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Comment Sheer Torture (Score 1) 33

Their domain validation process (as of yesterday) is sheer torture.
It involves making changes to your DNS or your web site - something which, in a corporate environment, is far from trivial: change requests, etc.
Oh , and if your domain is a third- or fourth-level domain (like or it is a complete FAIL.

Comment Re:I disagree Answer:.. (Score 1) 434

Content is poor. And not just selection. Tron Legacy is beautiful in 3D and has a great soundtrack, but the movie is just awful. And sadly, there are plenty others like it.

In many (most?) new consumer technologies, PORN is the enabling content.
In fact, where would the internet be without it?
I submit that there was not enough 3D pornography. That's why it failed.

Comment "Electrodes"? (Score 0) 166

an electrode will send positive ions into the air. These ions will attach themselves to fine dust particles. A negatively charged surface -- the counter electrode -- will then draw the positive ions

You mean "cathode" and "anode"? Welcome to the dumbed-down news.

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