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Comment Re:could have died != almost died (Score 2) 151

"Andrew Marshall, prosecuting, said the breaches had caused a “risk of death” and that if the emergency stop had not been pressed in time, it could have been a very different outcome for Ford. “It could have killed somebody. The fact that it didn’t was because an emergency stop was activated,”

Comment Re:Retaliation? (Score 1) 393

I seriously don't know what you point is. It would be instructive for you to concisely state your point. If you think that police killed in the line of service and crime committing citizens killed by police should equal their per capita percentages your are nuts. The police routinely deal with desperate people in desperate situations, the worst of the worst, including those who seek suicide by cops. Your percentages do not take that into consideration. Your attempts at logical reasoning are seriously flawed.

To further demonstrate you illogical and irrational position when you say:

Because every criminal, especially jaywalkers, should be executed on the spot?

Your fallacy is ---> strawman fallacy.

Again police routinely deal with and are better

Comment Re:karma's a bitch (Score 1) 393

" There is pretty much no way you can misinterpret that video"

Looks like you did. How do you know what Sterling is doing with his other hand that you can't see? If he was resisting arrest, and continued to go for his gun this was justifiable. A token fight eh? It only takes a small movement and trigger pull to kill either cop who are trying to subdue Sterling. You do not resist arrest while carrying a weapon...

Comment Re:Retaliation? (Score 1) 393

Of course the statistics are asymmetrical. Seriously were you expecting this number to be about equal? What is your point?

Look how many people commit suicide by cop? Further cops are generally better armed, better trained and deal with desperate people who usually have nothing to lose. So I am if anything surprised that the ratio is as it is.

And when you say "shidt all the risk off of themselves and onto the public" What you really mean is the criminal inclined public. Why don't you train to be cop and maybe you can try out these social caring attitudes in in real life.

Comment Retaliation? (Score 2, Interesting) 393

Resisting arrest and wrestling with police while possessing a gun is not healthy - this can't be stressed enough.

We have a gun loving culture and as such police having a hair trigger mentality is a survival advantage. A local cop in my area hesitated last year and paid the price, they got great body cam video of the criminal searching his dead body for another weapon.

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