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Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 118

I can't speak for everywhere, but in Austin the tech market has experienced serious wage inflation, and it is entirely due to restricted supply. My girlfriend is a technical recruiter here and would agree with me. Educating more Americans in STEM could solve that, but I'm a bit skeptical about that. If super high wages doesn't attract more entrants into that job market segment, how is having an extra CS course or two available make a difference? Is unavailability of STEM courses really the problem? Maybe not.

But two counter forces are keeping the insanely high wages slightly less insanely high. First is visa programs like H1-B. The second is corp-to-corp outsourcing. If your goal is to prevent wage normalization in places like Austin (again, I can't speak for how things are nationally), then you need to attach both outlets of downward wage pressure. If you only attack one (H1-B), the market will just settle on the other.

Comment Re: Translation: More H-1Bs (Score 2) 118

You glossed over parent's solution pretty quickly and did not explain why it would not make a "meaningful difference". There are two things going on here. First, there is the problem with H1-Bs and similar visas being strongly attached to an employer and requiring a somewhat painful process to transfer to another employer if he employee wants to change employers. This encumberment probably does depress H1-B wages.

But second, there is what most people here are actually bitching about but won't admit it: "dey tuk er jerbs". Removing thr encumbrance does not solve that problem, and in fact could make it worse, as the current limited number of employers who will bother with H1-B sponsorship might grow to include small business if it's less of a pain either initially to sponsor or afterwards to transfer.

If your beef truly is that H1-B wages are depressed due to inability to change employers, then of course the solution is to make it easy to change employers. Yet you said that wouldn't make much difference. Perhaps you are in the second group.

Comment Non-issue, if you believe HRC's story (Score 1) 998

If you believe HRC, the emails are all about yoga, Chelsea's wedding centerpieces, and probably a bunch of questions from HRC about how she can get minesweeper to work. The only risk to Russia having those emails is if HRC is full of shit and deleted pertinent email whole under subpoena. Which of course she is.

But anyway, never Trump.

Comment Re: Just what the world needs (Score 1) 268

Limited social safety net is okay with most libertarians. The problem is that self-serving politicians always promise to grow the safety net to buy votes (game theory means this is a good idea because cost is amortized across many more people than its benefits). Every Western country has allowed their safety net to grow beyond the purpose you describe. It's counterproductive as it creates more poverty (though that poverty is more comfortable).

Comment Re:I want to like Donald. (Score 2) 268

As for the bakery issue, it's amazing how people can tell themselves they support civil rights and then use that very argument to demand the government to force someone to give their labor to someone else against their will. Somewhere, you folks on the left forgot that freedom is about permitting the KKK to call black people animals, skinheads to call Jews various things I will not repeat, and -- yes -- permitting a business owner to refuse service for reasons you think are unfair. Especially when the "negative impact" in this case is non-existent, other than perhaps hurt feelings.

Comment Re: Just what the world needs (Score 0, Flamebait) 268

Sir, you seem to be confused. When we talk about valuing diversity, we mean we value seeing different levels of melanin levels and people preferring different permutations of genital and orafice penetration. We do not -- I repeat, do not -- mean it's okay to have diversity of thought. Please subscribe to the worldview assigned to you according to your melanin level or sexual preference.

Comment Why are you posting rumors? (Score 1) 413

This is not news. It is rumor. Trump campaign has denied that a selection has been made. I don't think that is normal campaign BS. This week we have seen "omg it's definitely newt" and "omg it's definitely Christie" and now "omg it's definitely pence."

At least you only fell for this one.

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