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Comment Re:why is this even in question? (Score 1) 184

The parent's point was that you should never ever expect privacy on a company device. A Supervisor may say its ok to browse donkey porn but that does not mean that you should expect privacy.

They are still allowed to see what you did with their equipment. Is it then ok for them to change policy and make all new policy changes retroactive? Entirely up to the employer.

Comment Re:A Plea to the Rest-of-the-World (Score 1) 406

Unfortunately they just brought a whole new idiot with a whole different secret agenda.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I am so tired of it phrased this way as it makes it sound. You make it sound like Obama brought in this secret treaty with him to screw everyone for the media interests benefit. The treaty was started long before the current president was in office. So yes its same boss but same agenda.

Comment Re:Good grief! - Bend Over! (Score 1) 571

terrorism has just become the catch all for people we don't like. It used to be communist but luckily people woke up and realized that communist just meant people just like us that live in a different country under a different form of government. Unfortunately terrorist is such a vague bad guy word that it can apply to anyone different or hostile to you. I wish I did but I don't have an answer as to how to not have it be as agressive. Hopefully the next or future generation will find a way to ignore it like we did with communist.

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