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Comment Re:Golden (Score 1) 148

He doesn't need to say anything. It's already been thoroughly debunked and the only people repeating it are idiots who haven't gotten the word. The whole thing was a scam by a guy at 4chan. Once you actually look at the story it just falls apart on it's own. Even the NYT refused to print it.

Comment Re: So, not really in Vegas... (Score 1) 57

We're hitting those kids now. People run over kids all the time that are so small they just don't see them. That's the point, driving is inherently dangerous and right now we have millions of drivers who are unskilled or impaired in some way. I don't say the technology is ready at this minute but it's certainly improving at a rapid pace and isn't that far away.

Comment Re: So, not really in Vegas... (Score 1) 57

There's no perfect technology. It only has to be nearly perfect. Considering how many people die on the highway every year I suspect that in another 5 years the driverless cars will be safer than the ones with a human controlling it. 92 people die on the roads in the US every day on average. If auto driving cars can halve that it'll be good enough.

Comment Re: False premise (Score 2) 401

If you have to type more than a few sentences a tablet gets very tedious. The screen is less of a limitation. We're talking stuff that most laptops are used for which is mobile computing tasks such as social media and e-mail or general web surfing. Trying to do actual work is of course very annoying on a tablet.

Comment Re:Golden (Score -1, Offtopic) 148

I don't even think I care one way or the other. Although why he'd go all the way to Moscow for that when he could have the same experience in NYC I don't know. Or care. Of all the crazy things he's been accused of this is probably the least important.

Comment Re:False premise (Score 2) 401

For 100 dollars or less you can get a tablet now that's good enough for most of the everyday stuff people want to do on one. Use it 2 or 3 years, throw it away and get another one. I have a nearly 10 year old Mac Pro that's still more than powerful enough for anything I want to do. It's been constantly upgraded over that time and might last me another 3 or 4 years easily. That's why PC sales are slow.

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