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Comment Re:massive parallel processing=limited application (Score 1) 112

With a multiuser, multitasking OS you can have 25 different unrelated processes running on something with 25 cores. Or you could have 25 threads in a dataflow arrangement where each is a consumer of what the last just produced. Or you could go over the members of an array or matrix 25 members at a time with the same transformation. Some things are serial, but there are plenty of ways more cores can actually be used.

Comment My dog would really like a pony, too. (Score 1) 254

My dog would really like a pony, too. Sometimes the world doesn't work the way we want for our own little special interests. The politicians all rant and rave about special interest groups. What's a more special interest than wanting to weaken security of everyone worldwide just so your job is a little easier?

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