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Comment So steam is right... (Score 1) 256

windows/xbox gaming is going to a dead end monopoly, controlled by Microsoft.

they are probably releasing new (expensive) tools, full of MS controls and checks (DRM) with their apps store, so all new games must use their store... and paying MS more and more.

As a side "feature", it will probably also break the wine compatibility for new games during the next several months/few years

Comment Re:Bad trade (Score 2) 163

you don't understand that H2 is very hard to contain, its the smallest of the gases and if it escapes, together with Oxygen produces a very explosive/inflammable mixture.

you need very well constructed (and heavy) containers and very good transfer methods (fool proof).
Also, hydrogen is also corrosive and suffer from migration on metals and other crystalline structures (check wikipedia for more info.)

Compared with the propane gas, its a lot harder to work with and, specially, long term maintenance.

Water, you just need some "bucket" or simple container and that's it, no safety problems (other of people trying to drink it maybe!).
Rust is only a problem with some materials and have currently many easy solutions (other material, coatings, alloys). Unless you are using sea water, its not different from your water supply at home. Even it there is a leak, there is usually no big problem.

Comment Re:Interesting post from Red Hat employee at Phoro (Score 1) 380

Agree, some distros just want to release (to keep release schedule, to keep cools names, to look updated, to show up in news, etc) and yet keep releasing known broken software. They are destroying the trust users have on those distros every time one user have a working system, see a new release announcement and try to update to that latest release, only to find that its system doesn't work any more.

the excuse that users must read the release notes is really a bad excuse, many time they don't really warn about the problems user will find, but instead talk about the "cool new features" and how good it will be. So instead of showing that things will not work, they almost hide it, after all, a release is a checkpoint of a working system.

If its broken, call it BETA, ALPHA, whatever, not a RELEASE!

Slackware and Debian are great examples how things should work. Both try to release on schedule ( about twice a year on slackware, one a year to debian), but there is no release is there are known problems (unless its a very limited problem).. So slackware took 1 and half years to jump from 13.37 to 14 (the latest release) and debian took the same time to just freeze wheezy (the next release) and 6 month later it still isnt released.
Both distros are looked as very stable, they just work!

If anyone wants a more bleeding edge on those distros, they run the -current (slackware) or sid (debian) and fix things when its broken... but releases are always stable!!

Comment Re:Crap (Score 1) 177

You are still thinking in a big and central power generation system. you need weaker ones, but close to those how need it.

As for "enough power", hydraulic have enough power in many countries (who have big rivers), but those without rivers and mountains might be hard... ... but wind have enough power output is most places... Portugal and Spain already went above 50% wind generation of all power produced, using big and improved wind mills (check this and this ). Most places in the world have windy spots that can be "farmed"
If you have dams "near" you can use the excess wind to pump upstream water, that will be used later when there is a need for more power of the wind is weaker.

yes, its possible that there is no win, but its also possible that the clouds break the solar power output. Nuclear and biofuel/biomass can be used on that time

finally, the current batteries arent the future. Unless there is a big change, biofuel and Hydrogen/ ("manufactured") Metane will be the future for cars. Batteries right now are very expensive, heavy and die too fast. they are good enough for a hybrid car, but not so much for a 100% electric car

Comment Re:My experience on ubuntu 12.04 (Score 1) 474

Try to download it and then click on the file.

Its falling because firefox isnt running as root, so starting up the installer directly via firefox will not ask for "superuser" powers

If you save it and click it, a popup should appear asking the password...
basically, its just like in windows, you need admin rigths and can't run directly from the browser.

Comment Re:Crap (Score 1) 177

You solve that with diversification...

solar, wind, tides, hydraulic , geotermal, biofuel/biomass, etc
If really needed, some nuclear, but only as last in line.

Instead of having huge electricity production center, we should use local production from multiples sources, each one could plug the holes in production of the other.

There is no "one size fits all" and trying to do that will always create new problems

Comment Re:Price is what matters most (Score 1) 177

thinking like that is why the US still relies heavily on dirty energy (coal) , why the US cars eat a lot more fuel than European and Japanese cars, why the US jobs are being transferred to Asia. Lack of vision.

For a cheap energy, dirty energy causes green house effect, that in turns cause a huge amount of problems all over the world. Paying then to repair that problems (if even possible) will cost a lot more.

For more power and bigger cars, US cars spend more fuel, yet, fuel is more and more expensive, so in the end you will be paying a lot more than using smaller, less powerful cars.

For cheap labour, US companies sent critical jobs to Asia, keeping the management on the US. Yet the quality of the product/service most of the times drops, jobs are lost and so the economic power to buy those products/services and most of the time, Asian workers are almost treat as slaves and factories have little or no environmental protection. In the end, those management jobs will start to be of little used (and expensive) and will also be transferred. net gain: open market, unstable economy and many environment (and possible social) problems

As for solar panels, unless you are on a place with little sun, is a investment that will payoff. Yes, the initial investment is high, but you will not lose money and are in turns investing on the evolution of the solar technology and the environment protection.

Comment Re:Fair for the goose... (Score 2) 476

you can use UDF, all modern OS support it, both read and write.

the only problem is windows XP, but that is easy, windows XP users require a driver... that can be on the device, as it can read UDF, just cant write to it.

There, problem solved, no need for FAT.

Of course, MS could also support OTHER filesystems, as they are the blocking factor. Things like ufs and ext2 are well tested and somewhat simple to support

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