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Comment Re:Sounds too simple to be true (Score 1) 587

This is surreal. I don't know how to help you get your brain out of the imaginary war you think you're engaged in with me. You're not on the opposite side of me, and I'm not on the side you apparently think I am, despite me saying nothing to suggest I am.

I'll try once more, against my better judgment. I had two points. First, broad media reporting of a single witness's statement makes it more likely the witness made the statement (so long as the articles are independently reporting or verifying, and aren't all sourcing one story), but it does not increase the veracity of the witness's statement. Second, the media and public will hold as truth things that are untrue for significant periods of time and are far less capable than the justice system of discovering the truth.

Comment Re:Sounds too simple to be true (Score 1) 587

We are conditioned to suspect hoaxes? That is exactly wrong. We are biased to believe stories that confirm what we already think is true. This story fits that bill. Suspicious is warranted.

As for "look at all these stories", they all report the same quote from 1 witness so they all have the same single point of failure. This was the problem with the "hands up, don't shoot" narrative in Ferguson. Easy to forget how everyone assumed it was fact, including every single article (and there were gazillions of them). It took, you know, actual due process to figure out it was 100% fabricated.

Comment Entire motive based on comment from 1 witness (Score 1) 587

Pardon me, but I wasn't born yesterday. When an entire motive is determined by the statement of one unnamed witness, and it just so happens to be a rare validation of a major unsubstantiated trend narrative, I am suspicious. I'll be waiting a few weeks to let this story play out before I believe it.

"Hands up, don't shoot" anyone?

Comment Re:Open borders! Open borders! Open borders! (Score 1) 271

You are very confused. Net migration from Mexico is very positive. Net migration OF MEXICANS is break even, slightly negative, or slightly positive.

This isn't just a semantic point, since you basically suggest the solution to illegal immigration is to make source countries richer. Not a completely insane suggestion if you're just talking about Mexico. Quite insane when you realize you're talking about most of Central and South America.

Comment Re:Fairness has a role (Score 1) 290

We're going to need more tinfoil

The conspiracy you suggest simply cannot happen in a free market. If it were possible to do this in the US, it would have to involve artificial market limiters like the FDA. But then what about other countries? Not to mention that your worldview would predict no or almost no cures on the market, yet there they are. Even Martin Shkreli's drug Daraprim is a cure, and for an extremely rare disease with only 2000 or so patients per year. How can such a drug exist if what you say is true?

Comment Re:Fairness has a role (Score 1) 290

I don't really understand your point. Is it that govts can intervene and tell you to sell at a different price? Well, sure. We have all kinds of examples of govt all along a spectrum of interventionalism in markets. Parent was mostly saying that's a load of horseshit and you have every right to sell the fruits of your labor for whatever you want. Your reply really isn't s counter to that, if I'm understanding it correctly.

The patent issue is a tough one and I'm not saying it is set up correctly. But the purpose is not, as you say, to allow people to rely on them to create artificial monopolies. The purpose is to prevent unauthorized use by others of the fruits of your labor.

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