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Comment Re: Supply and demand? (Score 1) 128

It isnt - the C-Series sits beneath the entrenched market that Boeing and Airbus dominate with the 737 and A320 series. Bombardier is really looking at the larger end of the regional jet market with the C-Series, as it just barely nibbles at the lower end of the 737 and A320 series capacities (and both Boeing and Airbus are seeing their customer base for those aircraft drift largely to the top end).

Comment Re:Can't sue cops *personally* for requesting ID (Score 1) 123

Your second case is a red herring.

Turner was not "hiding in the bushes across the street from a police station near Dallas", as you implied. Did you watch the video?

Turner was plainly standing, out in the open, on a public sidewalk. He was clearly unarmed, and posed no threat. All he had was a camera, and all he was doing was filming.

It might be reasonable for the police to come out and try to talk to him. But do you believe that, under these circumstances, it was reasonable to handcuff him, throw him in a police car on a hot day, with the windows rolled up, supposedly based on some bogus law that the cops pulled out of their ass, right that very minute?

It is now beyond dispute that Turner did not violate any law. The appeals court has ruled that. Furthermore, the appeals court has ruled that Turner was arrested. This is not arguable, either. Did you read the court's decision? The court's decision is very reasonable, in that regard: when you get handcuffed, that means you are under arrest. Plain and simple. It is now an established fact, that Turner will no longer need to prove, when he goes back to the trial court (the appeals court reversed most of the trial court's decision, so the whole thing goes back for further legal proceedings). He was arrested by the cops. For standing on a public sidewalk, for filming a police station. Neither will Turner has to prove that he did not break any laws. That was a part of the appellate court's decision too. Of course, one never has to prove that, when being charged with a crime, but it is Turner who's suing the cops, claiming that he did not break any laws, so he had to prove that, and the appellate court now agreed with him.

But, going back to the subject matter at hand. Do you believe that the cops were in the right, arresting a man standing in plain sight, on a public sidewalk, completely unarmed, simply for filming a police station?

Comment Re: Holding Back Progress (Score 1) 62

No, that was figured out by companies which had worked with VR/3D headsets LONG ago. Guess you never played a mech battle game in the arcade where you had to pull down a helmet over your head (and hold onto the control sticks attached to it) back in the 90s.

High-res dual LCD screens, high refresh rate. Too bad the game itself was low resolution.

This shit isn't new, at all.

Comment Re:Only? (Score 0) 138

Japan's problem is their inability to let the failures go down in flames and fail for the good of the rest of the economy and of the society.

Japan is the place were you go to when you want to get funny money for trading/shorting, that's the place you go to borrow Yen to do all this insane trading. Japan is the place of the suicide economic policy, the kamikaze of policies (the one that USA is also following), the policy destroying the currency for the purpose of bailing out horrible failures just to keep them going due to political expediency and not due to any form of sound economics at all.

This in turn leads to economic stagnation, falling birth rates, depression, etc. All the good stuff that the central bankers together with the government love to give its people.

Comment Re:Not that expensive (Score 4, Insightful) 221

The thing is, unless you have seen everything you would possibly want to see in older movies available for $10, why would you pay $50 for the same home experience?

Yes, I have seen every decent older movie I care to see.

This may seem a bit obvious, but new movies turn into older movies at exactly the same rate that new movies are released. It's not as if "older movies" were a fixed set. If you make a policy of only watching movies that are at least X years old, you'll end up with the same amount of "new" (to you) content each year as if you watched every new blockbuster on opening night at several times the price.

Comment Re:Supply and demand? (Score 3, Informative) 128

Actually the article is a load of crap - Boeing is reducing 777 production right now, is in talks to end 747 production and has scrapped a production increase in the 787 (and may indeed scrap an entire production line in the next few years).

The only aircraft seeing production rate increases at the moment (that arent related to a new program coming on line, such as the A350XWB) are the A320 series and the 737 series - those sell well more than a thousand copies each year, with production lagging sales considerably.

Comment Re:Not good (Score 1) 128

Boeing did use off-the-shelf fasteners for the 787s roll out - they didnt plan ahead properly with their supplier of aviation grade fasteners and came up short, so decided to use commercial non-aviation grade fasteners just so they could roll something out for the 7/8/07 unveiling. Of course, the airplane didnt fly for another three years and was eventually written off as unsaleable due to the amount of rework it had undergone...

Comment Re:motivation (Score 1) 190

Yeah, he'll never get around, for example, to orders reducing regulatory burdens. Oh, right! Already done. Or any movement at all to start to undo the financial stranglehold that Obamacare has put onto people forced to fear IRS enforcement if they don't go broke buying insurance they can't use ... oh, right! Already done, with more under way. I guess we could run down the long list, but you already know it and you're pretending you don't so you can engage in more lefty denialism. Carry on! It obviously is your coping mechanism.

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