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Comment Re:Reminds me... (Score 1) 51

According to this...

Apple is 5th. That's computers only, no mobile devices. I can't find q3 results for samsung but they were around 7 billion in q2. I'd have to say Samsung is about apple's only real competition. I liked their phones until recently. I own an S5 now although when my wife needed a new phone she decided on an LG. She was going to get another note to replace her note 3 but didn't like the changes.

Comment Re:Maybe they can "invent" Angry Bird Go (Score 1) 51

I pull settings for a new phone from Google so that I have all the contacts and e-mail from my old system. No problem. 80 gigs of music? That's takes a while even with a 50MB connection over wifi. The only thing I'm missing from the iPhone is iOS which is superior to Android but not enough for me to give up needed functionality. I think there are enough people that like to have physical control of their data without a "cloud" hanging over them for someone to sell an SD equipped phone. So what if it costs an extra dollar or two, the greedy fuckers are making hundreds of dollars off every phone. The only reason to exclude it is to make more money charging ridiculous sums of money for something that costs them almost nothing. Of course if you're happy with that situation then that's fine for you. I guess I'm a control freak.

Comment Re:Reminds me... (Score 4, Insightful) 51

I don't know. A lot of companies would like to make 7.8 billion dollars in one quarter. What other computer manufacturer made that kind of money in Q3? Sure, they didn't make the money they did last year but man, look at how stupendous last year was for them. You can't do that every year, it's a tough act to follow.

Comment Re:Maybe they can "invent" Angry Bird Go (Score 2, Interesting) 51

I see your point and that's fine if you like getting fucked over. I don't so I don't buy iPhones. I don't mind paying a premium for superior equipment but it has to have the features I want. Why in hell would I pay nearly one thousand dollars for a phone that wasn't what I wanted? I've seen many an iPhone 3 years or less old with a swollen case and dead battery. My Samsung S5 original battery still lasts a while but it's not the same after a year and a half and neither is your iPhone. I bought a brand new Samsung battery off Amazon for less than 20 bucks to the door and now my Phone stays charged all day instead of 85 percent of it and I still have the old battery I can use if for some reason I can't get to a charger. Storage depends on usage and a lot of people are happy with 64GB but I like 128 better and the ability to swap out. I crushed my S4 so bad I bent the battery in it but I pulled the SD card and popped it in the new S5 with all my pictures and music on it. Try that with your iPhone. I refuse to buy a phone designed for the manufacturers convenience rather than mine.

Comment Re:I call BFD here (Score 1) 566

In Georgia over 85 in a 70 zone is called super speeder. Since they came up with that most patrols don't fool with the little fish going 80 or so. They want that big paycheck for a super speeder. It's a fucking huge fine. I was doing 82 the other day and a guy in a beemer blew my doors off. 6 miles later I saw him with one of those new Dodge Chargers sitting on the side behind him. The bad thing is after the fine the insurance company is going to bend him over and bitch fuck him.

Comment Re: Er (Score 1) 566

It's a "semi" autonomous system. You're not supposed to set it then read a book or watch a movie. I can see how the car could fail to see the rig since it sits high off the ground and might appear to be clear, especially when the trailer color is gray. I don't see how the driver failed to notice it though.

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