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Comment Re:That's Right (Score 2) 28

China needs to solve this problem more urgently because of their chosen form of government (let's leave aside which is 'right' and 'wrong' for now, and concede them the right of self-determination). False news reports give an opening for unscrupulous men to build a following and oppose the government based on false reports. This causes chaos and death (look throughout history.....the worst part about having kings is when a war of succession happens......there's chaos, people die needlessly, then it goes back to about the same as it was before. The exception of course is when the king was really bad, but that won't be reported with false news reports).

So that is the problem the Chinese government needs to solve. Keep order and harmony, because for the vast majority of people, it's better than chaos. (Look at what happened in Egypt recently when they had their new government.....lots of violence, then nothing really changed. Replacing Mubarak was probably a mistake, but some people paid for it with their lives).

With a different form of government, unscrupulous men can start a campaign of lies, and build a following, and if he's convincing enough, even make it into power as president. But all this will happen without real violence (that is, violence does not lead to power and political enemies don't need to 'disappear'), and the system is designed with power balances to prevent things from getting too messed up, even with a lousy president.

Comment Cortana -- forcing it more place you don't want it (Score 1) 55

I'm generally happy with Win10 on both my laptops.

But Cortana? Why isn't there an option to disable it completely who don't want it? And why does putting it on the lock screen (hey, if its locked, maybe that's to keep anyone from doing anything, including random voice tasks..) feel like they're just jamming it somewhere *else* it's not wanted because people are ignoring it on the task bar?

I really would like to hear actual meetings where highly paid people at Microsoft think running around like a third-rate Apple knockoff is a good idea.

In addition to seeing some kind of supporting data driving these decisions. Either they'd confirm that research shows shoving Cortana everywhere actually adds to its usage, or they'd confirm there is no data, this is all mental masturbation to further fantasies that badly imitating Apple is actually a strategy.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 533

The man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he bought some buildings and his overall investments were no better than if he had randomly bought and sold them. He didn't beat the market in some way that isn't obvious due to "timing".

Worse, actually. If he'd put the money into an S&P 500 index fund he'd be much wealthier today.

Assuming he spent his money modestly. An extravagant lifestyle that exceeds income by $1M a year for 50 years would turn $150M into $100M. And by "overspending" at that rate its hard to argue it was a "bad" lifestyle choice, only spending 1/3 of an inheritance on the lifestyle. And then there is a divorce or three.

If you want to judge business success and not lifestyle choices you need to show what he invested and what his returns were.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 533

>All of that said, if Trump had merely cashed out his portion of his father's inheritance in the mid-1970s and invested it in index funds, he'd have more money today.

You assume a modest lifestyle. Knowing he had such a bankroll and spending $1M more a year than his income would explain turning $150M into $100M over 50 years. You can not demonstrate business failure by accumulated wealth. Such wealth is largely a factor of 50'ish years of lifestyle choices, not necessarily business decision. To show business success/failure you need to know what he invested and what his return was.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 533

Wow, that's tough to envision. An obstructionist Congress. That differs from the current version how exactly?

It would be a bipartisan effort.

I'm not viewing this as a positive experience.

No one is claiming a Trump administration would be, merely that he won't be able to get "stupid" things through Congress. He has no loyal base to count on. It will be four years of embarrassing statement from the White House and little more. Not the rise of some sort of dictatorship.

Comment Re:In other words, Moore's law will continue (Score 1) 114

And Moore's law has never been about performance.

I don't get the selective pedantry, here. There never was a Moore's "law" about the scaling of transistors over time. Pedantically, it probably should be called Moore's prescient, off-hand, transistor-scaling extrapolation. What ultimately came to be termed "Moore's law" never had a particularly strong basis in what Moore actually said.

Even then, The Moore Attribution (thank you, Mr Ludlum) behaved in practice more like Moore's Moneylust Mandate (this was all about performance). Hey, everyone, let's all draw a straight line, then conga dance our way into the penthouse suite!

For the last ten years or so, we've all been hearing a lot of: oh, no, we actually made it under the pole again—as we always do—any perception to the contrary is probably due to the diffraction limit of human vision.

Comment Re:Wasserman-Shultz will get a job in administrati (Score 1) 533

They didn't find him a cushy job, he had to go in business for himself after being kicked out from the White House for doing their dirty work.

The Clinton were already out of the White House when he cofounded his company. This company had various other former government workers. Likely their Clinton contacts help(ed) their client list and contract portfolio. It was typical cashing in on government experience and contacts. He stole and destroyed the Millenial attack reports during this timeframe and was reward with work from Hillary as soon as her campaign began.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 533

My guess would be that Putin thinks Trump will fuck up the US more than Clinton will. A fucked up US is weaker on the world stage, and thus Russia appears stronger.

A Trump administration would have the most obstructionist Congress in US history, it would be bipartisan obstructionism. He has no loyal base among the Republican congressional body to get anything "stupid" through. A Trump administration would be four years of embarrassing statements with little to no legislation getting done.

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