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Comment Re:Misleading summary (Score 4, Insightful) 459

If I, as an engineer, certify that a plant is safe when it may be not, I can be jailed.

Not the same thing. This is more like having an engineer inspect an old building that has parts collapse from time to time, asking him if it's safe, and having him tell you "Well, it's no less safe than usual..."

Comment Re:Pry XP from cold, stiff fingers (Score 4, Interesting) 727

Businesses use IE, and the smart people break the policy and install other Browsers.

Depends on the business. At my company we have IE, but are encouraged to use FireFox instead (no other browsers allowed). At Los Alamos National Lab both IE and FireFox are installed on the computers, but only FireFox is allowed to access anything but internal sites.

Comment Re:What usually happens (Score 1) 306

Or, the politician needs to give a good reason why their views have changed other than "Because I am more likely to be elected".

I know that makes them sound bad, but isn't part of an elected official's duty to act based on the opinions of their constituents (i.e., promise them what they want to get elected)?

Of course, that would only be valid if they didn't go immediately back to their original stance once in office...

Comment Re:Note to all governments (Score 1) 274

Amazon Internet Usage Fee.

The law says "Brick and mortar presence". It may not say "Amazon" on the front, and I'm a self-confessed Amazon fan-boy, but if you set up a 100% owned brick-and-mortar subsidiary in the state, then yeah, you owe them taxes or you need to set up in a state in which you won't. Figure out whether you come out ahead making 0% taxed sales from Texas or shipping from somewhere else.

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