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Submission + - Next step in world wide economic slavery of NWO (

canuck57 writes: This reminds me of free speech, but freedom of spending money. A UN New World Order Transaction tax in the making. eMoney before eDemocracy. And democracy we have now being a ruse, only can choose ponies put on the ballot for us in a ruse, as we are democracy by proxy not a real democracy...are we not free? I submit the loss of economic freedom is the loss of Liberty is occurring. Oh, they will sell it on reducing government corruption, illicit drugs, less tax evasion and the like, but later the screws will be turned on the people. A step toward world wide economic slavery of mankind.

Submission + - Reasons Blu-ray will tank (

An anonymous reader writes: Disgruntaled HD-DVD adopter (even admits it in the article!) tries to come up with reasons for the future demise of Blu-ray. Many comments in disagreement with the article author are being spam voted against due to Computerworld site not having any control over votes or posts other than cookie support.
The Internet

Submission + - Comcast Blocking Port 25 1

mlwmohawk writes: In the Boston area many users are having port 25 blocked, incoming and outgoing. How many other people is comcast doing this too?

Test your port 25 and see. If they are blocking you: call 1-800-266-2278 to complain.

If you live in Massachusetts, call the state attorney general on Monday to file a complaint. While port 25 may not be a big deal to many, to some this arbitrary and capricious denial of service without notice or recourse is harmful and should absolutely be something actionable.

Submission + - PHP Passing-Off NTS code as Thread-Safe (

the tinfoil-hat man writes: Since the release of PHP 5.2.0, has been making thread-safe and non-thread-safe (NTS) binaries available for download from their main site. The problem is, neither is actually safe for use in multi-threaded environments as neither are completely written in thread-safe code (all it takes is one line) and result in memory-access violation errors when deployed in *sapi environments on Linux or Windows. According to the article, PHP is purposely mis-representing NTS code as being multi-thread ready, and this results in unstable server environments when using mpm_worker or ISAPI PHP distributions.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Need a Mac Support Tech? Find a Linux Guru.

Esther Schindler writes: "If your company is deploying Apple Macintosh systems, said experienced IT administrators during a Macworld MacIT conference session, don't expect to retrain your Windows support staff because those dudes just don't think the right way. Instead, if you can't find a Mac-savvy admin, they recommended in this article, find a Linux or UNIX admin. You'll save yourself from a world of hurt.

"The more UNIX you learn," says Jordan Kirkpatrick, VP of information systems for Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, "The better you are with Macs."

Submission + - HTML5 now officially devoid of Ogg Vorbis / Theora ( 4

Rudd-O writes: "It's official. Ogg technology has been removed from the HTML5 spec, after Ian caved in the face of pressure from Apple and Nokia. Unless massive pressure is exerted on the HTML5 spec editing process, the Web authoring world will continue to endure our modern proprietary Tower of Babel.

Note that HTML5 in no way required Ogg (as denoted by the word "should" instead of "must" in the earlier draft). Adding this to the fact that there are widely available patent-free implementations of Ogg technology, there is really no excuse for Apple and Nokia to say that they couldn't in good faith implement HTML5 as previously formulated."


Submission + - Government bristling at criticism over sentencing

An anonymous reader writes: When I first read this, I thought good, they caught the rapists, but punishing the victim? What century do we live in? MSNBC has the whole story.

CAIRO, Egypt — Saudi Arabia is bristling at international criticism over the sentencing of a rape victim to prison and 200 lashes, insisting the West should stay out of its legal system. But the case could empower voices for change in the kingdom's Islamic courts.

The punishment of the "Girl of Qatif" as the rape victim is known, after her hometown in eastern Saudi Arabia was labeled "barbaric" by Canada. In a rare criticism of its Mideast ally, the White House called the Saudi court ruling "outrageous."

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, in the U.S. for a Mideast peace conference, was visibly annoyed.
He should not be annoyed, but embarrassed.

Nissan Adds Robot Helper To Its Concept Car 127

narramissic writes "Nissan has mounted a robot passenger in the dashboard of its Pivo2 concept car whose job is to keep the driver happy, give spot-on directions, and even check your e-mail. 'We have data that happy drivers' accident rates are drastically lower than depressed ones, so this robot stays there to make sure the driver is happy always,' said Masato Inoue, chief designer at Nissan's exploratory design group, in an interview at the Motor Show. 'This guides the driver and sometimes cheers up the driver. For example, if the driver is irritated it might say 'Hey, you look somehow angry. Why? Please calm down.'' Other features of this vehicle include a cabin that can turn through 360 degrees so you never have to worry about looking behind when you back up and wheels that can twist 90 degrees, eliminating the need to parallel park." The article includes a video of the car talking to the driver, which is kind of adorable in a 'future is now' sorta way.

Submission + - Schools warned off Microsoft deal .. (

rs232 writes: ""The UK computer agency Becta is advising schools not to sign licensing agreements with Microsoft because of alleged anti-competitive practices"

"the problem was that Microsoft required schools to have licences for every PC in a school that might use its software, whether they were actually doing so or running something else""

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