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Comment Re:Pull Your Head Out of Your Ass (Score 3, Insightful) 542

Umm, no. By that definition, you are an agnostic.

Umm, no. That's not what those words mean.

Atheism is a belief statement. To be atheist means that you lack a belief in any god or gods.

Agnosticism is a knowledge statement. To be agnostic, in this context, means that you don't know if any god or gods exist.

You can be an atheist (lacking belief) and also be agnostic (lacking knowledge). An agnostic atheist would not believe in any gods, but also would not claim to know that no gods exist. A gnostic atheist both lacks the belief and claims knowledge that no gods exist.

I am also an agnostic because I realize you can't *prove* there is no god.

You make the exact same mistake the parent makes: Proof or the ability to prove need not enter in to it at all. We're dealing with "that" not "why", after all.

Comment Re:Pull Your Head Out of Your Ass (Score 1) 542

I'm sure atheists would prefer to debate with logical, educated religious people, but unfortunately they don't exist...

Really? I can think of quite a few. From Alfred North Whitehead to John Shelby Spong. In fact, you'll find religious people in virtually every branch of science from the social sciences to physical sciences.

Even among the Catholics, you'll find that many priests, in addition to the normal graduate-level education requirements, often also hold secular masters or doctoral degrees.

In short, being religious isn't a reflection on a persons education or on their ability to think logically or rationally. Equally, being an Atheist says absolutely nothing about a persons education, intelligence, or ability to thing logically or rationally. It's not too difficult to find a below-average atheist -- even among high-profile atheists. Matt Dillahunty is a great example of high-profile yet disturbingly below-average atheist.

You're also a great example of an atheist who seems to lack basic critical thinking skills.

Comment Re:Pull Your Head Out of Your Ass (Score 0) 542

Just ignore them. The average internet Atheist has but about as much (and often less) thought in to their own beliefs as the average religious nut.

The science cheerleaders are the worst. They often lack even a very basic understanding of science, leading them to say some astonishingly absurd things! Don't bother trying to correct them, as the other scientifically illiterate will jump to their defense by posting other (often contradictory) nonsense.


Submission + - PHPDocX 3.1: more text and image insertion features in Word documents generated

Laura2mdc writes: "PHPDocX’s development team just announced in their blog the release of version 3.1 of this PHP library for automated generation of reports in .docx format online from a web server. This latest release’s changes are aimed to expand the image and text insertion possibilities in Word documents generated with the library. PHPDocX already allowed programmers to generate Word documents from scratch importing data from sources such as databases, customize them with header, footers and export resulting docs into PDF, HTML and other formats. Besides PRO versions with advanced features, there is a fully functional LGPL version available at"

Submission + - Fox News: US Solar Energy Investment Less than Germany because US has Less Sun (

Andy Prough writes: Apparently those wise folks at Fox have figured out America's reluctance to invest as much money in solar energy as Germany — the Germans simply have more sun! Well, as Will Oremus from Slate points out, according to the US Dept. of Energy's Solar Resource map comparison of the US and Germany, nothing could be farther from the truth — Germany receives as much sunlight as the least lit US state — Alaska.

Submission + - Cluster of 35 Ancient Pyramids and Graves Discovered in Sudan

An anonymous reader writes: About 2,000 years ago, a kingdom named Kush flourished in what is now known as Sudan. Sharing a border with Egypt, the people of Kush were highly influenced by the other civilization. The result was that they built pyramids: lots of them. At one particular site known as Sedeinga, pyramid building continued for centuries. Now archaeologists have unearthed at least 35 of these small pyramids along with graves.

Submission + - Radical new Space drive ( 2

Noctis-Kaban writes: Scientists in China have built and tested a radical new space drive. Although the thrust it produces may not be enough to lift your mobile phone, it looks like it could radically change the satellite industry. Satellites are just the start: with superconducting components, this technology could generate the thrust to drive everything from deep space probes to flying cars. And it all started with a British engineer whose invention was ignored and ridiculed in his home country.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 270

Yeah, a few top developers are making a killing. It's everyone else that gets screwed!

Again, the numbers are in -- if you want to make money selling apps, iOS is absolutely not the place for you!

I know, you absolutely hate the truth. Get over it. The FACTS are in, and they are NOT in your favor!

Enjoy your outdated UI and clunky half-assed gesture suite. I hope they bring you comfort as the world moves on without you.

Comment Re:also why other pro apps will not be in other ap (Score 1) 270

Developers make more money than anywhere else

That's obviously FALSE. Do a google search. On which platform are developers earning the most money? Oh, NOT Apple's iOS!

Except they make more. Much, much more. Even Google makes more money from iOS than they make from Android!

Sorry, the FACTS contradict your fantasy.

Why do you enjoy getting shafted?

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