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Submission + - Drivable Lego car built piece by piece -- all 500,000 (

DigitalReverend writes: The first drivable Lego car is made of 500,000 pieces and runs on air.

The inventors of the Lego car are Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and Romanian Raul Oaida, a self-taught technology guru.

The car — known as the Super Awesome Micro Project — can reach a top speed of 18 mph. It was built in Romania and delivered to a location in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, where the car was test-driven, according to the inventors' website.

This isn't the team's first Lego project. In 2011, Sammartino and Oaida launched a Lego shuttle in Germany, reaching a maximum altitude of 35,000 meters.

Submission + - Google's Nexus One Web store fails, Google says it

DigitalReverend writes: Today, Google announced that it is going to end its online-only sales of the Nexus One smartphone, start selling the Android-powered device through retail channels, and eventually stop selling phones in its Web store altogether.

Betanews reports: "While the global adoption of the Android platform has exceeded our expectations, the web store has not. It's remained a niche channel for early adopters, but it's clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone, and they also want a wide range of service plans to chose from," Andy Rubin, Google's Vice President of Engineering said today.

Submission + - Michael Crichton, Dead at 66.

DigitalReverend writes: Popular Science reports that Michael Crichton lost his battle to cancer at age 66. He was a prolific writer that "combined science fiction with real world research" and authored such books as 'Sphere' and 'The Andromeda Strain' as well as writing and directing well known motion pictures such as 'Jurassic Park' and 'Twister' as well as the lesser known 'Westworld' and 'Runaway'. He will be missed.
United States

Submission + - We do not welcome our Orwellian overlords.

DigitalReverend writes: "The headline "Smile ... or Else" In an article from MSNBC, Patti Davis writes about a new type of security being added to airports where security guards who have studied in "micro-expressions" are knowns as Behavior Detection Officers and are watching passengers' facial expressions to determine if they present a potential threat.

"Apparently, these Behavior Detection Officers work in pairs. One scenario is that an officer might move in to "help" a passenger retrieve their belongings after they've been screened. And then the officer will ask where the passenger is headed. If the passenger's reaction sets off alarm bells in the officer's well-trained mind, another officer will move in and detain them."

Have we finally gone too far or did we pass that mark a while back?"

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