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Comment You can complain about the megcorps but.... (Score 4, Insightful) 187

They didn't become mega corps by being " best kept secrets in shopping". There's been a lot of this on /. where some little known entity is shutting down their website or closing their doors. I think too many people actually believe in the field of dreams, but I am sorry, just because you build it, they aren't necessarily going to come, unless you tell them about it.

Comment I would like to see proof of this (Score 1) 248

I say that because for years I have been using an application called BeyondTV by Snapstream and it has a SmartSkip feature that automatically marks the beginning and end of commercials and doesn't require any manual input.

I would find it hard to believe that Dish would actually pay people to do something there was automated technology to do.

Do you have a link or something to verify your statement?

Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 1) 814

I am not sure I agree with you. You see there are many who feel that the "land of the free" means they are free to do whatever they want, include committing criminal acts. Every civilization had had the criminal element. Even when there was only 4 people on the planet there was still murder. ;)

There will always be crime and criminals, even in a totalitarian society there is still crime and the need for protection. We are fortunate that we are allowed to protect ourselves and not have to totally rely on the government to be safe.

Comment Re:Just wanna say (Score 1) 273

But then it is the computer doing the killing not the gun.

Yes, shooting implies a gun, or some type of projectile, like an arrow or a rock from a slingshot but shooting != killing.

It is 100% accurate is that guns do not kill people. Just like hammers don't hammer nails. It takes a person, or in the case you mentioned, some type of automaton.

Comment Re:Just wanna say (Score 1) 273

People using guns kill. People using knives kill. People driving cars kill. People using piano wire kill. People using rocks, sticks, baseball bats, frying pans, pillows, rolling pins and poison kill. The objects themselves do not kill, they can be used to kill.

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