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Comment Re:Detection (Score -1, Offtopic) 259

> well as annoying the crap out of any driver with a radar detector you happen to be driving behind ;-)

Whatever moron modded the parent down ought to have their mod points taken away and get their weiner slapped. Clearly the poster was going for a laugh (and succeeded). Modding him/her down just discourages people from posting.

Somebody fix this, please.

Comment Re:Street justice? (Score 1) 250

E.g. the moment you click 'disassociate', the device actually becomes bricked until the device password is entered.

Not to be a pedantic dick but locked out is NOT bricked. People really need to stop using bricked just because they can't use a device. bricked means the device is worthless (at least it used to). Like if someone put a hammer to a kindle. That would brick it

Comment Re:The answer is obvious. (Score 1) 128

>>> vouchers [], which are similar to what you describe

I'm not talking about vouchers, which are government dollars. I'm talking about a School tax exemption, which means letting the parent keep the money he earned. There's a HUGE difference philosophically. If it's government money, then the government can attach strings like "don't spend the voucher on catholic school".

But if it's your money then there are no strings. It's YOUR money and you can spend it on any school you desire (even another government school if you want).

Comment Re:how about zero gallons? (Score 0) 188

If you think a 2500 mile, 3-day crosscountry trip is long, try doing it in an electric car sometime. You can only travel 200 miles tops, and then you have to stop at a hotel room so you can recharge overnight (8 hours minimum). It's a 13 day trip instead of 3.

Even if you skip sleeping and drive at night, it will still take 7 days. I'll stick with gasoline or diesel.


Comment Re:Not again (Score 4, Insightful) 54

After slogging through World of Warcraft for several years, the last thing I want in a game is something that requires me to basically live a double life. I'd like an MMO where I could pop in and out, instead of dedicating multi-hour blocks that become the equivalent of a part-time job by the end of the week. And that doesn't include researching content for efficient strategies, researching in-game equipment for optimized tactics, bickering with people on the Internet about various aspects of gameplay, or ultimately regretting all the time I didn't spend socializing, reading books, accumulating income, learning a real-world employment skill, exercising, eating decently, or traveling.

I think that's the whole point of this 'horizontal leveling' they're talking about - you'll be able to boot the game up after two years of it being out, with a new character, and still be of some use to your faction. You'll be able to pop in, do a quest, and then leave again. Of course, it would be bad form to start a quest with some buddies and then AFK just as it starts to get hard, but that's the whole point of an MMO - your actions affect real people.

You could well just be complaining about MMOs in general though, in which case I would suggest to you a path that didn't involve spending several years slogging through WoW. I used similar advice to great effect after realising that I don't like vinegar on chips - the problem wasn't the vinegar, it was that I kept eating the damn stuff. Although I didn't care enough to bicker about it with random people, or spend lots of time reading up on the best vinegar, or choose vinegar over stuff that I like more; I also didn't then go on food sites and bring up my dislike of vinegar whenever someone mentions it. Maybe the problem is that you got super-anal about something you didn't, in hindsight, give a monkey's uncle about?

Comment Re:Linux audio (Score 1) 374

Of course not, but it can ensure it doesn't get interrupted until it's done. Which means it can get the work done faster than it would if interrupted. I'm thinking context switching. If it's done uninterrupted in kernel, that is less context switching then if it's done in user space.

Comment Re:There is a lot new in Windows 7 (Score 1) 359

When I get time, I will be turning off all the fancy-dancy eye candy. I want the CPU to work on my applications, now how they are presented.

You do realize that Windows runs faster and uses less memory (well, less RAM), with those "fancy-dancy eye candy" features turned on, right?

I mean, turn them of if you want, but don't deluded yourself into thinking you're freeing-up CPU time and memory for your other apps, because you're not. (Except possibly video games that would saturate your video card's memory normally; but they usually run full-screen anyway, so Windows swaps-out the window images.)

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