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Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 247

End the First Amendment? WTF are you smoking?

The "two party system" that the GP wants to destroy (that's his word) only exists because the First Amendment protects our rights to assemble - you know, into groups like political parties - and then do things like collectively express their political opinions, put forth candidates, etc. How do you intend to destroy those groups without destroying the fundamental thing that protects their right to exist, keeping assembly and speech destroyers from doing just that?

Comment Re:The RX470 makes me want to try AMD again (Score 1) 39

"I haven't tried AMD since the 43xx era because the 4350 I used to replace an aging 1650x could never stay stable in the game I was playing at the time"

That was ENTIRELY your fault. The 4350 is a mobile GPU while the X1650 was a desktop-class GPU of which the GT and XT versions handily STOMPED the HD4350.

Comment Huh? (Score 2) 127

I think your translator broke right after your started your second sentence. The Republican candidate did not win by coin toss, they won by popular vote. People don't like that very much, but that is a fact. The Democratic candidate won by coin toss, drawing cards, collusion within the Democratic party and it's insiders, and collusion with media. Again, that is factual.

I generally don't have Presidential candidates robo-calling, I have people at Congress/Senate or State level pestering me. Note that TFA says specifically "political" calls, not just "presidential candidates".

Comment Re:So make it equally first amendment to block the (Score 2) 127

The state law closed the loophole the politicians left in the federal do-not-call system. Yay for the state.

The state could have accomplished the same end by banning all robocalls that the recipient didn't specifically sign up for. Since that wouldn't be based on the content of the calls it wouldn't be subject to this particular 1st Amendment challenge. By banning politicial robocalls in particular they guaranteed that the law would be found to violate the 1st Amendment.

Comment Vote with your vote (Score 1, Insightful) 127

I subscribe intentionally to the do not call list with all my numbers. Some political hack calls me I simply won't vote for them. I have a good memory for people that show me no respect or courtesy so will go out of my way to vote for their opponents.

The power of the Boycott works for Politicians too!

Comment Blinders (Score 1) 36 was used on Twitter and other social media platforms for the dissemination of pro-revolution messages in the Middle East.

They were not just listening. Try again keeping my quote in mind when reading the FULL context of the article, not the parts you want to cherry pick as acceptable behavior. I know it's hard, confirmation bias is easy.

Comment Wrong (Score 1) 120

People attempting to simplify everything as positive and negative are a huge part of the problem. The world is not, nor will it ever be, purely good or evil.

Having high moral standards is not always easy. Your morality to you is easy, but your morality differs from the rest of society by at least a little, and probably much more than you think.

Comment No (Score 3, Insightful) 36

The leaked information shows the edge of the map, not the map. Look at political turmoil world wide, not just in what is convenient. Look at oppression world wide, not just the edge of the map. This is not some specific high tech attack that takes huge funding and technical skills. It's easy and cheap, and only requires the desire to influence other Governments.

Here, the UK is called out for influencing other Governments. If you believe it was only in those two countries you are a fool, sorry.

By the way people in the US, isn't this the same thing people are claiming Russia is doing and we are so offended by it? Spitting in the wind often leaves your face messy.

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