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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 349

So ... Juicero Inc. makes a juice machine and that juice machine makes juice ...

It makes both the juicer & the bags that go in it, containing the juicing material. It appears that Juicero makes both juicers and juice. The question might have been about which their focus was on. At $400, they're not giving away the shaver to sell blades, but it's clear that they're partly counting on the subscription model.

Comment it's politics, obviously (Score 2) 240

No, the river course was changed by glacial melting and retreat.

The cause of that was clearly warming.

The cause of that is still open for debate. Was it exacerbated or caused by human activity - your answer, and the certainty with which you issue it depends on whether you're a member of the AGW secular religion.

Comment Wait (Score 1) 166 you're suggesting that taking a person from roughly a 15th century existence and handing them a smartphone doesn't immediately make them a sophisticated, worldly Western-world consumer?

Well hell, why didn't someone say that before?

Comment Nah (Score 5, Interesting) 104

Maybe it's because I'm turning 50 this year, but I simply don't believe it.

At a certain point I suspect "fantastic claim" fatigue has to set in, where you've heard so many promising concepts but watched the huge majority founder on realities of cost, industrial scaling, or unforseen complications.

The fact that they say it might make it to the market in ten years means it's barely more than a tenuous idea right now, and frankly probably not even worth reporting on. The hyperbolic claims by the inventor make it even less credible, while the nonsensical reporting (implying that such devices would actually run only in light) is idiotic.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 294

Check your facts.

That is why I specifically referenced their old Romeo' s, and not the 50-some other subs they have.
Range: 9000 miles.

And I'm well aware that US antisub forces probably know precisely where each of these subs are every moment. That doesn't matter. Unless we somehow knew that Little Kim was planning a suicide attack, AS I SAID ALREADY it's exceedingly unlikely we would cold-bloodedly sink a sub even if it sailed straight into the harbor.

And yes, while a surface burst of such a weapon will impair it, the typical side blast expected from a DPRK nuke is about 20kt - the blast at Nagasaki. That would be easily enough to destroy the U.S.'s largest port completely, and cost probably tens of thousands of lives...assuming of course there's not already an anonymous container already sitting in an unused corner of a yard there with a bomb waiting for its owner to pull the trigger.

Comment Nonsense (Score 4, Insightful) 294

From the 'debunking' note, I wouldn't credit Mr Drollette as being as informed as he seems?

"âoeNorth Korea wants to demonstrate it has a deterrent. To do so, it needs to be able to credibly threaten the US mainland or our overseas assets. For that, you have to make the bomb (more correctly, the warhead) small enough to mount on a missile,â "
No, they don't.
Certainly, any of the 4 old Romeo-class subs that the DPRK has could accommodate a sizable warhead, and it's entirely unlikely that US antisub systems would be audacious enough to sink it if it was cruising in the Los Angeles littoral. Surfacing just outside or in the harbor, and suicidally popping that nuke would devastate Los Angeles even if it fizzled.

"North Korea has no reason to feel threatened? "
Oh bullshit. The US ROK exercises have gone for what, 50 years? To assert 'they infuriate the north who believes them a practice for invasion' is about as credible as Little Kims score of 18 at golf, or the insistence that he simply doesn't poop. Let's say that they have no rational reason to feel threatened and leave it at that.

"the best and most realistic approachâ"or rather, the âleast badâ(TM) approachâ"is to negotiate a freeze on Pyongyang's nuclear program. Such a deal would in some sense be a new version of the 1994 Agreed Framework, which succeeded in slowing the North's nuclear program."
The 1994 Agreed Framework was a complete and TOTAL FAILURE. It was intended to halt the DPRKs nuke program, and the rationalization that it "slowed it down" is utterly without basis except to the pollyannas who believe sanction just might work the next time.
How gullible are you?
"âoeUnder an updated version of the agreement, North Korea would impose a moratorium on nuclear tests and long-range missile launches. It would give inspectors access to its nuclear facilities. In exchange, Pyongyang would receive food, humanitarian and development aid on a regular basis"
This is EXACTLY what the 1994 Agreement tried to do, they took the food, the aid, and cheerfully violated their side of the agreement. I'm reminded the colloquial definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over expecting different results".

I'm not a warmonger. I don't believe the US can "send in special ops" or nonsense like that. But to assert blithely that an agreement with DPRK can result in anything but rewarding them with more time and western goods to limp along in their goofy separate reality is ludicrous.

Comment Re:Js does suck (Score 1) 179

Anything which works at the OS level has threads because it can spawn processes. The JVM has threads because it can't (easily) spawn processes, but many implementations use processes for JVM threads. JS, with lambda expressions and even driven programming claims to be threaded but is not. Its just callbacks where you have no control over when the calls are going to be made (usually in a rush when your main call ends).

Like it or not, our applications require threading. Your indexer has to keep running while your user presses buttons. That sort of thing.

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