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Comment Re:More like "most bitched about" (Score 1) 87

I knew a few women that were excited about Hilliary being voted the first female president. I know a few other people that were excited about Trump "Making America Great Again." I'd say maybe 30% on either side seemed positive about their candidate. The other 70% seemed to vote while holding their nose to avoid the smell.

Comment Re:Keep me busy blocking all the stupid posts (Score 1) 87

It's not over. We're getting a play by play coverage of the transition team. Every visitor Trump sees at the Trump Tower is interviewed endlessly. I didn't even know Obama had a transition team. I's sure he did but I hardly heard anything about it. I seem to remember some stir about one appointee owing a lot of back taxes but not much else.

Comment Re: Sack of salt (Score 1) 103

It refreshes the screen more often making motion smoother. That's really the only benefit to it. Pictures that are in motion getting updated at a faster rate simply appear smoother loosing the blur that you often get at slower rates. The difference between 60hz and 240hz is obvious to the naked eye. 120hz vs 240hz is less so although on sports events I can tell it pretty easily.

Comment Re: Sack of salt (Score 1) 103

You don't appear to understand that the 240hz is the scan rate. Higher means less motion blur. It doesn't really affect the picture otherwise. I got it because I like to watch sports. Truly it's not significantly better than 120hz but is quite noticeable compared to 60hz. I did the research before I purchased it. I considered a Plasma display at the time because they are even better, 600hz if I recall.

Comment Re: Sack of salt (Score 1) 103

I've got a 1080p 240hz LCD set which has a beautiful picture. I went recently to look at some new TV's because we have a 47" set and would like a 55-60 inch model now that they're more affordable. I was looking at a 4K picture and it might be better than mine, hell I'm certain it is, but I can't really tell it. Considering the fact that there's very little 4K stuff available anyway I can't see paying extra but really I'm surprised how well my old 2010 set compares to newer stuff.

Comment Re:Why is this an issue? (Score 1, Interesting) 250

If you don't want to be seen as a sex object why would you dress to draw attention to how sexy you are? Why a dress up to your ass and tits hanging out of a half buttoned blouse? That doesn't say "Look at my face" to me. I wouldn't think of approaching any of them, not in my wildest dreams. It's not old fat ass gray haired me they're trolling for.

Comment Re:So when do they (Score 1) 359

You simpleton, did it ever occur to you that maybe I was one of the tens of millions that didn't like either candidate? That I was one of the millions upon millions that held their nose against the smell as I chose my candidate? That I'm one of the millions of Trump supporters that now waits to see what he does now that he's elected and if he truly was a better choice than the awful Hilliary? I'm seriously hoping he's half what he claims to be. If you're so fucking confident of it being a rosy world you truly are a simpleton.

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