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Comment So? (Score 1) 31

Park your car some 2km from a typical nuclear facility or chemical plant with a simple radio scanner. You can pick up complete operational information. Most of it will be gibberish. Alarms and notifications sent over pagers are equally useless. Without in-depth information of the inner workings of the plant this information gains you nothing, and if you have the supporting information some pager messages are the least of a plant's "espionage" worries.

Or just wait a day and read about the upset or incident in a news paper. I know when units are upset in refineries around the world based purely on a subscription to a magazine which sends out daily news. No need for espionage there.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 210

Quotation needed. And no, Ukraine does not count. They had a vote and voted to be part of Russia; that's a far cry from rolling in the tanks and taking it by force.

They did send in their military, that's who the "Little Green Men" were. Even Putin has publicly admitted this. The "vote" was held under occupation, not internationally recognized, boycotted by significant segments of the population, and even Russia at one point accidentally released the "real" numbers from the vote which didn't match the official ones.

Do recall that Russia is a country where Chechnya "voted for" United Russia (Putin's Party) 99% in 2001. Some parts of Grozny voted for "The Butcher of Grozny" by well over 100%. You seriously think that's legit?

Amazing how many apologists for Russia there are here. False equivalencies are clearly alive and well.

Comment Re:Apple is the Trump Towers of computing. (Score 1) 153

What would it actually cost to produce a MacBook in the USA? My guess is that it'll be more expensive, but not by a factor 4. And in case of iPhones, which are sold at 3x the cost of manufacturing, I bet they could sell them at only a slightly higher price if they *gasp* would accept a lower markup.

Even so, I still expect people to go for the slave labour Macbook at $1699 instead of the $1899 "proudly manufactured in the USA" model, when given a choice. Especially when no one is looking.

My prediction is that as robots become more prevalent in industry there will be a gradual shift of manufacturing/assembly back to the US. It's already slowly happening in the auto industry.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 210

Nearly everything the mainstream news has been feeding you about Trump is either taken out of context, twisted, or just an outright lie. Assuming that people are only voting for him because they are "racist, sexist morons" is childish, simplistic thinking at its height that was also programmed into you through the media by those currently in power.

I'm amazed at how otherwise intelligent people can be so easily manipulated by lies that come from so-called experts that the media routinely trots out on stage.

Lets assume for the moment that all of that is true, even a cursory review of his speeches shows that is lacking in emotional stability, easily riled, not interested in changing his position when factual information is presented, and knows very little about the constitution (i.e. a president appointing a special prosecutor goes against the separation of powers). I would think that any one of these would be a red flag no matter what your position is on the issues.

What you are saying is that voters should ignore these very real concerns and assume that it will all work out in the end...

Comment Re:Spoofing? (Score 1) 31

I'm pretty sure nuclear plants aren't run by just one guy who logs in when he gets a pager message and then hits the "shut down plant" button.

There's an entire staff and it would take spoofing all of them and making the on site people not believe the actual plant control systems to take an action that would be "wrong".

Comment Paranoid Russia (Score 1) 210

They are justifiably paranoid.

Paranoid yes. Justifiably no.

That's what Westerners do not get about the Russian national psyche. They trust no one, especially the US.

True but a bizarre stance since the US is actually not a threat to Russia unless Russia gets really out of pocket. Why? The US is halfway around the world. China is a FAR bigger threat to Russia than the US could ever hope to be outside of a nuclear missile exchange. There is zero chance of the US ever invading Russia. Even if the US wanted to there aren't enough people and resources to make it happen. China on the other hand has 8X the population of Russia and a physical border with them and is an emerging super power. Russia worrying about the US makes almost zero practical sense.

Comment Two candidates (Score 1) 210

We have 4 candidates.

Not in any meaningful sense. Two of them have an actual chance at being elected with one of those doing everything in his power to lose the election. The other two have as much chance of being president as I do. So really we have at most two candidates just like always. Only way that will change is if we change the voting system and get rid of gerrymandering.

Comment Feeding the trolls (Score 2) 210

Nearly everything the mainstream news has been feeding you about Trump is either taken out of context, twisted, or just an outright lie.

Nice troll. There's almost nothing about Trump that is out of context. He's the one putting it all out there like a monkey flinging poo. You have to be either a troll or a completely moronic fanboi to actually believe that statement.

I'm amazed at how otherwise intelligent people can be so easily manipulated by lies that come from so-called experts that the media routinely trots out on stage.

You support Trump and you're complaining about people easily manipulated by lies? Hahahahaha.... I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while. That's one of the more astonishingly stupid things I've read in quite a while. Let me guess, you think folks like Hannity and Coulter are telling you the gospel truth too, right?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 531

If pointing out hypocrisy through sarcasm is called like that these days, so be it.

It's not hypocrisy you're pointing out though. You're certainly not being satirical.

There are far, far more problems in the world than any one person can care about let alone act to fix. A person acting to fix a problem is a good thing even if there are nearby similar problems that they are not acting to fix. All you are doing is sitting on the sidelines being critical of people attempting to fix their tiny little corner of the world neither helping them or fixing a different problem.

It would be hypocritical perhaps if people disputed that an imbalance elsewhere could be indicitave of a problem, but no one disputed it.

So like I said you're concern trolling, pointing out "concerns" (i.e. that people aren't doing enough) while not lifting a finger to help.

That's not satire, that's something else entirely.

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 1) 204

No, they are angry with misguided reasons. It's easy to scapegoat the voiceless refugees - they have no power, no position, nothing. They literally fled with the clothes on their back. You seem to be entirely ignoring the failed policies of France and Belgium when it came to integrating immigrants. You are also confusing "refugee" and "immigrant", which is not surprising for someone posting such hyperbolic nonsense. You talk as if the immigrants/refugees/muslims/brown people you detest are acting as a single organisation, with a single goal of destroying Europe. It's madness. You seem woefully ill-informed and scared. The coward's position is not something one should be proud to hold.

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