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Comment Re:Lots of valuable information... (Score 1) 319

Are you suggesting that you can't find a VPN that cares about its brand? I trust 'Private Internet Access' enough to use them. I don't think they have any intention of dissolving and losing their customer base. If they were caught selling off info or even logging, it would be the /. scandal of the week and they'd be back to startup status. They'd lose much more than the information was worth.

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 1) 202

Despite the fact that their content is often simply a variation of what's already in the public domain.

Depending on how liberal you are with the word "variation", you could argue that all of their content is variation on what's in the public domain. That doesn't make it public domain. I'm not arguing that the rights should go "forever plus one day", but I'm not sure this argument backs you up much.

Comment Thanks but no (Score -1) 130

"You can't simply write a post and have it appear across the network which can make it difficult to get your voice heard."
So you're saying that this new system will enable people to vomit their meaningless content even further and wider? Reddit is already generally a toxic echo-chamber of superficial snowflakes CERTAIN that their opinion is the most important one. This will make it even worse.

Comment Re:Why is it a scandal? (Score 2) 68

Would it be a scandal if someone wrote racist graffiti on a bill-board?

This is more like putting a bill-board up next to racist graffiti because you blindly assumed the graffiti was something your customer wanted to be associated with. If your business model is to advertise next to graffiti, you should have some idea about its nature.

Comment Re: Doctors hate us... (Score 1) 181

Not this stupid crap again and has nothing to do with the article but gets said by some crazy poster with a grudge and remembers being cut when they were born.

It's not that a person maintains a memory of being cut - It's that circumcision permanently deadens sensitivity. That comes into play during sex. It that worth giving up so that you don't have to wash your penis? Is that a parent's decision to make?

That said, I don't think it's a case of "only caring about profits" as was implied above. Many parents feel it's exactly their decision to make and proceed to make it long before the owner of the penis in question can voice an opinion. The doctors just go along with the program and typically have their own feelings on the matter that they may or may not share while presenting pros/cons. They're not pushing parents to circumcise to make a buck. Who knows, a mohel might.

Back on-topic, I'd like to see this expanded to look at heroin use - I did RTFA (at least the first 2) and it seems to be beyond their scope. I'm at work, so I'll waste time posting but not digging. Once the high price of black-market pills becomes unbearable, heroin's the next logical step. I know that a portion of prescription opioid abusers turn to heroin, I'd like to know how many heroin users got started on pills. If somebody is going to complain about gateway drugs, this seems like a better focus than pot.

Comment Think for a second (Score 3, Insightful) 319

The last 50-60 years of education have been committed to presenting 'alternative facts' - white people aren't the most important, the US and Europe aren't the most important and successful, minorities were meaningful to history, Columbus was a fucking asshole, women are important, homosexuals aren't sexual deviants, there is no absolute morality, babies are just chunks of tissue, etc.

I'm not disputing the accuracy of any of those, but one has to recognize that, as opposed to conventional wisdom at the time, all of those things were being consciously presented as alternative viewpoints to the established narratives.

So let's not pretend that we haven't been dogmatically acculturated to the presentation and acceptance of alternative truths for most of our lives.

Comment Setting aside the business shenanigans or not.... (Score 1) 74

...who would want a phone with NO bezel?

How do you hold the damned thing?

Seriously, if I'm showing him something on my phone, I have to treat elderly parents like toddlers with sticky fingers, holding it out of their reach because if they try to grab it I GUARANTEE they'll touch the screen and either cancel the video or somehow order me a new pair of shoes from Argentina. I don't know how.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 3, Insightful) 522

What's wrong with being a conspiracy theorist?

Many of the "crackpot" theories regarding the government these "nuts" had over the past 3 decades have been proven to be correct.

I'll challenge your definition of "many" unless you've got a hearty list of examples. And if "many" were right, that means a "shit-load" were wrong. What's wrong with being a conspiracy theorist? Nothing absolutely, conspiracies exist. 9/11 was undoubtedly a conspiracy, but the "theorists" expand that to being a conspiracy involving the U.S. government which is just nonsense. Suggesting collusion between Obama and the Brits to wiretap DJT holds about as much water. Most of these nuts' crackpot theories are just that - Crackpot theories.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 5, Informative) 522

Just because Trvor Noah and Rachel Maddow didnt bother to tell you that doesnt mean it didnt happen.

I'd expand that to Trevor Noah, Rachel Maddow, or anyone else. Nobody has presented any convincing evidence of Trump Tower wiretaps. What "NSA documents" are you referring to - Do you have some kind of special access that the media doesn't?

Comment Not so much... (Score 2) 52

....because throwing $1000 away validating some dumbasses' claim on a parka (seriously, $1000 for a jacket?) is WORTH IT to be lauded across the world's media organizations for some hand-wavy claims of magically quick claim resolution?

Behavioral algorithms, my ass. In my day we just called this what it is: a publicity stunt.

Comment Re:Paid once already (Score 1) 151

It makes it perfectly right to me, if that makes you feel any better?

Same thing I do for movies and recordings. MafiAA insists that I don't actually own what I buy, I only own the 'right' to listen/watch it. So I do...whether I have the physical media any longer or not. I bought it once, the author & artists involved have been paid for my use, so which vector I use to get it is none of their fucking business.

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