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Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 196

Others make the case better. I'm just here to call out pseudo-skeptics for what they are; liars and morons. Do you think, say, anti-vaxxers, Creationists and the whole "HIV doesn't cause AIDS" crowd deserve some sort of continued decent respect. At some point, people who make false and absurd claims should simply be treated like the intellectual midgets they really are.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 2) 196

I don't give a crap if you take me seriously. I consider you on the same level as a Creationist or an anti-vaxxer. You're just an idiot who is too infantile and too cowardly and too ideologically driven to see that the laws of physics don't give a fuck about ideology. CO2's properties are not bounded by what you would like CO2 to do when concentrations increase. The laws of physics make it inevitable that the more CO2 in the atmosphere, there is an unavoidable increase in solar radiation being trapped. That's just the way the Universe works, so the fact that it's going to mean either accepting significant climactic changes or changes in the way we produce energy is irrelevant to said laws of physics. The Universe doesn't care that you're upset about greenhouse gas effects. How you feel is irrelevant, and just as irrelevant are vain attempts to create faux critiques of physical laws.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 196

The Salem Hypothesis neatly describes the sort of delusional belief that many engineering types have in their own abilities, and confusing engineering with science. Not that some engineers can't be scientists, but it's not something that just automatically comes with the qualification. The Salem Hypothesis original applied only to Creationism, but seeing as how much of the anti-science rhetoric first developed by Creationists is basically being recycled for the AGW pseudo-skeptic movement, I think it's fair to extend the hypothesis to most engineering types who somehow assume that they have some special insight into fairly complex and specific areas of science.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 432

Exactly. The Libertarian party seems to have forgotten all about being against corporate charters. And certainly none of the few that actually get into office have even attempted to do away with prescriptions or any sort of licensing for anything. When is the last time a big L Libertarian has supported piercing the corporate veil or a class action lawsuit?

Comment Charitable crime-fighting (Score 1) 259

"$450 billion ($1,800 per resident) per year from 1987–1990."

Yeah, and the next sentence explains that figure as: "These losses included $18 billion in medical and mental health care spending, $87 billion in other tangible costs, and $345 billion in pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life."

Different ways to count it can result in vastly different numbers — depending on what one wishes to demonstrate, ha-ha... The point remains, though, the cost of crime, however you count it, is still below the "commie socialist programs" that serviscope_minor attempted to justify.

And, the "war on poverty" isn't solely about reducing crime

Of course, it is not! Moreover, I argue, that it is not about reducing crime at all. It is about genuine compassion for some and the ability to spread the wealth around for others. That "spreading" of the wealth of captive taxpayers is pure unadulterated tyranny, of course, and the folks advocating it usually have a vast conflict of interest.

The overhead of charities ranges from 15% to as much as 70% — with government's operations being on the greater side of it. It is an incredibly lucrative and powerful position to be in control of spending even $1 billion, even if a mere $150 million of it are yours to dispense on the "overhead". With $800 billion per year you can find words, sponsor poems, finance movies and other artworks, and even find a smooth talking nincompoop, who will sincerely protect your trough, while denouncing opponents as greedy and egoistic bastards...

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 3, Funny) 196

Because that's not what they're asking for. Even your "unmodified data" statement demonstrates that you're just aping a talking point.

I will fucking repeat, because you appear to be either a fucking moron or out and out malicious. The radiation absorption properties of CO2 have been known for over a century. There is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING, let me repeat that, because you appear to be a fucking idiot, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE FUCKING THING controversial about increasing CO2 and other greenhouse gas amounts in the atmosphere that will lead to increase trapping of energy,

For fuck's sake, the Arctic was some thirty degrees above normal seasonal temperatures for most of this winter. Most of the last twenty years have been the hottest on record. Increased absorption of CO2 in the world's oceans is changing ocean pH levels. Do you think making spurious demands based largely on bullshit you read on denier sites somehow overrides the laws of physics? Are you really that fucking stupid? Were you dropped on your head as a child?

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 2) 196

Which has what to do with what? Scientists say "If we don't cut back significantly on CO2 emissions, we're going to be crossing some pretty important red lines."

Options are offered by various economists, and each and every one is in turned attacked. Yes, there are fruitcakes out there, but so what? The fact remains that if we do not end the fossil fuel economy soon, we're going to fuck things up badly. Enough to kill off humanity? Well no, but it will effect people in vulnerable areas or in poorer countries bad, and will eat into the economies of wealthier countries.

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