federal student loan program, the expansion of middle management, and the development of luxury dorms and gyms. I think it's transparent that such costs cannot continue to expand at the same rate for the next 18 years.

Comment Not so much... (Score 2) 52

....because throwing $1000 away validating some dumbasses' claim on a parka (seriously, $1000 for a jacket?) is WORTH IT to be lauded across the world's media organizations for some hand-wavy claims of magically quick claim resolution?

Behavioral algorithms, my ass. In my day we just called this what it is: a publicity stunt.

Comment Re:Paid once already (Score 1) 153

It makes it perfectly right to me, if that makes you feel any better?

Same thing I do for movies and recordings. MafiAA insists that I don't actually own what I buy, I only own the 'right' to listen/watch it. So I do...whether I have the physical media any longer or not. I bought it once, the author & artists involved have been paid for my use, so which vector I use to get it is none of their fucking business.

Comment Re:Good luck with that, I just won't upgrade anymo (Score 1) 322

If the problem was certificates, we would've pushed new certificates. It's the ancient SSL/TLS implementations that are the problem.

I agree that IPMI controllers, in general, don't have their security well-implemented. That's the whole reason we have a physically isolated network for the IPMI traffic in the first place.

Comment Re:Good luck with that, I just won't upgrade anymo (Score 1) 322

My pet peeve -- all the IPMI management consoles whose SSL causes firefox/chrome to refuse to even allow you to request to ignore the weak encryption, then the java console access applets which new versions of Java refuse to let you load.

All of our IPMI interfaces are connected via a physically separate network, which only a single locked-down machine has access to. It ends up being quicker to open a ticket to ask someone down in the DC go touch the hardware instead of trying to manage some things remotely over IPMI

Comment Re:Oakhurst Dairy is correct (Score 1) 331

I think that's how most people would read it, but if people would just be taught the Oxford comma, things would be much more consistent.

I know my kids were taught NOT to use the Oxford comma, and were downgraded on it from their middle school teachers when I'd been their editor. That teacher did NOT expect, nor welcome, pushback on such an issue; she'd presented it as "obviously nobody uses that anymore, just like the two spaces after a period thing".

Comment I know it's trendy (Score 3, Insightful) 648

I know every budget has to be criticized by 'the opposing party' with a list of all the wonderful things that are going to be cut, but you all DO realize that the US government is nearly $19 TRILLION in debt - or more than $50k per person in the country?

Every single program that we're paying for, essentially we're living off credit cards. We are the wealthiest nation in human history, and we still cannot afford all the crap we want.

At some point, someone has to be the grownup in the room and say "you know, that would be really nice, but we simply can't afford it".

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