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Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things (Score 1) 168

I'm saying I don't like getting ripped off. It brings out the very worst in me. Watching the rich bastards walk away from a scam like this with their golden parachutes leaves me in a rage. If the sons of bitches ended up living in the street living out of a garbage pail it would be different.

Comment Re:Buzzfeed (Score 1) 53

So basically there are 5 companies that "support" Donald Trump? And by support I mean say nice things about him not give him big payouts like Hilliary was getting? Hard to boycott nobody. The left already dumped all the hate they could on Hobby Lobby and they just shrugged it off. Most of their business is from people who think Trump is a little too far left. I think this shit is hilarious. Trump doesn't really owe anyone a damn thing except a bunch of redneck right wingers and a few people in the middle who found Hilliary just a little too fucked up. The only really big organization I can think of that supported him is the NRA and the left already hates on them at the maximum. I'm loving it.

Comment Re:He is an idiot... (Score 1) 305

I tell them and I've ceased being nice about it. I've noticed that once I decided to be extremely hostile they call less and less. My wife took to taking junk mail from one company and stuffing it into post paid envelopes from other companies and mailing it all back. It put a huge dent in the junk mail.

Comment Re:He is an idiot... (Score 1) 305

I love using the internet but I remember days without it and I really don't have to have it. I lived without a telephone for 2 years and when I finally got one installed I wish I'd left the fucker out of my house. I love my cell phone because I have it set where if you aren't in my contact list you can't fucking call me. I remember when I first got a modem for my c64 and logged onto bulletin boards over the phone then later to the internet with a shell account then finally full blown dial PPP networking. But right now if it was gone I'd miss it but it's not a necessity. Having said all that, no one should have a right to sell my private information to anyone. It's one thing for the government to have it, although I'm not crazy about that. For anyone to be able to buy it from my ISP is unacceptable. It's VPN time at my house.

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