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Comment Re: Time to switch (Score 2) 173

Volume licensing for Office 365 is a lot cheaper per seat than simply multiplying the list price by number of employees. It also has a much simpler licensing model than previous Microsoft volume licensing, which makes compliance easier (you get all of the desktop apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android included). The latter point alone is worth it to a lot of big companies.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 223

It's an even bigger cluster-fuck than that. What about the Indian man's parental access rights? The child is his. I don't know the legal situation in Singapore, but when stuff like this has happened in the UK there had to be an adoption by the husband of the mother, and a legal request to change the father's name on the birth certificate.

Also, the Indian man's wife/girlfriend has been made a cuckquean. Seems like they would have some standing to sue too.

30% doesn't seem like enough, really. Say they decide to try again, their costs have now nearly doubled, not to mention the physical strain of another pregnancy. When the child grows up it might have a claim too. It will all require on-going legal fees too...

I hope that the court requires the clinic to put some system in place to ensure continued payments, even if it goes out of business.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 2) 357

On the flip side, as a developer I don't want the hassle of supporting every old, weird confusion forever just to keep the two people in the world who use it happy. Especially if it's open source and I'm doing it in my free time.

If you want that kind of longevity, find some commercial vendor who offers it, or pay someone to support you. It sucks but you can't expect people to work for free for you.

Comment Re:Do you code? (Score 1, Interesting) 357

Also you have interface complexity. Adding these features requires some way to use the features, possibly including configuration options, menu items, hotkeys and so on. Prior to the Ribbon, Microsoft tried to fix this in Word by hiding all the menu items you had not used yet, so you'd never know those features were there to be used. My boss constantly asks me to remove menu items and "simplify" but he never has any answers on where he thinks users should go to access those features if they're no longer in the menu. Relevant Dilbert.

Comment Re:Did You Vote Yet? (Score 0) 52

On the one hand, is expect their lobbying budget to grow no matter who won. They are growing companies after all.

Trump and the Republicans gets special attention because of their policies on the internet and science. Also because Trump is relatively easy to influence - Shi Jinping made him do a 180 on NK in just ten minutes!

Submission + - Russia is better at encouraging women into tech?

randomErr writes: A new study from Microsoft based on interviews with 11,500 girls and young women across Europe finds their interest in engineering or technology subjects drops dramatically at age 15. The reason found are that girls follow gender stereotypes, have few female role models, peer pressure and a lack of encouragement from parents and teachers. Russia is different. According to Unesco, 29% of women worldwide are in science research, compared with 41% in Russia. In the UK, about 4% of inventors are women, whereas the figure is 15% in Russia. Russian girls view Stem far more positively, with their interest starting earlier and lasting longer, says Julian Lambertin, managing director at KRC Research, the firm that oversaw the Microsoft interviews.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 478

Yes, that bit. In her talk she addresses the claim directly by pointing out that although you lose 100 points when you murder the innocent strippers, you get 100 points back as soon as you hide their corpses in the convenient chests placed right behind them.

You should go play the game before you make a bigger ass out of yourself

Perhaps you should take your own advice...

Anyway, even if she was wrong, which she isn't, it's a trivial detail unrelated to the main point she was making at the time.

I'll ask about the debate. I doubt they will go for it, so if you know of any other venues online where we can have a moderated debate let me know.

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