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Comment Re:There is a lot new in Windows 7 (Score 1) 359

When I get time, I will be turning off all the fancy-dancy eye candy. I want the CPU to work on my applications, now how they are presented.

You do realize that Windows runs faster and uses less memory (well, less RAM), with those "fancy-dancy eye candy" features turned on, right?

I mean, turn them of if you want, but don't deluded yourself into thinking you're freeing-up CPU time and memory for your other apps, because you're not. (Except possibly video games that would saturate your video card's memory normally; but they usually run full-screen anyway, so Windows swaps-out the window images.)

Comment Re:They are abusing moderation for a long time now (Score 1) 556

No, moderating is designed to make a post "more visible" to the casual reader. If person X mods a post "insightful" or some other positive mod, it rises to the surface (so to speak). Person Y meta-modding the original moderation "unfair" doesn't erase the original positive moderation and doesn't cause the original post to drop back down, in terms of visibility (as far as I know). I believe it just effects the original moderators odds of getting more mod points.

I used to meta-mod most days but now I only do so infrequently. I don't think I need to be "voting up or down" some casual comment or joke. The whole thing is exacerbated by the fact that most posters don't bother quoting what they're responding to, so there's no context to judge the post against.

Oh, well. It's not my website and I guess the power that be will run it how they see fit. I'm still here so must not be too aggravated by it all.

Comment Terror. (Score 1) 447

The ghost of old fear of going back into the midst of those unpleasant little people. School had almost as little t6o do with learning than jobs have had with getting useful work accomplished.

Comment Re:They are abusing moderation for a long time now (Score 5, Informative) 556

>That is exactly why we must meta moderate like crazy these days

Except that Metamoderation these days doesn't present you with already-moderated posts. At least, not for me. All I get is a selection of 10 random posts and I have to decide if you, the average Slashdotter, would benefit. Nearly every post I'm given to "meta-moderate" us not previously moderated.

Now, someone mod me down.

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