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Comment Re:RaspberryPi still has no competitors... (Score 2) 85

I won't call Arduino a competitor Raspberry pi - different animals. An Arduino is an embedded system while Raspberry is a minicomputer. For example you would not want to use a Raspberry pi in something that will have its power pulled abruptly or on and off - unless you go though a lot of hoops to create a read only file system and even then it is risky to use it for something in the field or embedded in a another system.

Comment Re:fake news from cnn (Score 1) 272

And there is no way in hell Russia will ever release Snowden. They have coerced him for example to "call" into the Putin's Propaganda hour show (either that or Snowden is really really naive). The Russians will not release Snowden so he can talk about his treatment or detail what he released to the Russians. They have absolutely nothing to gain.

Comment OK (Score 4, Interesting) 373

OK I see your point regarding disputing with insurance companies... which leads me believe that the ACA was on the right path with defining certain standards that insurance companies have meet which reduces the number of loop holes found in complex cases. Yeah insurance now cost more but it is better insurance as the average joe doesn't read the fine print.

I read recently about a man who had cancer and was treated and was in remission. The wife was worried about lifetime maximums in case it came back... they called their insurance company and were relieved to hear the words that there are no more life time maximums thanks to the ACA.

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 1) 373

I hate insurance companies are horrible since they focus on profit rather than helping patients

The pharmacy and medical treatment companies necessarily focus on profit... And guess what? We have an incredible array of treatment options and medical advances that we would never have if the medical field was occupied only but those concerned solely on helping patients.

Comment Re: God created the moon (Score 1) 140

Okay, so we're moving on to the blatantly, directly false. Stalin and Mao, in a couple of decades of the last century, killed more people, as an implementation of an -explicitly- atheistic position of government, that religion has -over all of time-, even allowing -conjectural- notions that the motivation was religion rather than other factors of territorial or economic conquest for the benefit of -political- motivations, -and also in contradiction to the directives of the religion itself-. That is, well, do I do with "absurd characterization" or "direct knowing lie"? I'll leave that up to you.

Wow one long run on sentence... but never the less I would categorize despotic communism as a religion and Stalin and Mao as their replacement gods. Same phenomena. Uncritical irrational worship.

Comment Re: God created the moon (Score 1) 140

Difference in rational moral objection between God culling bipeds for the improvement in the species, and evolution culling bipeds for the improvement of the species: None


Huge difference... one involves alleged intention AND a (logically inconsistent) concept of Being that possess Omni attributes. The other just is without intention nor forethought nor Omnipotence. Not even in the same league.

And, incidentally, you have no basis from your worldview to treat "human" bipeds as in any way morally distinct from any other organism, which, of course, being the hypocrite you are, accept as utterly natural and necessary in every other case.

Nice insult slinging and calling someone else out for hypocrisy when it appears that you possess this quality in excess.

Comment 8-Track Tape is next (Score 2) 564

What could be more "retro" than 8-track tape. Imagine pulling few of these out at your next hipster party! Yeah they play continuously and have a hearty form factor to hold the curiosity and make a case for art.

If this takes off, with my 8-Track horde I will be rich!

Comment High-tech manufacturing = Robots (Score 4, Insightful) 102

"The Arizona effort would mark a rare instance of a US tech company manufacturing and assembling a finished product domestically, where labor costs are higher"

Well that is because of this key phrase...

"high-tech manufacturing"

Meaning there will be very little labor and lot of robots.

Comment Re:Usage telemetry (Score 2) 202

You can dig deeply into the OS very easily with PowerShell. WMI, registry, ACLs, etc are all easily and cleanly exposed.

Which also makes it a dream for malicious software.

The problem with Powershell is that you learn it and get use to using it and then when you want to deploy something you find that it is removed or disabled via corporate policy because it is dangerous and you are back to cmd and batch scripts.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 187

Why the hell is that? As a Python newbie I never know what to install and configure a new project in. I start with say v3 only to find that some module or framework I need down the road isn't available in 3 or visa versa. Really annoying.

Comment Re:Have they added curly braces yet? (Score 1) 187

I have programmed in Perl for over 20 years... recently been learning Python and rather like the whitespace and newlines as part of the syntax... economy of expression. Also the OO syntax is less bolt on as it is in Perl and a breeze to implement and remember.

What I don't like about Python is the v2 and v3 scism....

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