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Comment Re:For a given definition of learn (Score 1) 310

That's because the profession requires that. Unless you are a medical researcher, doctors are supposed to use facts and prescribe meds/give advice/do surgery based on said facts. Like a lookup table for what to do.

Asking questions and understanding basic concepts is great for science or engineering when you have time for it. But if I walk in with a medical condition, you need to fix me using the best practice that researchers have proved. So please have it memorized, or look it up if you aren't in the ER or surgery room and have time for it.

However, your argument that building concepts increases memory longevity of said facts may have great value. Please become a researcher and prove it is possible to do this, while still accumulating the same amount of facts in medical school, or that current apps/internet resources supplement it in a meaningful way. Then perhaps will become standard practice in medical school, otherwise I don't see it changing.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 310

There are several studies that show income based disparities. High income people's kids use the internet for leaning (wikipedia, etc..), low income famlies buy xbox's and games which actually cost more.

It used to be hard to find interesting material, computers make it easier. The parent needs to direct the child to VALUABLE interesting material, relaxing and watching birds may be something of value, as is science on the internet.

Today's kids also are fed a diet of nothing but sugar and refined carbs, which in turn reduces their ability to focus. Personally I was just utterly bored and had nothing but video games, books, and magazines to read, all with significant cost for more information. Wikipedia alone is much more exciting than my alternatives I had during childhood. If journals were free, there would be no limit.

Comment Re:The reality is... (Score 2) 310

You should be able to work it out the long way, or know how to find the information necessary and then work it out the long way. But reading and writing is where there's a way that you can use computers to compel children to want to learn how to understand the written language. Otherwise it's really forcing them to learn something they don't want to learn, which starts their bias toward schooling.

Comment Re:Some possible ways (Score 1) 745

This is the method I thought was a best practice.

They look for inconsistencies along axes in the mathematical space that the simulation would be taking place in. If in fact we are living in a simulation, there would be computational error associated with calculations, leading to less or more error of certain variables along certain axes. If we found larger or smaller standard distributions of observables along particular axes, lines or curves in space, this would suggest computational effects. So far, nothing fishy detected. So either we aren't in a simulation, or they don't have these errors in their computations. We also have a lack of data as we have just started science.

Comment Re:Are you serious? (Score 1) 706

Seems to me that America still has WAY more crime, violent crime especially, than other 1st world countries.

It may SEEM that way to you, but the data does not support your theory, it's a fraction the crime rate of other 1st world countries.

Incidents in the year 2010 per 100,000 population
U.S. 27.3
UK (England and Wales) 28.8
Australia 88.4
Sweden 63.5

U.S. 250.9
U.K. (England and Wales) 664.4
Australia 766
Sweden 936.6
Scotland 1449.7

Comment Steam (Score 1) 684

Steam shows what a good implementation of DRM can do. I can install steam and download and play my computers games anywhere I want to. Offline mode is available as well, although then the game is locked to that computer. Unlimited free copies don't work in games where there are hackers anyway. People actually complain about games being too cheap on steam because then a hacker will buy a couple copies.

Comment Re:Stickyness (Score 1) 124

Actually that's my point, you want to be paid in dollars and prices to be in dollars, so bitcoin itself it not acting as the currency.

Also if it was going to be used long term, it would just encourage massive hoarding, it would be a guaranteed 10+ % interest rate. Same reason we can't use gold anymore.

Comment Re:What is this "bitcoin" you speak of? (Score 1) 124

Except all fiat currencies are deigned to expand at the same or a slightly higher rate than the exponential increase in GDP, thereby remaining flat or having low inflation. Bitcoin, by design, has an ultimate limited supply (high deflation, as has been seen already). This makes it impossible to ever use as money, because prices and wages are sticky.

This was figured out many many decades ago. This is why it's foolish to think bitcoin has a future, it's future was doomed by it's very design.

Comment Re:Why anyone would think this is a good thing (Score 1) 339

It would be a terrible thing yes. So your employees that gain skills and produce more woudn't get a wage increase, whereas many employees that produce the same as last year would need pay cuts every year. Minimum wage would need to go down, every year. And your argument would only have relevance if population growth was also zero. Not only will bitcoins grow at less than GDP growth, but they won't even match population growth, another huge problem with its design.

Sticky wages are addressed in many books, only radical gold advocates, and billionaires are for money like bitcoins or gold. This doesn't even address the issue that then bitcoin would be a great investment, so banks would stop loaning out money and hoarding would come into effect.

The gold standard advocates are the greedy, pro monopoly billionaires, not the liberal left wing groups that seem to want equality. Bitcoins design is an even more unfair (to the common people) money than gold is.

All the countries left the gold standard for a reason, and you can look at the history of the countries that tried keeping it.

Comment Re:Why anyone would think this is a good thing (Score 1) 339

Fine, then bitcoin's deflation will be that of the growth in GDP. But the whole point of money is to keep pace with GDP growth because wages are sticky.

If you used bitcoins as money you'd have to give a pay cut to every employee every year, and that's why it can never be used as money.

It was flawed by design so it'll become worthless at some point. Probably when they just make a new bitcoin where the supply matches world GDP growth.

Comment Re:Price Is Not Relevant - You're missing the poin (Score 1) 339

There's no possible way to have a deflationary currency work, why do you think everyone gave up gold decades ago. If instead bitcoin's supply grew exponentially, it would have the possibility you mention. Unfortunately, it's demise was promised from the beginning with it's design flaw of limited supply.

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