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Comment Re:Needs more mobile focus (Score 1) 35

Actually I haven't seen that much use as a desktop computer for the Pi. It's mostly used for things like KODI, Retropie, Robotic projects, remote projects such as weather stations and industrial applications. It's a hobbyist board that happens to have desktop capabilities. In some places I suppose it's nice to have a computer that will run off a cell phone charger but although I've fooled around with the desktop a bit on the Pi unless you have a Pi 3 it's not really very usable.

Comment Re:Tonnage (Score 3, Informative) 201

No, a ships displacement is measured in tons but the 180 tons of storage is just that. The estimate of Mayflower's displacement is somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 tons and total weight about 400 tons including some 130 tons of ballast. Of course all these are approximations based on the given dimensions of the ship and what was typical for the period.

Comment Tonnage (Score 1) 201

They say it can transport about 100 tons. That's not much for a colonization effort. The Mayflower that transported the pilgrims to America was rated at about 180 tons. They could expect to live off the land for the most part whereas whoever takes the trip to Mars will be entirely dependent on what they bring with them. Without help from the natives it's likely that the Mayflower's people would not have done as well if they managed to survive at all. Maybe the Martians will help Musk's colonists.

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