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Comment Re:Cool? (Score 1) 125

I missed your reply until now somehow.

If it was a single random poster, I wouldn't base my argument on it. It has been every random poster I have posed the question and list to.

Then you were very selective about who you posed the question to. I note that you are discounting me, for example, who is a European, left wing and believes in private ownership of property.

The responses each time, explaining why the US Democrats are not on the left, came down to property ownership.

You earlier stated that European leftists don't believe in private ownership of property. What do you count Corbyn or Hamon as?

You can pout about it all you want, but that is the true European leftist position

Well you can make up as much shit as you like based on randos off the internet, but it doesn't make it true. Go on, find me an actual elected European left wing politician who doesn't believe in private ownership of property.

The real position is more along the lines of "you are allowed by the government to claim ownership of property, until we decide otherwise"

That's pretty much a universal truism: if the government comes and takes your property by force, and backed with incredibly dubious, but apparently valid laws, then there's bugger all you can do about it. See, for example "civil forefiture" in the US. Having a right wing president, congress and senate in the US hasn't stopped that even slightly. The right wing by European standards US seems way more keen on eminent domain than many much more nominally left wing European conutries too.

Personally I believe owning property is a right, but that doesn't give you the right to necessarily own absolutely anything (no matter how dangerous), nor does it give you the right to influct things on others. I also think the government has a right to levy taxes.

No, I understand people quite well. I understand that when they say the US Democratic Party is right-wing, they base that on their own beliefs of what separates left and right in politics.

Yeah but your beliefs differ from reality (and they do, so far all you've been able t oback it up with is "randos on the internet said so", rather than reference to actual politicians and policies).

OK, I just read a bit about them. Still doesn't change that the people I have asked what makes the US Democrats a right-wing party could only mention ownership of property as the main point.

Well, your premise is still "some randos on the internet said so", even though mainstream politics which is incredibly well documented differes from your opinion, you're going with the internet randos, not reality.

Comment Re:"borrow money to make it through the month" (Score 1) 618

Of course, if you're willing to have employees that work remotely, then your talent pool is the entire world rather than one small geographical area.

Yes, though not everyone likes remote work, and not all jobs work well with remote work.

And somewhere like the Bay Area without the ability to hire remote workers also locks you out of a lot of talent: i.e. all of the ones able to do basic arithmetic and realise that they won't have any financial security if they move to the Bay Area and work for a company that has a 50+% chance of not existing in a year's time (i.e. any startup).

It cuts both ways though: because the job market is so brisk, tech workers that new jobs can be had easily. That means people are prepared to work for startups because if/when (most likely when) they tank, they can get a new job in the same area quickly and easily, without long periods living off savings or having to move.

Comment Re:"borrow money to make it through the month" (Score 1) 618

Investors who want you to base in the Bay Area are not looking out for the health of the business, and should be avoided. Anyone working in the Bay Area needs to understand that their location is no longer an asset, it's a liability.

Same reasons people like to start businesses in towns and cities rather than cheap land in the middle of nowhere. If you have to convince people to move to your location to work from you then you've just cut down the potential people who will do the job to about 0.0001% of what it was before. Having a good employment market means that while salaries are reasonably high, apart from that, people are easy to get. So, if you're well funded enough to pay competitive salaries, it makes sense being in an expensive place because it means potential employees are readily accessible.

Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 618

If you've got a small, detached bungalow and wooden shingles, and want to do a strict like-for-like replacement then sure. Anything else, such as a taller building, heavier tiles and fixing things like roof insulation to a modern standard rather than what it as at the time the house was built and you're inviting trouble not getting a contractor, or more likely team of contractors in to do it.

I have a tile roof which was recently redone, a pretty common roof type over here at least. The first job was to lay protective floor covering and then put a decent set of scaffolding back and front (it's a terrace house). Floor covering because everything for the back has to go through the house. Scaffolding because with the pitch of the roof and height of the house (2 floors) it's both unsafe and slow. There's also a *lot* to carry up there, something like 20 tons of tiles if I recall my calculations correctly.

Then it was 2 guys working for most of the time (a good number of weeks full time), with specialist contractors at various times: a plasterer to do the rendering work on the parapet wall and chimneys and a roofer to do the lead work. And I think then 5 general labourers for the grunt work of actually placing the tiles.

But now I have a modern, well insulated roof which doesn't leak. The old roof was the original one, so the new one will likely last not only longer than my life, but still be be good for decades when I sell up (even if that happens post mortem).

Submission + - Man Gets 30 Days In Jail For Drone Crash That Knocked Woman Unconscious (

An anonymous reader writes: The operator of a drone that knocked a woman unconscious was sentenced Friday to 30 days in jail, Seattle prosecutors said. The woman was attending a local parade when the drone crashed and struck her. Paul Skinner, a 38-year-old man from Washington state, was charged with reckless endangerment in connection to the 2015 incident, in which an 18-inch-by-18-inch drone collided into a building before falling into a crowd. The authorities said the 2-pound drone struck the 25-year-old in the head and gave her a concussion. Her boyfriend caught her before she fell to the ground. Another man suffered a minor bruise. The accident took place during during the city's Pride Parade. Skinner, who had turned himself in, plans to appeal the sentence. His attorney, Jeffrey Kradel, said the punishment was "too severe." His client remains free pending the appeal's outcome. A misdemeanor reckless endangerment charge—one that poses "substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to another person"—carries a penalty of up to a year in jail.

Comment Re:Why yes (Score 1) 276

I don't keep anything on my phone that isn't pretty much publicly available. If I had anything sensitive my phone is the very last place I'd put it. I've already decided that if I go out of country my smartphone isn't traveling with me. I'll pick up an old Note2 and if they want to look at it they can enjoy the hell out of it. If, I'm into anything at all illegal I'll buy a burner phone at my destination, use it and toss it. (hypothetical of course)

Comment The Last Sentence (Score 1) 84

The most important thing about open source is you're free from all the BS in a proprietary license. You don't have to worry about swapping software or how you use it and all the other crazy BS that MS limits you with. Want to use it in a VM? No one cares! I migrated a friend to Linux after he upgraded his Windows box with a new hard drive and video card and it started bitching about verification. He called up MS and they gave him some crap and he got a little angry. I installed Ubuntu (this was before Unity) and he was happy as he could be with it.

Comment Re:You are mistaking unrelated numbers for meaning (Score 1) 111

And then you provide no links... HMMM.

Yeah, that's because I went to the effort of providing them before to you in an almost exact mirror of this conversation. I can't remember if your response to hard facts was to go silent or to come up with nonsequiteurs, but either way you ignored the data and just repeated the your same points unmodified next time.

I can't be arsed to go ronud the same loop yet again.

Comment Re:So this mobile hotspot thing... (Score 1) 69

I think you actually have to root the phone to make it hard for them to find out. The funny thing is that I have AT&T Next and I get 30GB a month, not unlimited and I can use ALL that for hotspot. If I don't use all 30GB it rolls to the next month(only) so I get another chance to use it. If I switch to "unlimited" I only get 22GB, limited hotspot and it's actually more money. That's a hell of a marketing plan they have there.

Comment Re: No surprise... (Score 1) 210

If you're an evolutionist, human greed caused us to rise to the top of the food chain.

No. If you think you can summarize something biological in one simple, glib line, you are almost certainly wrong. So far, my (albeit limited) dabbling in actual biology research leads me to the following conclusion:

"no matter how complex you think it is, you are wrong: it is actually far more complex and subtle"

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