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Comment Re:Cue the murder trial from early 90s... (Score 4, Interesting) 363

But this isn't a booby trap.
The fences have to be properly signed, and are only allowed in industrial zoned areas.

Frankly, I think it's a bit overkill, but I totally understand. A local yard was robbed of commercial sized spools of copper wire, had to cost a ton. Even worse, thieves have been opening the access panel on street lights and using their cars to pull the wire out.

Rancho Cordova (where this passed) has long been seen as a higher crime area, not surprised they're going to these lengths at all.

Comment Re:Wow, I guess. (Score 1) 331

My round trip daily drive is:
work 12 miles
dojo 4 miles
kid's school 2 miles

So yeah, 35 mile range is just fine for my daily needs, and my employer even has free charging. (we have a Tesla S and a couple homebrew VW's in the lot already).
I've seriously been considering doing this for a while...

Comment Re:republicans (Score 1) 1080

Meh, they both suck.
Seriously I think we need a multiparty system again. We really are stuck with one party that has some trivial differences they bicker about.

They both: meddle in foreign governments, increase our countries debt, try to remain in power at the expense of the citizenry's well being, increase the size of the government, and ignore what the population has said they want.

Comment Re:All Edison's fault (Score 1) 1080

sure it does, depending on the dimmer.
at half brightness the bulb draws about 75% of it's power, thus saving 25%.
This assumes you have a TRIAC based dimmer and not a (very) old rheostat based one.

This does not mean that the savings are proportional to light output, true. At minimal brightness the bulb is still drawing about 50% of full on power.

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