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Submission + - Drivable Lego car built piece by piece -- all 500,000 (

DigitalReverend writes: The first drivable Lego car is made of 500,000 pieces and runs on air.

The inventors of the Lego car are Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and Romanian Raul Oaida, a self-taught technology guru.

The car — known as the Super Awesome Micro Project — can reach a top speed of 18 mph. It was built in Romania and delivered to a location in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, where the car was test-driven, according to the inventors' website.

This isn't the team's first Lego project. In 2011, Sammartino and Oaida launched a Lego shuttle in Germany, reaching a maximum altitude of 35,000 meters.

Comment I have an idea.... MOVE (Score 0) 341

Instead of continuously screwing around trying to fight a losing battle against nature,simple move to where there is less chance of nature causing disruption.

If it floods there....move
If there's a lot of wildfires...move
If there are landslides...move.

I think it would be much cheaper to just move and then use the money that would have gone for fighting nature with the "biggest and costliest project in civil engineering" for humanitarian purposes, like say, feeding and housing the poor.

Comment I think you are misreading the 440,000 (Score 3, Informative) 50

The 440,000 would be employees and volunteers of the VA. The VA itself actually handles a lot more than that. There's 21.5 million veterans, of that 3.5 million receives disability compensation. Every veteran is eligible for health care in the VA system. So for 444,000 users of the VA information technology, 900,000 devices isn't that far fetched to handle the date for 3.5 million + veterans.

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