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Comment Re:Defection (Score 2) 72

You cannot own what is in another person's head.

Sorry, but this thinking is either boresome or nitpicking. Yes, you cannot own thoughts. Yes, you cannot transfer authorship of said software. Have this any relevance to the post? No. You can do transfer each and every right related to the usage of that software. You will always be named as the author, but you can not do anything with that software at all without the permission of your employer.


Submission + - Choosing which OSS database project to help 1

DoofusOfDeath writes: I've done a good bit of SQL development / tuning in the past. After being away from the database world for a while to finish grad school, I'm about ready to get back in the game. I want to start contributing to some OSS database project, both for fun and perhaps to help my employment prospects in western Europe.

My problem is choosing which OSS DB to help with. MySQL is the most popular, so getting involved with it would be most helpful to my employment prospects. But its list of fundamental design flaws seems so severe that I can't respect it as a database.

I'm attracted to the robust correctness requirements of PostgreSQL, but there don't seem to be many prospective employers using is. So while I'd enjoy working on it, I don't think it would be very helpful to my employment prospects.

Any suggestions?

Submission + - Caltech and UVic set 339Gbps internet speed record ( 1

MrSeb writes: "Engineers at Caltech and the University of Victoria in Canada have smashed their own internet speed records, achieving a memory-to-memory transfer rate of 339 gigabits per second (5.3GB/s), 187Gbps (2.9GB/s) over a single duplex 100-gigabit connection, and a max disk-to-disk transfer speed of 96Gbps (1.5GB/s). At a sustained rate of 339Gbps, such a network could transfer four million gigabytes (4PB) of data per day — or around 200,000 Blu-ray movie rips. These speed records are all very impressive, but what’s the point? Put simply, the scientific world deals with vasts amount of data — and that data needs to be moved around the world quickly. The most obvious example of this is CERN’s Large Hadron Collider; in the past year, the high-speed academic networks connecting CERN to the outside world have transferred more than 100 petabytes of data. It is because of these networks that we can discover new particles, such as the Higgs boson. In essence, Caltech and the University of Victoria have taken it upon themselves to ride the bleeding edge of high-speed networks so that science can continue to prosper."

Submission + - Why Facebook Is Stressing You Out

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Megan Garber writes that the more friends you have on Facebook — or, perhaps more accurately, the more "friends" you have on Facebook — the more stressed you're likely to be about actually having them because the wider your Facebook network, the more likely it is that something you say or do on the site will end up offending one of that network's members. The stress comes from the kind of personal versioning that is common in analog life — the fact that you (probably) behave slightly differently when you're with your mom than you do when you're with your boss, or with your boyfriend, or with your dentist. A study of over 300 Facebook users found that on average people are Facebook friends with seven different social circles. The most common group was friends who were known from offline environments (97 percent added them as friends online), followed by extended family (81 percent), siblings (80 percent), friends of friends (69 percent), and colleagues (65 percent). Those are, in the sociological sense, very different groups — groups that carry different (and unspoken-because-obvious) behavioral expectations. Per the study's survey "adding employers or parents resulted in the greatest increase in anxiety." “Facebook's power, and its curse, is this holistic treatment of personhood,” writes Garber. “All the careful tailoring we do to ourselves (and to our selves) — to be, say, professional in one context and whimsical in the other — dissolves in the simmering singularity of the Facebook timeline.”"

Submission + - Windows 8 Sells 40 Million Licenses In Just One Month 2

mystikkman writes: After selling 4 million copies in just three days, Microsoft announced today that it sold 40 million copies of Windows in the first month of general availability. Also, the upgrade sales of Windows 8 are higher than with Windows 7 in the month since launch. Microsoft says there are already some developers who have made more than $25,000 on their Windows 8 apps. That number is significant because Microsoft gives developers an 80 percent cut on all app sales over that figure, as compared to the industry-standard 70 percent on competing app stores. Other notable milestones include reaching 25 million users of the new and beating the entire multi-hundred million strong Android devices' web usage in just 10 days after launch. What does this mean for the much vaunted post-PC era? Combined with the much awaited Surface Pro coming out in January, will 2013 be the year of Windows 8 desktop and tablet?

Comment Re:Useful as a configuration language (Score 3) 80

I do mean Javascript. Something like this:

init(Car, {
  driver: "",
  color: "red"

It is similar to JSON, but notice the init function. This example creates a new Java (not Javascript) Car object, sets its driver and color attributes and starts the car when the application starts and stops it when the applicaton stops.

If in your particular configuration there are many such cars, than you are free to define your own Javascript function which can be used as a shortcut:

addCar("", "red");

The administrator is allowed to bend the configuration syntax to his situation. And this power is almost free, the integration between Java and Javascript only requires a few lines of code in the application. For example you do not need to modify the source code of Car in the above example.

Comment Useful as a configuration language (Score 2, Insightful) 80

I have used Javascipt as the language of configuration files in a Java application. It replaced XML. It is a pleasure to work with Javascript for this purpose, much more comfortable than XML. I also considered YAML, but Javascript is more powerful and considering its ubiquity it does not need more learning.

However, I am not sure if real administrators would like Javascript in configuration files. At least it is standard, and has a good documentation, but the expressiveness of Javascript can be used in the wrong way too.

Comment Re:Dear ad-blocker (Score 1) 686

I am sorry to hear your bad experiences. If you have epilepsy, I understand your need to use an ad-blocker. I am sure that website owners will also understand it.

That said, I have not seen pop-ups and popuder ads for years. Google AdSense explicitly forbids them for example. Actually I have not experienced any of the mentioned issues recently. It seems that it is possible to easily find sites which do not have these issues.

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