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Comment TFB For You (Score 1) 144

"it was likely that increased automation would create new, better jobs, so employment and wages would eventually return to their previous levels"

Too fucking bad about that 'eventually' part - it ain't gonna happen this time because now *thinking* is being outsourced to machines. And in any field where automation is introduced the competition for the remaining, disappearing jobs become cutthroat, with often only the most ruthless gaining/retaining work. But of course, now these remaining workers are under the gun and susceptible to abuse by employers (or else they get replaced faster). Not to mention wage depression.

This whole automation thing is not going to end well. Or we'll end up with massive taxes levied on companies unless they hire people for phoney-baloney, meaningless, makework jobs (adult daycare, essentially) - jobs that will pay the absolute minimum, with no chance for advancement.

Bye-bye middle class.

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 211

It's about understanding people need things to survive, and these things are being threatened. If you don't want to be confused with a denier, don't sound like one. Rightly or wrongly, your logical appraisal of this topic has lead you down a very similar path to deniers. If you really are interested in understanding this, you have some work ahead of you.

Comment Re:Sure, if they had the willpower... (Score 1) 532

Most Trump supporters are probably not worried that immigrants are coming from India and taking the jobs from IT workers. most of these workers are in the 'liberal' coastal cities that did not vote for Trump, and as such, are of no consequence. Trump campaigned on closing the border to immigrants that are taking low wage hard jobs that Americans do not want.

On the other hand Trump has asked for visa for over a 1000 foriegn workers over the past decade of so. These are for the type of jobs that should be easy to fill with US workers. Cooks, golf caddies, picking grapes, etc. These are not high skilled jobs, and the only reason to import workers is because of the potentially lower pay or ability to deport workers if they refuse to work, or complain about the condition, of violate confidentiality agreements.

Comment Re:Using Javascript (Score 1) 139

Of course, you can use Typescript as another commenter pointed out, but then you're not using Javascript anymore, you're using Typescript.

Not strictly true, since TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. Unmodified JavaScript code is still perfectly legal TypeScript.

Similarly, other people have advocated using strict coding discipline as a way of writing better JavaScript. Sure you can do certain things in JavaScript, but you just don't ever do those things, including ignoring entire language features completely. This alone wouldn't solve your refactoring problem, though.

Comment Re:great insight! (Score 1) 269

The fact that it'd take centuries to achieve means that progress would be impossible to measure effectively so everyone would just have to believe that "improvement" was happening.

If we have to go in one direction with CO2 concentration it should be up, not down. Like temperature, which is preferable: warmer or colder?

There is never much focus on the benefits, only the (potential) downsides.

These and other aspects of the whole neverending crisis-mongering convinces me that it's a money and power grab.

Comment Robot Arms (Not the Hotel) Take Men's Jobs (Score 0) 54

The cute graphic of their automated system at their website is nice but we all know that it's really thousands of H-1B workers with foreign masters degrees doing all the work in a hidden basement. And you know what the guy who invented the robot arm first used it for/testing it with? Pussy grabbing!

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