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Comment Re:Competition Sucks (Score 1) 507

How is me driving with a stranger more likely to result in an accident than me driving with a friend?

Just one ride? It won't. However, someone who's doing this is likely going to be driving far more than your average driver. Which is where the more likely to result in an accident thing comes from.

Also, the "higher risk" is mostly due to commercial drivers driving ALL the time while "normal" drivers will only do so when they need the car, i.e. the higher risk is due to them being on the road far more often and far longer.


That's not the case with commercial car sharing because they only get to tag along.

No. That's not at all how these services work.

Comment Re:Competition Sucks (Score 1) 507

How in the bloody hell is that entrapment?

If a cop calls you, asks you to perform an illegal action, and then arrests/tickets you for performing said illegal action: entrapment.

No, that definition is completely incorrect. If they coerce you into performing an action that you otherwise would not have done, that is entrapment. It would be almost impossible for someone who is signed up as an Uber/Lyft driver to argue this, as they very clearly would have done the action without the police around.

Comment Re:Competition Sucks (Score 1) 507

Otherwise, I do have a question: why the demand for "commercial insurance" in the first place?

Because they are operating in a commercial manner. And considering that they are doing that, and driving much more than the average person, they are more likely to get into an accident.

Also, most auto insurance setups actually do cover the passengers in your vehicle should they get injured, so, well - what's the beef?

Most auto insurance setups will expressly NOT cover a crash or injury if it was determined that you were using your vehicle in a commercial manner, which is what this would be.

One caveat, though: if the rider signed a waiver online that lists the risks, and requires him to acknowledge and agree to them before ordering a ride, he very well wouldn't have much of a case unless the driver were drunk or high or etc.

I would posit that any such waiver be invalid.

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