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Comment Re:Street justice? (Score 1) 250

E.g. the moment you click 'disassociate', the device actually becomes bricked until the device password is entered.

Not to be a pedantic dick but locked out is NOT bricked. People really need to stop using bricked just because they can't use a device. bricked means the device is worthless (at least it used to). Like if someone put a hammer to a kindle. That would brick it

Comment Re:The answer is obvious. (Score 1) 128

>>> vouchers [], which are similar to what you describe

I'm not talking about vouchers, which are government dollars. I'm talking about a School tax exemption, which means letting the parent keep the money he earned. There's a HUGE difference philosophically. If it's government money, then the government can attach strings like "don't spend the voucher on catholic school".

But if it's your money then there are no strings. It's YOUR money and you can spend it on any school you desire (even another government school if you want).

Comment Re:how about zero gallons? (Score 0) 188

If you think a 2500 mile, 3-day crosscountry trip is long, try doing it in an electric car sometime. You can only travel 200 miles tops, and then you have to stop at a hotel room so you can recharge overnight (8 hours minimum). It's a 13 day trip instead of 3.

Even if you skip sleeping and drive at night, it will still take 7 days. I'll stick with gasoline or diesel.



Submission + - NASA throws a hell of as party!

AlHunt writes: "From The Article:

Everyone knows exploring space is dangerous, and the costs are astronomical. Which is why, just last month, NASA was able to squeeze $1 billion extra from the Senate.

That very same day, NASA also posted an online notice few people saw — seeking four-star hotel bids for its December awards,

So NASA is urinating away 4 million of your tax dollars this year, throwing luxurious parties and patting themselves on the back. In December they'll dump $400,000 to $500,000 in Orlando, according to CBS News.

I love space exploration as much as anyone. If they wanted billions to go to Pluto, I'd probably never say a word. But high dollar shindigs? Give me a break. I work with an organization helping to feed the hungry. We get a $30 to $1 return on our transportation budget (and we buy our own gas, use up our own office supplies and take no pay so almost every penny donated goes to transportation) — in other words, Decembers Awards budget (a paltry $28K) would let me put $840,000 worth of food in the warehouse.

So, here's my challenge, Rocket Scientists — Take a pass on the coconut shrimp and send the savings our way. I'm sure we can feed a few thousand families for your sacrifice."

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