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Comment Re:I am shocked! (Score 1) 670

i am pretty sure we are all criminals, no such thing as a citizen anymore

Fixed that, you had too many words in there. The incredible volume of laws and regulations under which everyone must live makes it a certainty that we all have been or are in violation of something... that is neither accident or coincidence.

Comment hehehehe (Score 2, Informative) 190

Every nation has a CIA equivalence. They have to. They have to know what others are doing and if there is a real threat. For example MI6 comes to mind.

Now, if you are calling them criminal because of Iraq/Afghanistan, then nope. The real problem was not CIA. These were simply foot soldiers doing what they were ordered to by the highest level of the gov.

Comment Oh Microsoft... (Score 1) 64

An EEG is not the same thing as a "brain scan". An EEG is an analog point to point system which is very good at "reading" the parts of the generalized electrical field that reaches the scalp from the brain. Using EEG output to control stuff is a fun sideline which is almost exactly as old as EEG technology itself.

It doesn't work very well, and it very probably never will. The variance in electrical activity in the brain between two people receiving the same sensory input is, in an average way, too great to be useful.

Once someone comes up with a way to shrink an MRI machine to the size of a quarter that you just stick to your forehead and talks bluetooth to all your devices, then we'll be ok.

Comment Re:PDF Torrent? (Score 2, Informative) 190

Shouldn't one be able to believe the story summary? If not, why even bother having them?

And yes, unless its classified, it is in the American pubic domain on day one since it was paid for by US citizens. However that doesn't mean you cant sell a copy for the cost of 'printing', sort of like the GPL. Even the government often charges a 'reproduction fee' when you order documents directly.

Comment A few excerpts. (Score 4, Funny) 190

Chapter One: Misdirection
Let me preface this with a few words WHOA LOOK BEHIND YOU MAN! Did you look? I knew it! There you go. Misdirection.

Chapter 2: Concealment:
Watch Pulp Fiction. Captain Koons talking to Butch about his grandpa's wristwatch is all you need know.

Chapter 3: Stagecraft.
See Chapter One. Do something while they're not looking. If someone looks while you're doing whatever it is you're doing, kill them. Claim they were terrorists.

Comment Re:Games as examples in CS != Game Design degree (Score 1) 173

This is actually a problem infesting nearly all of modern teaching where "student involvement" is increased by making it fun at the expense of helping kids develop a work ethic*. Being able to work even while bored and disinterested with the task is a much higher predictor of future success than getting good grades because the topic was interesting.

I'm sorry I'm out of mod points. I see these same things all the time in a different academic field.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 2, Informative) 144

That's a genuinely good point, I wonder if Sony would help them out on this or if they are getting the old one or what?
I don't have much of a use for linux on mine TBH, it was far too goddamn slow (and I'm no linux guru) it really does need 1gb or more of ram, then she'd be fine.
That being said, sucks for researchers who wanted this.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 486

It's complicated by the fact that the government was the one who drained the marshlands originally and then sold the resulting dry land to expand the city. If they tried to blame the people for living there, people would then in turn blame them for suggesting that it was safe to live there. But more to the point, didn't these people have flood insurance?

Comment Re:under the acta google will be down in less then (Score 1) 247

China's economy is a fraction of the size of the U.S.

And yet they export more goods than we do. A LOT has changed since 2000, mostly China ramping up production capacity as rapidly as possible. They've been building out manufacturing and power plants at an unprecedented rate. Let's not forget our massive trade imbalance, either.

Comment Re:the amazing zit shrinking cream (Score 1) 269

This guy has not invented an instruction set. He has invented a microcode engine. In doing so, he's muddied the notion of processor state, so

Actually, there is a newer version that handles interrupts (required a very small set of changes in the core and all the interrupt hardware is in the FIO block except debugging interrupts which are in a new FDEBUG block). Saving the processor state is no worse than saving the things you use on the stack just like any other processor. There's more on this newer version at:

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