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Submission + - Apple extortion of Samsung (

canuck57 writes: Looks like Apple won a round with Samsung, guess Apple isn't happy that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 outsells the Apple iPad. I am a Galaxy Tab 10.1 owner and for the most part satisfied one at that. But hey, consumers should be against this patent extortion. I have used an iPad and Android, fact is this is just Apple patent trolling.

Submission + - Next step in world wide economic slavery of NWO (

canuck57 writes: This reminds me of free speech, but freedom of spending money. A UN New World Order Transaction tax in the making. eMoney before eDemocracy. And democracy we have now being a ruse, only can choose ponies put on the ballot for us in a ruse, as we are democracy by proxy not a real democracy...are we not free? I submit the loss of economic freedom is the loss of Liberty is occurring. Oh, they will sell it on reducing government corruption, illicit drugs, less tax evasion and the like, but later the screws will be turned on the people. A step toward world wide economic slavery of mankind.

Submission + - Technical problem shuts down TSX (

canuck57 writes: Looks like the TSX has computer problems, been down for over one hour.

TORONTO — The Toronto stock exchange is down — meaning today that its computers are not conducting trades, and have not been all morning. "We've halted the Toronto stock exchange and TSX Venture Exchange and we will update you as soon as we are able," said Caroline Quick, director of communications at market operator TMX Group Inc. (TSX: X.TO). "It's a technical issue", she added, declining to elaborate.


Submission + - Torvalds: Fed up with the 'security circus'

canuck57 writes: I read this article today and bells went off in my head.

Linus took a dig at OpenBSD and it references a post he made last month which really caught my eye. This paragraph floored me:

"Btw, and you may not like this, since you are so focused on security, one reason I refuse to bother with the whole security circus is that I think it glorifies — and thus encourages — the wrong behavior."

This explained to me why I recently left security. Having working with the big knee jerk called SOX long enough, I am ready to state, SOX SUX and is BS for control freaks in finance who know squat about effective security.

Why? It is simple. Being now in two environments hard driven by SOX politics, they make it hard to do the job right for the people who need access, yet leave gaping wide open holes because some auditor missed it or no one political cares! Give me a break, securing UNIX/Linux/BSD is trivial politics aside, and no one trusts the admins. While many admins are incompetent, many are fully security aware. How do you overcome this? Just pick someone that cares and knows what they are doing.

What do you think? Time for a SOX revolt by techs that care?

Submission + - XP SP3 Cripples Some PCs With Endless Reboots (

canuck57 writes: PC World has the scoop on XP SP3 crippling some machines. Mine is a HP/Compaq AMD X2 w. MS-Windows XP MCE which has run flawlessly for over 2 years — and yes, I got endless reboots. I found the work around here. Fortunately I could get safe mode and did the rename. So what are /.ers 2 cents take on this? Is this AMD, Intel, vendor or Microsoft issue?

Installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 sends some PCs into an endless series of reboots, according to posts to a Microsoft support forum.

Jesper Johansson, a former program manager for security policy at Microsoft and a prominent Windows blogger, has worked with users to tentatively identify the problem as involving only machines using processors from Advanced Micro Devices .

Messages from frustrated users began accumulating on the XP SP3 support newsgroup Wednesday, just a day after Microsoft released the update to the general public.

"I just installed Windows XP SP3 and after completing the processes and when the system reboots, the system cannot proceed to load the Windows," said a user labeled as "Olin" in a message that kicked off a long thread . "It just displays the flash screen of Windows then after it reboots again."

Most users who left messages on the forum said that they were unable to boot into Windows Safe mode — a last-ditch way to sidestep the normal boot process for troubleshooting purposes — or revert to a previously saved System Restore point.

The full PC World story


Submission + - Ballmer: You want XP, we'll keep XP (

canuck57 writes: Funny how this gets announced as Ubuntu 8.04 is released. But Dell is going to continue to ship XP to 2010. And then this story also...

The death of Windows XP may have been greatly exaggerated.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company could re-evaluate its plans to phase out Windows XP by June 30, if customers demand that it stick around. So far, they have not.

"XP will hit an end-of-life. We have announced one. If customer feedback varies, we can always wake up smarter, but right now, we have a plan for end-of-life for new XP shipments," Ballmer said during a Thursday news conference, according to Reuters.

Big-name computer makers are still scheduled to have to stop selling models with Windows XP installed by the end of June. Mainstream technical support will continue to be available for Windows XP through April 2009, and more limited support will continue through April 2014.

Full story on


Submission + - Pakistan Nukes YouTube? (

canuck57 writes: Looks like this might have been what happened to yesterday.

So, assume you're an ISP in Pakistan and, for whatever reason, you receive an order such as this (PDF) from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The letter is from the Deputy Director of Enforcement with the PTA, and is requiring that you immediately block access to a YouTube URL, or more specifically (actually, less specifically, but that's a different issue), that you block access to 3 specific IP addresses:, and More...

But raises one huge question to Internet security. If a single country can do this, just how stable is the internet routing?


Submission + - HDCP/HDMI - What is this? DRM in another acronym? ( 1

canuck57 writes: I was shopping for a new quad core PC today and asked what is this "DVI with HDCP" all about? Being naive I though it might be High Definition Capable something or rather. What he said sounded in like DRM in the hardware. Needless to say alarm bells ran through my head like a waterfall. So I opted out of the purchase. Was a nice system, 8GB of RAM with a PCI-E video and 24" wide screen...

So I ask, what is HDCP got to do with HDMI and how does it impact me? Or should I just buy a non-HDCP system, they are less expensive? Is it passive or active? Can Linux bypass it? Or is this a dead end for consumers?


Submission + - Canada's labels slam proposed digital 'tax' 2

canuck57 writes: Why do I not get a good feeling about this Reuters story?

A revolutionary plan that would effectively legitimize file-sharing here has been slammed as "a pipe dream" by Canadian labels.

The Songwriters Assn. of Canada proposes to allow domestic consumers access to all recorded music available online in return for adding a $5 Canadian ($4.96) monthly fee to every wireless and Internet account in the country.

The SAC claims that the proposal, which has been presented to labels' bodies the Canadian Record Industry Assn. (CRIA) and Canadian Independent Record Production Assn. as well as publishers' groups, would raise approximately $1 billion Canadian ($993 million) annually. Although the SAC does not detail how revenue would be collected and distributed, it says it would go to artists, labels and publishers.

Submission + - Christmas decorations and Google

canuck57 writes: Good to see Google is in the Christmas spirit once again! I have to give it to Google here. But visiting many web sites look like a scrooge Christmas for sure. I bet if we told people they have to work the 25th if they didn't get some spirit things would change.

Hey, should ./ decorate?

Submission + - Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft 1

canuck57 writes: The full NYTimes story on Yahoo

The growing confrontation between Google and Microsoft promises to be an epic business battle. It is likely to shape the prosperity and progress of both companies, and also inform how consumers and corporations work, shop, communicate and go about their digital lives. Google sees all of this happening on remote servers in faraway data centers, accessible over the Web by an array of wired and wireless devices — a setup known as cloud computing. Microsoft sees a Web future as well, but one whose center of gravity remains firmly tethered to its desktop PC software. Therein lies the conflict.

Submission + - eBay Hijacking (

canuck57 writes: CBC is running a story on eBay hijacking where people are losing money, makes a good case to escrow sizable transactions:

A Calgary man is one of 1,000 Canadians who have been scammed on eBay through a tactic known as hijacking, and the RCMP says the online auction service is not co-operating with their criminal investigations.

Shaqir Duraj, a Calgary bakery owner, won an eBay auction for a car in early October. He thought he was dealing with a reputable seller with a 98 per cent customer satisfaction rating.

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