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Submission + - Wikipedia ignores solution to rampant porn problem ( 2

Velcroman1 writes: Wikipedia has turned down a more or less free offer for software that would keep minors and unsuspecting web surfers from stumbling upon graphic images of sex organs, acts and emissions — sexually explicit images that remain far and away the most popular items on the company's servers. Representatives for NetSpark, an Israeli-based Internet-solution company, say they have developed a filtering technology that not only detects and blocks questionable imagery, but is also able to learn over time, making it ideal for determining the appropriateness of an image. The company offered its services to the Wikimedia Foundation — which has yet to return its calls. “I contacted them a couple of times back in July and August, but never heard back from them. It seems like it’s not a priority for them at this point,” Sarah Minchom, a product and marketing manager for NetSpark, told Maybe it should be. A website listing the most viewed content on the Internet encyclopedia reveals that virtually all are sexually explicit photographs and categories.

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