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Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 675

The advertisers need to understand that they really can't win this war

I wonder why it would be so difficult.
Just host the ads on your own site, and use a randomised name for the image (ie not /banner_ad.jpg)

And don't use JavaScript to deliver the ad. How is that difficult?

I checked today, and the site was trying to call JavaScripts from fourteen domains!
And that doesn't count nested calls, which they have a lot of.
Fourteen! The mind reels.

Submission + - Cheap Web Cams Can Open Permanent, Difficult-To-Spot Backdoors Into Networks

An anonymous reader writes: They might seems small and relatively insignificant, but cheap wireless web cams deployed in houses and offices (and connected to home and office networks) might just be the perfect way in for attackers. Researchers from the Vectra Threat Lab have demonstrated how easy it can be to embed a backdoor into such a web cam, with the goal of proving how IoT devices expand the attack surface of a network. They bought a consumer-grade D-Link WiFi web camera for roughly $30, and cracked it open.

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