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Comment Re: Seems mostly like a left wing echo chamber (Score 1) 67

The main reason he enjoys it is that it gives him attention. And personally I find it hilarious that Twitter banned him.

Twitter has been pandering to SJWs in an attempt to simply keep them from causing a problem by doing what they can best: Throwing tantrums when they don't get their way.

Now they banned the person whose picture you find in the dictionary next to tantrum as a quick reference. Plus, he is pretty good at arguing his point, too.

People, get popcorn! This is going to be good!

Comment Re: What's there to celebrate? (Score 1) 100

It works because the name is still valuable. We're talking about an established franchise after all, you can milk that for quite a while.

Ask EA. They have been pretty successful milking the "Sim" franchise. But with decreasing success, because the name has been tarnished by too many money-grabs. A brand that was established and well liked by its customers because it was a sure bet that a game by that name would be good has been destroyed by too many games that weren't.

The same works for movies. You can shit out a couple mediocre to outright dull Star Trek movies without noticing a dent in the box office numbers. But after that, the franchise is dead.

But don't worry, there's plenty more to milk. How about Aliens? Or is it too late already (I didn't bother to see the AvP line)?

Comment Re: What's there to celebrate? (Score 1) 100

Doing very well? 50 million first week revenue on a 150 million budget movie? Well, maybe the international market will recover it.

I would've expected more. We're after all talking about a franchise here, not some new movie nobody knew anything about and considering the hype around it in the past few weeks that even I, who doesn't give half a shit about movies, couldn't really ignore (fuck knows I tried), I honestly expected more.

And don't forget, the rest of the world doesn't even give a shit about the "big message" of the all female cast. That whole hype only exists in the US, again.

Comment What's there to celebrate? (Score 5, Insightful) 100

A franchise being milked dry by its IP holder, fans being sued for trying to create something, and mostly being sued for creating something that's better and closer to the core idea of the franchise than its IP holder creates...

What exactly is there to celebrate? Any "real" celebration would probably be snuffed instantly by the IP holders.

In the eternal words of Bones: "It's dead, Jim."

Comment Re:Something off the rails (Score 1) 117

Ok, then put out "disable ad-blockers if you want me to continue delivering content" and if people really want your content, they will.

There are also various ways to get people to actively pay for your content, and guess what: People do actually do that, crazy as it may sound to some.

Sorry, but for FAR too long unscrupulous advertisers have bombarded the people with ads. They should not be surprised that people defend themselves against it.

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