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Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 86

Applications and operating systems will bloat appropriately to use the new bandwidth.

Oh hogwash. End user requirements will bloat to use the new bandwidth. 15 years ago we had 10/100 and were happy with it. But end users didn't have 4k cameras available in a $250 hand held package, we didn't have 25GB blueray streams being sent over network players, and games didn't come in 50GB downloads complete with the own torrenting client. My internet connection outpaces all wireless in my house and is 5 times faster than my wired ethernet from back in the day.

Bloat and operating systems are consuming nothing. We are consuming everything, and the average user will download more bloody cat videos than windows upgrades many times over.

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 86

You mean it will cost a lot of money.

Vendors will end up playing games where the features you want won't be available unless you buy into their new product lines featuring 802.3bz ports at increased prices. Dumb, unmanaged 1 gig at today's managed 1 gig prices or managed L2/L3 802.3bz at the price you paid 5 years ago for 1 gig.

Server and desktop vendors will have a new upcharge option for 802.3bz ports that will allow them to hold the line on 10 gig port prices, and stupidly, many people will go for it thinking "bargain!" and we'll end up with a bunch of deployed 802.3bz as a sunk cost, further pushing out widespread adoption and the commensurate economies of scale and price cuts for 10 gig.

IMHO, this is a solution looking for a problem. Too much speed ot justify to the desktop and not enough speed to justify the price increase over 1 gig. If anything IEEE should have built this into the 10G-BaseT spec, knowing full well that the copper restrictions would hinder adoption and economies of scale. Had they put a variable signalling rate of 2.5/5/10 into the 10G-BaseT spec we'd be paying 1 gig prices for those ports now, instead of the highway robbery prices 10 gig gets now.

This will only be a useful spec if it replaces the commodity 10/100/1000 ports out there now and becomes the defacto baseline ethernet option.

Comment Re:Only one surprise (Score 1) 66

The only surprise here is that anyone would still recommend HP printers.

Since we don't recommend pretty much every printer company for various and often similar dickish behaviour (seriously you think HP had enough innovation left to come up with this? They just copied this from Lexmark, and added a time delay to make it look new), just what should we do?

Comment Re:Just don't buy HP (Score 2) 66

Yeah, but "don't buy HP printers" has been good advice for at least 20 years.

So has don't buy Canon. Oh and didn't Lexmark start this whole cartridge encoding thing? And then there was Brother's reputation for jamming more than a fruit preservative factory.

The only good advice is to use pencil and hope you never need to duplicate pages at home because quite frankly all printer companies have shown some level of dickish behaviour.

Comment Re:Just don't buy HP (Score 1) 66

Just don't buy HP

Ahhh yes. The USA. Freedom to get screwed over by corporations where the only power is to not buy from corporations after the fact, or to start a class action lawsuit netting the victims of corporate sabotage a $15 discount voucher for their next HP product. And when we're finished boycotting every company we can go back to using a mechanical pencil, at least until one company decides to release a 0.35mm version and their own super expensive refills for that.

I think it's time the USA woke up to the fact that the anti-government / free market takes care of all of our problems approach is not necessarily having the best outcomes.

Comment To what purpose? (Score 1) 86

I'm kind of struggling for what this is good for besides giving switch vendors a reason to push needless IDF upgrades and technology vendors yet another upcharge option.

1 gig Ethernet is already overkill for just about every desktop purpose and still has some useful life left in many data center applications, especially for lower performance areas, even in network storage.

The only place it becomes somewhat weak is in heavy use AC wireless deployments where it can be truly taxed, but most often even these deployments the vast majority of use reverts to the average of typical cabled clients.

It also feels like a reason to keep prices artificially high on 10 gig copper. 1 gig was sky high expensive when it first came out, but quickly became commoditized and very soon nearly everything came with 1 gig ports. 10 gig base T seems like it's been out for ages but prices really haven't dropped nearly as fast and I can't quite figure out why, other than it's fast enough to cut port densities by at least half while still providing 5x or greater throughput of 1 gig ports in most server deployments (ie, if you had 4x 1 gig ports and switch to 2x 10 gig ports, you have 20 gig aggregate vs. 4 gig aggregate and single stream throughput 10x the 1 gig solution).

And as usual, vendors can't stand the idea of the customer buying half of what they did before and getting 5-10x more value than they used to.

I guess the new standards will be great, but only if they replace 1 gig wherever you used to expect 1 gig, ie, everywhere. Otherwise it's either irrelevant or a new way to pay higher prices for 25-50% of the performance you should be getting out of 10 gig at the price -- or higher -- you ought to be paying for 10 gig these days.

Submission + - 4chan and Reddit Brigade Trump Polls

PvtVoid writes: Multiple news outlets are reporting that Donald Trump's awesome numbers in online polls after last night's presidential debate were a result of brigading by Reddit and 4chan users:

They took issue with Trump’s decision during the debate to blame the Democratic National Committee hack, which U.S. officials believe was perpetrated by Russia, on “someone sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.”

“[Your face when] Trump calls you out for being a 400 pound hacker,” wrote one user, alongside an image titled fat-computer-guy.gif.

“Which one of you 400lb ass holes hacked the DNC,” asked another.

Comment Re:I use them all the time (Score 1) 234

>learn a song from Youtube

This is one of the better functions of Youtube. Learning a chord progression by repeatedly playing a CD or looping part of a music file isn't as easy as actually /watching/ it.

Some artists deliberately put videos out there for people to learn to play, like Dr. John.

Another value of Youtube, musically, is that there is a ton of historically significant music on it. Betty Boop cartoons with Cab Calloway music, anybody?


Comment Whole thing, not "at all" (Score 1) 33

You're going to lose that wager. Early Neilson ratings are showing the debate broke the all-time record for viewers.

Yes, that's people who "tuned in" - that is watched it at all. I agree that was very high.

I'm saying a lot of people "tuned out" after the first half hour or so, I saw a ton of people on social media saying exactly that. They got tired after a while, both voices are irritating. Even if they didn't turn it off, they were not really watching with full attention after that point. The Neilson ratings say anything about that.

Hillary may technically have "won on points" but if you read the link I posted (not from a conservative source either) it shows Trump actually won massively among watchers. So the only way that happened is if people were not paying attention later in the debate.

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