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Comment Also, screw the Dex - Dual BT Audio? (Score 1) 33

Why stream to two devices? Solutions already exist for pretty much any and all use-case scenarios as-is, and BT is simply utter shit for audio in the first place. I went so far as to root my Droid phone and remove all BT capability (the battery life is fucking wonderful, now,) because it's simply useless garbage.

Comment He won't be for long (Score 1) 29

Several of us internet people have his e-mails and we know his cowardly acts committed in violation of the law.

And if he doesn't answer our questions, we'll ruin his ass with the lawsuit.

~I kicked EA's ass in court, Bezos is next with the way he treats employees. I have ten former workers on my side to testify.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 495

I am in no way a populist, I am an anti-nationalist and I would prefer to see the people of the entire world doing better, so why would I be an enemy of the West? I am not UKIP, not Donald Trump, not Marine Le Pen and not Vladimir Putin.

As a libertarian, anarcho-capitalist I do not believe in building ever bigger governments though, so the smaller the better. This is a win for individual freedom, that's what it is.

Comment Re:Sure (Score 1) 495

Two problems with your position and example.

1. The US Constitution is a single Government and Country. Rules within the US Constitution are exactly sovereign. Article 5 ensures as much. Second, the Trade Union was not just working on Trade issues. The EU was not founded as a super Government where all members are subjects.

2. The EU was creating and enabling rules that have nothing to do with Commerce. The EU beginning to form their own private Army was one easy way to see that this was becoming a Government with complete control of other Governments, not just a Trade Union ensuring ease of commerce under a standard currency. Another example was the EU Forcing immigration rules onto all members. Those two examples happen to be large issues where it's easy to find substantiating facts. Those were _not_ the only two issues, just the two which are easy to see. Farrage lays out a series of abuses of power throughout his career.

Comment One more point (Score 1) 495

The ECSC was first proposed by French foreign minister Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950 as a way to prevent further war between France and Germany. He declared his aim was to "make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible"

So, the main driver of the precursor of the EU was not just trade, but to "make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible".

Which is why it was never implemented in that way, and nowhere in the EU's founding doctrine will you find this language. That unelected bureaucrats have thwarted the initial agreement is not a surprise. The same should be said for Countries like the Iceland and UK who pulled out of the agreement.

The only country seeing any benefit from the EU for the last decade has been Germany. Which is why Iceland was the first to pull out, the UK was the 2nd, France heavily favors an exit, and Greece Spain and Italy are all either bankrupt or on the verge and would probably pull out if they could.

Comment More moderation censorship attempts (Score 0) 495

You didn't even bother with a half truth, you went with the old FLAT OUT LIE!

Why do you omit more than 50% of the populace who voted for Brexit?

You were saying?

Because the person DID omit more than 50% of the UK who voted Brexit, then came back and lied claiming it wasn't more than 50%. I prove them wrong, which in Slashdot's SJW moderators find to be "flamebait" instead of what it should be. Which is called "informative". The facts were provided from a Left leaning site called the BBC, not Alex Jones.

If the truth hurts, too fucking bad.

Comment Re:Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 275

The mob wants to steal, that much is clear. When you are talking about 'resisting' what exactly is it you imagine people must resist? Their inability to steal from people who are better at protecting their assets today than ever before.

What exactly are the expectations? That you will come out with stones and you will get somebody to throw you a bone? That you can put together a system to steal on your behalf because you can throw stones?

I think the productive population on this planet needs to mobilise and make sure this never happens again that a mob with stones should be able to steal anything at all. Automation is the answer.

Comment Helping my case? (Score 1) 495

Which non-elected bureaucrats are these? The ones that could be dismissed by a vote of the fully elected European Parliament?

Yes, exactly those same bureaucrats!. England can not directly impact the EU parliament, even when their own interests are being trashed by the same. They have to put everything on hold and wait for the EU vote schedule, and hope that the other members of the EU allow the UK to determine it's own positions.

And what dictatorial powers?

What dictatorial powers, the ones you pulled out of your ass as a strawman? I never said dictatorship, I said the EU parliament had gotten involved in much more than _TRADE_ as it was originally founded and agreed to. I gave you two of the easy examples to find, but there are plenty more. If you can't figure it out from the 2 examples given you are simply being dishonest to maintain a delusion (or perhaps just to be a liar for the purpose of propaganda). If you happen to be morally bankrupt, I can't fix your corrupt morality. I can only point out facts for bystanders to protect themselves from people like you.

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