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Your Worst IT Workshop? 497

suntory writes "I am a lecturer at a Spanish university. This week had to attend a workshop on 'Advanced HTML and CSS' for the university staff. Some of the ideas that the presenter (a fellow lecturer) shared with us: IE is the only browser that follows standards; frames and tables are the best way to organize your website; you can view the source for most CSS, Javascript and HTML files, so you can freely copy and paste what you feel like — the Internet is free you know; same applies for images, if you can see them in Google Images Search, then you can use them for your projects. Of course, the workshop turned out to be a complete disaster and a waste of time. So I was wondering what other similar experiences you have had, and what was your worst IT workshop?"

Submission + - Is Windows defender spying on Spybot S&D? 2

An anonymous reader writes: Recently I was working on a system that had been infected by spyware. The system was up to date with high priority patches (automatic updates were turned on and active), it was running an "Enterprise" anti-virus solution from a major vendor, yet had allowed an infestation to enter it simply by visitng a website (according to the user). One of the first things I did was to install Windows Defender, updated it and ran a scan. WD identified some malicious programs and claimed to have removed them. However, these programs were still present. Once the active malicious programs had been removed by booting from a live CD, I installed Spybot Search and Destroy and scanned once more. Spybot S&D found a few more files and, at the point that I asked Spybot S&D to delete them, Windows Defender popped up a window asking to send information about one of these files to Microsoft. This is either a massive coincidence, or Windows Defender is watching Spybot.

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