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Comment Re:Because there's already an LTS Ubuntu: Debian (Score 1) 222

I run Debian "unstable" at work. They have frozen it for months now and it will remain that way until the next "stable" release comes out. "Unstable" is running kernel 3.2 and Gnome 3.2. The current kernel is 3.7 and Gnome is 3.2.

Ergo, Debian "unstable" is not a rolling release nor is it current or "unstable".

Comment Re:Be careful (Score 2) 222

They aren't?

I left Debian because they decided that freezing their rolling release "unstable" branch was needed for many months before their next official release. I switched to Ubuntu 12.10 (an Interim release) and gained improvements in Kernel, GUI, and utilities. If Ubuntu would go with a rolling release, I'd be pleased as punch.

Some choose LTS for some really reasons. My company (software developer) long stood by Ubuntu 8.04. Now they're regretting that decision. New employees are trying to get an install, but lo-and-behold, none of the servers have the needed updates or packages for that old and now unsupported release. Other issues arise with trying to move to the current LTS 12.04, as none of the software we're working on doesn't compile with the newer libraries.

Whose fault is that? I blame my company, we depend upon broken anachronisms and aren't putting in the effort to try to stay current (like our customers).

Comment Re:Yay, I think? (Score 1) 222


I'm rockin' Debian "unstable" and it is frozen, and has been for some time. No new packages or updates will be accepted until the next Debian release is made, unless they are of a bugfix nature. Gnome 3 is stuck at Gnome 3.2, but Ubuntu 12.10 is rollin' Gnome 3.6, and it behaves much, much better.

In short, Debian is not a "rollling release" right now, nor is it current, even in the "unstable" branch. God have mercy on those fools who try to work with "stable" or "testing."

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