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Comment Absolutely cool! (Score 1) 307

This is fantastic news, I applaude the ATI management for realizing this is a good thing to do. I stopped buying ATI in about 2000 because of the issues in getting driver support for Linux. Now that ATI is stepping up to the plate, I am adding ATI products that use this driver to my buy list!

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 154

....It's not strange in this country to live in a major city today and still be unable to get an upload rate above 512kbps for under $100 a month. That's retarded.

I agree. But that is because in North America we operate unregulated monopolies and pay the price. Oh, they may say they are being regulated, but not for us, for city profits, franchise fees. It is the system of how they operate that is not in our interests.

Comment What? (Score 4, Insightful) 154

.. the problem is that no one knows the best way to make the internet more resilient, accessible and secure, since there's no just no public data.

I dispute that. The internet is a collective effort by many technical people past and present that develop it's potential. The only hinderance is politics, useless patents, corporate monopolies and the like. It is a truly free media, unencumbered by undue influence by anyone or any special interest group.

Keep the internet free, and it will serve mankind very well. The interent does not need stimulus, it needs net equality of access not dominated by any one.

Any solutions for reliability, useability will be provided as needed. Very efficient model too. For example, it does not depend on any one operation system for it's existance, even though some would have it otherwise. Maybe even open up some of that TV channel bandwidth for the internet without the ownership and licensing issues, allowing any company to provide WAN access.

The internet is truly a democratic collective. Work with it and don't let secular forces pervert it. Doesn't cost much either to do this.


Submission + - Technical problem shuts down TSX (

canuck57 writes: Looks like the TSX has computer problems, been down for over one hour.

TORONTO — The Toronto stock exchange is down — meaning today that its computers are not conducting trades, and have not been all morning. "We've halted the Toronto stock exchange and TSX Venture Exchange and we will update you as soon as we are able," said Caroline Quick, director of communications at market operator TMX Group Inc. (TSX: X.TO). "It's a technical issue", she added, declining to elaborate.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Quebec's RRQ being sued for not considering OSS. (

Quebec writes: "Cyrille Béraud, in charge of Savoir-Faire Linux is suing the Régie des rentes du Québec in the province's highest court. He is contesting the fact that the governement administred office is about to spend 700,000$ to upgrade its workstations to Vista without tenders and without considering alternatives.

The document submitted to the Cour supérieure sustains the fact that Vista is so different from Windows 2000 (the actual operating system in use at the RRQ) that you cannot call it an upgrade but a replacement.

The author of the article is saying that this is a first in North America and that we heard similar stories in Europe."


Submission + - SPAM: Sears Puts Customers' Buying Histories on the Web

narramissic writes: "Sears has privacy watchdogs hopping mad — again. The company has made the purchase histories of its customers publicly available on its Web site. The site's 'Find your products' feature lets users look up their own past purchases, but it 'offers no security whatsoever to prevent a Manage My Home user from retrieving another person's purchase history by entering that person's name, phone number, and address,' writes HBS assistant professor Ben Edelman in a blog posting."
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Submission + - seems to be compromised.

An anonymous reader writes: seems to be compromised. The main banner reads "Steal this film II" and any search returns no results.

Submission + - Christmas decorations and Google

canuck57 writes: Good to see Google is in the Christmas spirit once again! I have to give it to Google here. But visiting many web sites look like a scrooge Christmas for sure. I bet if we told people they have to work the 25th if they didn't get some spirit things would change.

Hey, should ./ decorate?

Submission + - Canadian copyright "reform" denounced

wakim1618 writes: In Canada, ctv news (the country's largest broadcaster) reports that libraries urge balance in pending copyright reforms". In particular the Canadian Library Association has issued a press release arguing that these amendments make the same mistakes as the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act:

"American law makes no differentiation in penalty between a counterfeiter circumventing technical protection measures for illegal profit and an individual circumventing technical protection measures to make a single copy... Our challenge is with the Hollywood lobbyists and the recording industry who are trying to take rights away from ordinary Canadians"
The Internet

Submission + - Bell Canada DSL service throttles P2P arbitrarily

Dembonez writes: The fine folks over at have compiled some great details on a very dirty deed. That is, Bell Canada as a DSL ISP is following the lead of Comcast in the US and Rogers up in Canada by throttling P2P traffic. Beyond what the other two are doing, Bell are imposing bandwidth caps for 'unlimited' service subsribers, stating that they've gone over the allotted bandwidth restriction for the month. Of course, nowhere in their terms of service do they outline what that restriction is for unlimited users. It gets better, though! Bell being an ILEC have 3rd party reseller ISPs. If you were to leave Bell after being identified as a heavy user, they'll deny any of their 3rd party resellers from signing you up! Bell being as big as they are, they have 3 of the 5 seats on the committee for fair competition in Canada. This means that it's highly unlikely that any complaint about unfair business practices or false advertising would be quashed. If you're in Canada and using Bell, send them a message... and go elsewhere. Want to know more? TFA:

Submission + - Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft 1

canuck57 writes: The full NYTimes story on Yahoo

The growing confrontation between Google and Microsoft promises to be an epic business battle. It is likely to shape the prosperity and progress of both companies, and also inform how consumers and corporations work, shop, communicate and go about their digital lives. Google sees all of this happening on remote servers in faraway data centers, accessible over the Web by an array of wired and wireless devices — a setup known as cloud computing. Microsoft sees a Web future as well, but one whose center of gravity remains firmly tethered to its desktop PC software. Therein lies the conflict.
Social Networks

Submission + - Wikipedia COO was a Convicted Felon (

An anonymous reader writes: The Register writes:

"For more than six months, beginning in January of this year, Wikipedia's million-dollar check book was balanced by a convicted felon. When Carolyn Bothwell Doran was hired as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Florida-based Wikimedia Foundation, she had a criminal record in three other states — Virginia, Maryland, and Texas — and she was still on parole for a DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) hit and run that resulted in a fatality. Her record also included convictions for passing bad checks, theft, petty larceny, additional DUIs, and unlawfully wounding her boyfriend with a gun shot to the chest."


Submission + - HTML5 now officially devoid of Ogg Vorbis / Theora ( 4

Rudd-O writes: "It's official. Ogg technology has been removed from the HTML5 spec, after Ian caved in the face of pressure from Apple and Nokia. Unless massive pressure is exerted on the HTML5 spec editing process, the Web authoring world will continue to endure our modern proprietary Tower of Babel.

Note that HTML5 in no way required Ogg (as denoted by the word "should" instead of "must" in the earlier draft). Adding this to the fact that there are widely available patent-free implementations of Ogg technology, there is really no excuse for Apple and Nokia to say that they couldn't in good faith implement HTML5 as previously formulated."

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