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Comment Alternatives (Score 3, Interesting) 288

I'd like to see a move away from the Ares-Orion stack and a move towards the more versatile Jupitor plan.

I'd also like to see us make serious use of the press and make our move back to the Moon and eventually to Mars as much as an event as the original Mercury-Gemini-Apollo missions. You have to make it romantic for the public so they feel like writing their Congresscritters to support funding.

Comment Re:I don't know about dead, but it should be. (Score 1) 417


Here's an example: Battlefield 1942.

BF required me to upgrade my PC when it came out. When I finally got it working decently, I found that the 'revolutionary large maps' and 'revolutionary ability to control vehicles' was no more revolutionary that tribes outside of it's 'many years newer' pc requirements... not to mention its graphics and game play were pretty much sub-par compared to tribes.

Upgrading PC hardware to move from playing something 2d sprite like DOOM to something 3d polygon like QUAKE is perfectly acceptable. Upgrading PC hardware to move from simplistic 3d polygons and textures like QUAKE to something with far more complicated polygons, 3d effects, better textures, revolutionary environment, and new game play like BIOSHOCK is also perfectly acceptable. When games come out, and the only outwardly noticeable difference from everything else on the market is the title's name, yet it requires massive hardware upgrades, then that is failure, and that market deserves to die.

Comment Re:Condolences (Score 1) 377

I worked with Mike Connell for a year or so in the mid-1990s (before most of his work with the national GOP). He was not an angel. He was a flawed human being as all of us are. But his children (very little then, now in their teens) ADORED him. I can personally attest to this. He leaves them behind. He started and ran a medical mission to El Salvador. He leaves this behind as well. It is sad, regardless of what whatever flaws he may have had. The death of any human being always is. I do hope that the truth behind all of this comes out. I suspect it is not pretty. But first and foremost, I feel terrible for his family. They will remain in my thoughts and prayers for a long time.

Comment Re:Non-sequitor (Score 1) 417

Yeah, no. I call shenanigans. I put a PC together about 5 months ago for about $1700. I have a 780i-based mobo, a 3GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB of RAM, and 2 GeForce 8800GT's. (I just missed the introduction of the 2xx series, and the lowering of pricing on everything else.) I play FO3 at 1024x768 at "High" settings. Using FRAPS, I can see that I hang around 65-75 FPS walking around and doing things, and it can drop to the 40's when combat gets heavy. (I normally just fight and avoid the VATS thing, unless they're moving very quickly.) So saying you're running at the framelimit on "Ultra" settings on a PC that cost $450? I don't even believe that if you're talking about euros or pounds.

One of my best friends just got a Dell XPS 730. You know, one of those "multiple GPU watercooled machines." It cost $6500. I mean, he had to WORK at getting the price that high. I can't wait to get him setup to play some games on that beast! If I could have afforded it... I wouldn't have. A lot of that cost came from having a 4x 1TB RAID 0+1 disk subsystem. Another huge chunk of the cost was the "Extreme" processor, for which I'll never understand spending that kind of money. I'm thinking that I'd get really close to his performance if I just upgraded to his video cards. But that alone would be about $1000.

Comment Re:Assuming of course hardware is the bottleneck (Score 1) 465

No, they don't. I manage a team of such developers, and I know they don't have the fundamentals. It has not caused any problems that I can point to.

By the way, I am CS trained and took all the courses you mention. Those topics influence design, not execution. I don't need programmers to understand those subjects and pay 2x for it; I need them to follow my design.

I know that's probably not the response you want to hear; you want to hear that the extra knowledge you have is valuable and needed. It is, just not in anything but a senior architect or project management role.

Comment Re:no, wrong (Score 1) 601

When the majority of guns are removed there are less guns for criminals to steal, therefore less guns in the hands of criminals.

Explain to me why gun crime has skyrocket in the UK since their ban on handguns.

Crime is the result of poverty and opportunity, if you take away the guns there will still be crime, and there will still be gun crime. The fact that in Japan they do it with knives instead of guns doesn't make me feel the slightest bit better. Maybe I'm just a pragmatist, but I think we'd do more good in the world solving root causes than blaming inanimate objects for violence.

Over compensation for what?

Comment Re:Eh (Score 1) 81

I'm going to examine your post completely based just on your username and user id.

Your id is really high, I can't accurately estimate when you joined, but it must have been recently, so thus you consciously chose your username recently.

Now about your username, it's a combination of three words: mew, shi, and nya. I'm guessing here, but mew is probably Mew, the 151st Pokemon, shi is probably the last syllable of Yoshi, and nya is how cats "mew" in Japanese, and also Meowth's (another Pokemon) basic sound on the TV show Pokemon.

So you say the video game industry lost you a while ago, but your username may very well be a combination of three popular Nintendo characters. Now I can understand if you've had this username a while, but a quick Google search ("mewshi_nya" -slashdot) reveals that it is used only on Slashdot.

That is the end of my examination, I conclude that though the video game industry lost you, you still love your Pokemon.

Comment Re:BSOD (Score 1) 725

Just make sure you distract the Captain long enough for the progress bar to complete its travel, then you casually remove the USB stick while hiding it with a manila folder. Make your way to a torpedo tube and launch yourself before he discovers that you just copied down all the ZECRETZ.

Safe Stem Cells Produced From Adult Cells 207

hackingbear writes "Wired, citing a paper published in Science magazine, reports that Harvard scientists may have found a safer way of giving a flake of skin the biologically alchemical powers of embryonic stem cells by turning adult cells into versatile, embryonic-like cells without causing permanent damage. The technique involves 'adding cell-reprogramming genes to adenoviruses, a type of virus that infects cells without affecting their DNA.' Four-month trials on mice demonstrated that the resulting stem cells are free from unpredictable cancer-inducing mutations. This is definitely a breakthrough in stem cell research." Additional coverage is available at Yahoo, and Science hosts the research paper, although you'll need a subscription to see more than the abstract.

Submission + - Digital Winners and Losers 2007

An anonymous reader writes: "2007 appears to be the year of attrition" says MP3 Newswire in its annual roundup of winners and losers in digital media. For example, uTorrent makes number two on the winners list, because this is the year it became the number one BitTorrent client. Indeed, as this graphic on TorrentFreak shows uTorrent blew past Azureus and all other BitTorrent clients for the top spot. Radiohead, Marie Lindor, and the Digg DRM revolt also made this year's list, which was topped by — no surprise here — Apple thanks to the success of the iPhone. Heading the losers list is HD Radio, undermined by the radio manufacturers who decided to put in their expensive radios cheap, crappy tuners. Tuners so bad that even a old radio from the 1940's well outperformed them as this YouTube video shows.

Submission + - New Star Trek 1

WED Fan writes: "The new fan/cast effort Star Trek: Of Gods and Men has debutted their first 26 minute act.

Many second line players have taken part along with a couple of fan film actors from Star Trek: The New Voyages. The story can be viewed as a sequel to the ST:TOS episode "Charlie X". The last two acts will "air" shortly.

The first 26 minutes shows much possibility, but also shows some of the problems with the fan film venue. Dialogue, which in Star Trek was already stilted, becomes even more stilted. Yet, the effort is credible."

Submission + - MS: New VS to be allowed for Cross Platform

WED Fan writes: "Aiming at being a "kinder gentler Microsoft", the company has announced that it will allow developers to use Visual Studio to develop for cross-platform solutions.

In what amounts to a monumental reversal of policy, Microsoft said Monday in a press release — so it's in writing — and publicly at TechEd in Barcelona that it's changing its licensing terms and will no longer restrict developers "to building solutions on top of Visual Studio for Windows and other Microsoft platforms only."


Microsoft said it plans to create one of its shared source licensing programs for the Premier-level partners in its VSIP program so they can see VS IDE source code for debugging purposes and to simplify the process of integrating their products with the thing.

The move obviously suggests that Microsoft is under increasing pressure from the open source movement and is acting to protect its precious developer base.

Submission + - Microsoft Enterprise Search for Free

WED Fan writes: "Microsoft is releasing their Search Server 2008 as an "Express" flavor ("express" has recently become the Microsoft label for "Free").

Previously, users had to pay through the nose for this functionality in Sharepoint Services.

Introducing Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express
Search doesn't have to be complicated. You can deliver Search to your organization quickly and easily for free with Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express.
Easy to configure, easy to maintain.
Go from downloading to searching in minutes with a streamlined installation experience, making it easy to get an enterprise search infrastructure running in your environment quickly.

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