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Comment Re:Use an average FFS or it's just noise (Score 1) 525

Well, because I am not here to change minds. I added my thoughts on something I have followed closely for a long time. Digging up resources to convince you... I'm not clear on why I would bother with that. If you won't google yourself, you are either certain that I'm making it up or you aren't that interested in the topic.

Comment Re:Use an average FFS or it's just noise (Score 1) 525

You're all over the place. First you seemed to think the salary was a max. It's a median. Now you're whining about sample size. Perhaps you'd like to correct some grammar, too? These are the desperate whines from someone who likely, deep down, knows that if he spent 3 mins googling for himself, meeting whatever superior sample size and grammar standards he has, he would quickly see my point about outrageously inflated tech salaries is correct.

Salary data is everywhere. Take your pick. It would take much less time than searching for something to quibble about in the data I casually happen to come across in my daily reading

Comment Re:So, not really in Vegas... (Score 1) 79

I would think it'd be easier to deploy a driverless shuttle on the strip. There is a very intentional effort to erect physicals barriers to separate the drunk pedestrians from the drunk drivers. Without pedestrians to worry about, it would seem to be an almost artificially good area to deploy a driverless shuttle

Comment Re:Use an average FFS or it's just noise (Score 1) 525

What? Did you read the link I posted? It doesn't seem like youndid. The list is median base salary for each position.

I have no idea what your jabs about flyover country are referring to. Its not a list of coastal median salary. It's national median salary. I live in TX and can confirm that median salary for a software engineer.

Do a little research and then let me know if you still think I am pushing agenda. It sounds like you are not very familiar with market tech salaries.

Comment Re: Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 525

It's the numbers I had at the ready. But it really doesn't matter. There is a housing stipend, and I have the utmost faith in the intelligence of you /. commenters to be able to work the various cost of living calculators available freely online.

But in the meantime I came across a better example. Here is the top paid positions per LinkedIn salary data. Start at the top and stop when you find the highest paid position that requires only an undergrad degree. Then stop whining.


Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 525

Your premise is wrong. Over time, when an entire market has more labor supply, that does not result in additional profit for a given business. All competitors have the same advantage. What happens is the price lowers. This is a battle between whiny protectionist tech workers complaining about only making $160k/yr and the consumers of their employers' offerings.

Comment Re:If they want cream, it need to be 120k (Score 2, Insightful) 525

Easiest mistake to make is misunderstanding that offshoring is NOT a apples for apples replacement and it does require unique skills and new expense to make it work.

There are plenty of offshore firms who have successful relationships with US companies. Select one of these firms and try them out. If it fails, it's probably you.

Comment Re:Just can the entire guest worker series. (Score 1) 525

Ok, let's say I'm a business hiring an H1-B. How do you prevent me from using a lower salary title that only really describes part of the person's job description? Outside of govt and large corporations, job titles are less meaningful and job descriptions are very fluid.

Comment Re: Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 525

Low pay? What are you talking about? Here is the most recent data on internships and entry level tech company positions in Silicon Valley: https://twitter.com/jtc_au/sta...

Do you understand that the median income in the US is around $50k?

Tech workers always come off as completely disconnected from reality when they whine about low pay. There are very few other positions where you can make what you make right out of undergrad and then continue to have wage growth well above COLA.

And then your other point, I don't even know what to do with. You're essentially complaining that tech workers have other even more lucrative opportunities open to them, so they leave tech. Wtf is a problem there?

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 2) 525

My brain hurts after trying to process this. A $100k min wage for H1-Bs... brings us closer to a free market? Let's be honest here. Tech worked hard H1-Bs because tech workers are enjoying a demand-supply imbalance in their favor leading to $150k-$250k salaries for jobs that used to be in the $90k-$150k range. Bringing in more supply is taking away the punch bowl.

We can debate whether this is good or bad for the US. But we can't even get there because people are pretending this is a distortive force rather than regulating force.

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